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  1. no I don't see jas doing that but I do think we will be seeing the other girl being in with her more
  2. I would be alright if she stayed in her room if she did as the twins did stay naked most of the time I do see the other girls being in there a lot more now is a good thing
  3. sorry but with sofie taking the big bedroom that's a waste of three cams to see her in her tent on all three. I think monica would be so much better in there just saying
  4. jasmin I'm hoping to see you at b4
  5. well that it for me for the night so good night all
  6. you can stay where you was I have been looking in on that sexy ass for you bb
  7. now for the sexy twins you two are very hot and sexy and you have given some very nice shows in your time in rlc. I wish you both a very safe and happy trip to where ever your life is going to take you sexy ladys for sharing part of your life with us here you both take care and above all be happy and safe good bye mia and lia
  8. well its that time for my thanks to the girlsthe sexy jasmin monica belle avi for all that you do for the rlc viewers
  9. yes and there was a lot of long legs in that apt new one like every 60 to 90 day but nora stay there till rlc shut it down for like amonth then reopened it and nora was gone
  10. and one has covered up now but I still have the beautiful jasmin