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  1. Damn looks like you could fit a coke bottle in there
  2. damn just watched her in living room, looked like on some chat room site maybe not that great but i would give her a shout out in a chat ( let me know which chat site and i'll hit you up )
  3. pierced


    I see a lot of new people in the houses and a group houses now even have a section of voyeur websites on form page . I have checked out some of these new things was just wondering i see no DP action does any of these women take a good DP ? I have seen the old Lexi take a foot in the pussy a few times - oh my
  4. do we need the little blue pill - LMAO
  5. So everyone seems to shave bald like a baby now days , do we really love the look or what ? I myself kinda like a landing strip . My question is what do you like Hairy Trimmed Landing strip Bald like a baby A design (like a heart) I even like to see piercings but that is something different so we won't go there yet
  6. i was looking at the old postings and didnt see the nipple piercings i didnt see the until about Oct 4th post so are the pretty new ?
  7. nude all to gather at last maybe something to look forward too - a 4 some in the future ?
  8. gee whiz she got the nipple piercings and pubic tat i can't wait for the pussy piercings to start showing up !!!!!
  9. nothing im say from the other tenants they had no stop sex on that couch has to be something on there
  10. if i could get them on here i would give you a view of the 5 cock piercings i have
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