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  1. I LOVE KIM too. I dont post to much on cc .for the fact that I don't like the kiss ass one's who .kiss the cc mods ass on c.c. and they know who they are....
  2. DIANE has been beautiful / gorgeous from day one .on her first stay..❤️
  3. well I see that bonnie has moved her bed ,,over to the left so it is out of cam view .😏
  4. I did that over in b4 when .MONICA was there and ..all my post was deleted..by the RLC MODs .that ARE PART of CAMCAPS....😏🤣
  5. Ginger & babi..I like that you two don't hide ..by turning away from the cams. like MONICA& KAROL did by using every thing .like using the bed covers to hide from the cams .or just making sure to turn away from all the cams in the room ,,and just doing as karol had done on both of her last two stays on rlc ..just have rlc turn off the best cam in her room..😏🤣...
  6. very nice view from you viola..and thank you😘
  7. I have not posted but I just have to seeing. that you said this ,,is it that it was not angled away from the cam's..or is it that if it was not karol... she would have the cams just go offline ..just like that happened ..on her last two stay's on rlc..😏🤣
  8. so moos54 ..just tell all of us here on ccc and who watch rlc ...that all that is on RLC are not here to make money..and like I said MONICA chose to leave.RLC TO MAKE MORE MONEY .and she knew that she could come back .to the big house /apt.and stay and still make her money by doing just what she has done .on her stay on RLC HER WHOLE stay this time .just look at her stay this time how she just left the big house /apt .for her paid time out..and if she and RLC said she left she should not be back..and she did leave before the lockdown ...
  9. monica left on 03/13/2020.that was four days ago.so if she could have got a flight then right. as rlc has posted and had taken her name off the list ..so why did she not go home.
  10. yes but monica could have just stayed with the one .that she was with .when she left with last week ..or was it just that it was only a few days .and that was all she was being payed .for....🤔
  11. sorry ..but your worthless MONICA.. is not in them ..so it makes it worth watching...😏...
  12. thank you ..sir for all you do to keep us all .informed on all that is worth watching..
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