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  1. lexy you should really show the other 2 how to loosen up a little they can be real prudes - use that large toy of yours on her she my relax some and open up
  2. i don't know much about the moves they make but seems like a lot of dead weight ( none action apartments ) on the site to get rid of
  3. she likes to dye her hair it would be kinda hot if she dyed her pussy hair also maybe a bright pink
  4. Maria & Mari

    i was wondering when did she get her nipples pierced i do not remember them being done last i seen her but it has been a while
  5. Lexy & Pete

    didn't mean any disrespect in the commit just stating that you have a gaper starting
  6. Lexy & Pete

    that's because they all fuck so much 2-3 times a day their pussy are all stretched out I watched one couple for over an hour and the guy didn't even cum they just stopped not normal
  7. holy shit what a gape shot in the middle photo
  8. Lexy & Pete

    dude she has some hole there but i guess if you take a foot in the pussy it may gape a little
  9. Lexy & Pete

    Anything exciting going on tonight I don't know if I'll pop on to VH tonight unless something is happening maybe I'll have to check in
  10. Foxy, Kira - Part 1

    yes this is the meaning I was talking about
  11. Lexy & Pete

    and yes the old guy goes on to chat and play if you want i'll send you my nickname for that site up to you
  12. Mary & George

    they had dildo on sink the other day maybe she is better off with that instead of him
  13. Lexy & Pete

    i was just wondering because i cam on that site also and like i said before i see other from VH on there
  14. Foxy, Kira - Part 1

    she does alot of domination was wondering if she ever done sounding to one of her i'll call them slaves
  15. Lexy & Pete

    Have the 2 of you decided to go on a cam site yet like the others i see some on the chaturbate site but they lock their chat to paying viewers which kinda sucks