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  1. holy shit finger sounding his cock - damn
  2. pierced


    I see a lot of new people in the houses and a group houses now even have a section of voyeur websites on form page . I have checked out some of these new things was just wondering i see no DP action does any of these women take a good DP ? I have seen the old Lexi take a foot in the pussy a few times - oh my
  3. pierced

    Paisley & Cletus

    do we need the little blue pill - LMAO
  4. pierced

    Paisley & Cletus

    so that was not a DP ?
  5. pierced


    where is the DP ?
  6. So everyone seems to shave bald like a baby now days , do we really love the look or what ? I myself kinda like a landing strip . My question is what do you like Hairy Trimmed Landing strip Bald like a baby A design (like a heart) I even like to see piercings but that is something different so we won't go there yet
  7. pierced

    Sina & Jules

    i was looking at the old postings and didnt see the nipple piercings i didnt see the until about Oct 4th post so are the pretty new ?
  8. pierced

    Jenn & Frank - Pictures (2018)

    nude all to gather at last maybe something to look forward too - a 4 some in the future ?
  9. pierced


    gee whiz she got the nipple piercings and pubic tat i can't wait for the pussy piercings to start showing up !!!!!
  10. i always love a girl with some nice nipple piercings !
  11. pierced

    Jenifer & Carl

    nothing im say from the other tenants they had no stop sex on that couch has to be something on there
  12. pierced

    Mira & Henry Part #3 of 3

    if i could get them on here i would give you a view of the 5 cock piercings i have
  13. pierced

    Jenifer & Carl

    DAMN - i hope the couch got washed - lmao
  14. pierced

    Mira & Henry Part #3 of 3

    gee whiz everyone send photos - damn
  15. pierced

    Mira & Henry Part #3 of 3

    wow for real she shaved off the hairy pubic patch damn i would have liked it trimmed but you lost the pubic charm