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  1. but look right now MOOS54..i be damned if ALEKSANDRA is smoking right out her bedroom window /door . and the funny thing is you said that the go to the garage to smoke
  2. and we have seen them all smoke .out the kitchen doors and out the window all over the RLC drug villa.
  3. and i know i can be harsh .but i have been around RLC .for along time .and that is when there was was only 4 or 5 apt.
  4. you are right but i was just saying .that RADI is a lot better on her first stay then SERAFIMA'S .last two stay's
  5. RADISLAVA . i think RLC should give you SERAFIMA'S room and tell SERAFIMA TO NEVER COME BACK.................❕ 😁
  6. RADISLAVA. the more i watch you the better i like you. and please don't do as SERAFIMA . wants you to do you are doing great...
  7. ALEKSANDRA your lighter is not working .maybe you should not use it so much. to hide to smoke the crack or meth .in the room up the stairs to the right of cam 2-9..
  8. and ALEKSANDRA .should take her candle lit cam shows. back to where she was before coming to a RLC apt..❕❕. we don't pay to see messed up cams . like ALEKSANDRA is doing ........
  9. well you just have not watched Holly .she don't need the candle light to mess up the RLC cams .like ALEKSANDRA NEDDS.. ❕❕
  10. ALEKSANDRA .DONT BE MAD THAT YOUR BEDROOM IN NOT IN A U/M the best thing to do is pack your begs and leave....
  11. so that tell us all .just how good it is to have a 4 time girl like MONICA. back she was worthless on her last stay in b4. and she is showing that she is just as worthless on this stay . along with the other two i was hoping AMALIA would be more like she was on her last stay .be being in the apt. with MONICA & AMIRA SHE HAD TO DO AS HER ROOMMATES
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