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  1. thank you GINA for being here and giving us all the great views. you are the of your apartment
  2. when was the last time we seen the views. like we are getting now on cam 14&16 🤔
  3. damn miss GINA have I told you. just how pretty of a kitty you have..😋❤️
  4. damn if I had a yo-yo that looked like that. I would be playing with it all the time..😀
  5. and what a fine hot looking yo-yo she is..
  6. thanks Elvira for a nice open bate..❤️
  7. its not hard to think there is no one there. seeing she does not do nothing ☺️
  8. if b2 is empty who is that in maluma's bed.😕
  9. i'm so glad to have GINA in this apt. she makes it worth watching now so thank you GINA..😘❤️
  10. she sure didn't have no pains yesterday seeing her sera and daisy was out for over 9 hours..
  11. b2 must have someone coming over. that erin was talking to in the bathroom. before her bath and after her bath .seeing how b2 went into a u/m right after she was done talking on the phone.
  12. I need to go out so hope you all have a nice day.