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  1. how I hope that the worthless sofie will read just what I have said about her
  2. I said that two weeks after sofie came back this time and I did thinks the sun rose and set out of sofies ass. but she has showen that all she is there for is a place to stay for free ... AND I WILL SAY I HOPE AND PREY SHE WILL LEAVE SOON........
  3. goodbye blair you will be missed you take care of yourself have a safe happy trip home.❤️
  4. and all that both of them was and are on RLC for is FOR THE MONEY THAT THEY MAKE IN AND OUTSIDE FOR RLC
  5. and as worthless as her big sister caroline she should have never been here just as caroline . worthless worthless sorry to say but its true
  6. Carolina the one who made sure to have a cover around her when on cam
  7. I'm sorry but serena is just doing as her big sister did nothing .......... worthless ...and candy must need money like her last time on rlc she was pretty but that's all.
  8. and what good is that going to do . you know as well as the rest know its just the way it is. seeing as nora is running the Barcelona apts . she will take cams offline just like she did when karol was there and cam 3-2 when out but the other cams still worked funny
  9. are you sure you would get out or off in the bath naga 😏
  10. what did nora shut b2 down after the boss sofie wanted it offline now that she has another slave there
  11. she has the very same tits she had when she was here a couple weeks back
  12. yes I know and its very sad that Naomi or sofie said bye to her. them two just showed their real side and that's the ass that they both are
  13. man monica forgot her flag on the other side of the bed. maybe she has plans of coming back some time to get it