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  1. This room is a mess one minute we are dressed next minute we are nude in front of camera then we have dido then we don't then other girl is there then not there then nude photos then cam site i guess haven't seen anything good go on here - maybe I'm wrong
  2. I dont think it is bad we shave that bush into a sweet little landing strip to guide her home into the old cock pit we are good to go
  3. A few nipple rings to go along with the bdsm type strip bra maddie wears would be hot as hell
  4. A little mmf threesome needed with some DP action
  5. If they are shaving maybe the guest will shave also - landing strip please
  6. Really im on chaturbate what is the name she goes under on chat ill look it up
  7. Well i just see a lot of mixed fucking going on through out the apartments two or three guys with the same girls - so l think not so stupid of a question even though they are couples still can be a unknown father sorry to butt hurt you - lol
  8. I was just thinking if they even know the father of the kid do to all the group fucking that goes on
  9. I like a bush but this is a little much trim those into sweet ass landing strips and we are good to go
  10. Wonder if they stay togather when the baby is born seems as if the members just jump from house to house to fuck like one big swingers group
  11. I was wondering if anyone knows the count of how many of the women on this site in the past had babies from basicly fucking all day on cam with mutipal guys i see one on here now that looks about due
  12. Damn for how rough this house gets I'm surprised none of the girls are fisted or something used on them ( one of those large dragon sized dildos would be hot )
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