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  1. helt ærlig,så burde anna og twins reise hjem
  2. sera Har Nettopp vist ingefær larm lille dildo kl 12,30 cam 9
  3. now it's time to fix this website, here we pay a lot of money and everything is hanging, and then it takes a long time to get up.not even the mini pictures of all apartments.not sure that it will take so long to get this repaired or is it understand that you get the fuck in us who pay for this and let this just scour and go in that case then there are quite a few who are bored of this nonsense that you are doing. fix it asap otherwise you lose many customers.
  4. The whole of the nest in this house is underdimensioned and does not tolerate the heaters of the day. All courses for the rooms of the girls should be 15 amps.
  5. t's not just switching to a larger fuse if the wires do not withstand higher voltage
  6. Lurer på om sera tørker i ræva med gummihansker😁😁
  7. nå skjer alt utenfor så vi vet ikke hva som skjer
  8. certainly not proven but the damn leg is in the way
  9. The evening's children's performance has begun
  10. ser jo ikke en dritt for de blokerer cam