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  1. - You Must Use a Third Party Upload Hosting Site for Posting Pictures in Open Forums of RLC. ** Do Not Post Attachments in Open RLC Forums. Any Placement of Attachments in Open Forums of RLC Boards will be Removed. **
  2. “Здоровья и счастья в Новом году!”
  3. Eva and baldy are kissing.hope they going to have something....they are checking every time anyone is coming
  4. you know bro she alway remind me my ex..so please. i am not that kind of person.but sweet time i had with my ex.
  5. these lyrics from michael jackson .but these words the one i feel about you...😍
  6. BABE, ITS TO LONG. Same couch it’s uneasy for me to see you like that. You always bubbly and lot of engage. Please entertain us. I know it’s hard to find your person. but I hope you will find soon Before Christmas. I want to celebrate Christmas with your smiley face. Good luck.
  7. never seen with red lingerie.sexy.love it.😇
  8. god help me. keep my eyes open to see the beauty ruby all day.😄
  9. guys i hate that apartment(Zack and blondes). that idiot thinks he is boss .ask him to come uk i show him how to treat a woman, in real.i only watch ruby,ana and darcie. only those make me happy. but i love nina,and serena.
  10. ruby you rocks.all day i will login to your apartment only. with ana have wonderful time. have a great time. russ.mp4
  11. "Like a butterfly stuck in a chrysalis, waiting for the perfect moment, I was waiting for the day I could burst forth and fly away and find my home" hope you finally reach ruby.hope you going to have wonderful time.
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