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  1. yes cherry bated but she did make sure to turn a light on by her bed. then she also turned her laptop light on so it would mess up the cam view .and if you watched you already knew that … so you see I do watch and I will and keep saying she is worthless
  2. damn I just looked and I see Laima is on replay. all by herself three different times on the replay thumbnails. but no worthless cherry by herself she needs to be with holly ..so that just shows that .RLC knows cherry is not worth being on replay by herself.
  3. man just by what one poster says about cherry. being the best that has ever came to RLC .its funny how even RLC knows that she is not worth putting her on replay..😏🤣..cherry is one of the most worthless girls to ever been in b4....🤣
  4. that why she turned it on ...she knows that it will mess up the view of the cams .and it not the first time she used a light on the left side of her bed .to mess up the view .
  5. sorry but seeing that you know all. just go back to when cherry got back .and see where she goes.then follow her when the outside cams come back online .and you will see that she likes to hide all she can from the rlc cams. and she did push the sofe back .so that the there is no good cam views .that is why she like to sleep on the sofe ...and when this apt came online .you could see the whole sofe .on cam 1-1 ,1-2 , 1-3 ,1-4, but now that cherry has pushed it back the only way to see it in halfway good view is 1-3 or 1-5...sorry but I do watch very close...
  6. she just like to try and stay out of the rlc cams .as she did when the outside cams was in u/m. she stayed outside .then when they came back on line she would hide just outside the kitchen door .or her and the chubby one on the second floor would just walk out to the back yard then down the steps.at back by at the far side by the tree and down them steps.
  7. sorry little ed2 but you did say that you already did show up..😏🤣
  8. and just look at who who said he said he showed up ...ed2 himself...🤣🤣
  9. I don't like her and I have just pointed out. that she made it a point to go where she would be at a bad view . so nothing would be seen on cam .unlike all the rest who have layed out at the pool ..the end you have posted just where she layed ..and even said she started closer but she never moved from the spot she started from ..sorry the end .just wait for her to come back and go and hide from the cams more in the bathroom on 1-7 or outside to the left of cam 3-16 hell she may even go to the wall in the back yard tomorrow .she is just worthless …..being here
  10. you need to look at it again what you posted was today .and if you watch you will see holly out there by the steps .so you see I have watched just where she was at .the end it ok if you think she is great but I don't ..the end ed2..
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