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  1. Nelly is the BEST on RLC. She is just HOT as hell.
  2. just something to think about but Milana just got to Barcelona today.
  3. they are in Russia and no longer together. Kamila doesn't follow Kristy any longer. I don't think we will see them again but who knows. I sure hope so. Even if they really didn't do anything they were a lot of fun to watch.
  4. Leora,Zoya Adriana,Carla and Nelly need to stay all the rest GOODBYE and good luck
  5. Enough is enough just got off the phone and canceled my membership been watching this site for a for 18 months this is the worst I have seen. There are only 3 or 4 apartments even watching. What is wrong with RLC. So very disappointed.
  6. feel sorry for Jenny Nora or Nikki doesn't even talk to her Great apartment loads of fun here
  7. Nelly at Dasha and a party going on at her place and I guess Bogdan is in bed wtf
  8. without someone even close to Kristy RLC renewal's just might be in trouble
  9. all the people that have negative post on here about this young women about there actions or looks would jump at the chance to be with them if they could.
  10. good point about postcards rlc is not going to let these girls go to much money to be made
  11. I think K&K will show again in there own apartment because they brought a lot of money to RLC
  12. Please restore my membership paid back in may 2015. Thank you.
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