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  1. sometime it's important to clarify some situations,it's not a problem if we are off topic for some minutes or hours till the mods delete the posts ! nobody on this forum will ties my hands,i keep my liberty of expression but i know in some countries the liberty of expression it's a big problem...
  2. ok,let's continue like before,everybody have turned crazy with this troll of yesterday.
  3. what post are you talking about? i don't understand,all is ok don't worry
  4. clivebb

    Tver Apartment - Split 7

    yes,they have many progress to do with their communication
  5. clivebb

    Tula Apartment - Split 4

    agree nack,what a terrible light,welcome in the pink world,don't know if one day with vv we will see some progress with the video quality ! i have a serious doubt with that.
  6. clivebb

    Tver Apartment - Split 7

    and like always vv give no informations about that,it's not complicated to send a little tweet "jack and zoe have broke up and jack have left the project"
  7. clivebb

    Tula Apartment - Split 4

    he can remove his bann it's not complicated,i was banned 3 or 4 times with rlc and if i want i can renew without bann (i did some months ago),just need to have a different id member not necessery to change ip adress,for who want more informations for how doing just pm me
  8. specialy when it's for see catlyn and betty broadcast everydays on cam sites ,zero interest to pay for see that
  9. clivebb

    Dubna Apartment - Split 1

    the eternal buffering restart again,i see nothing in all appartments
  10. my criticism is not free and are founded you like or not and if you don't accept the criticism i don't know why you are here,you want all the advantage of the forum for grab a maximum of suscribers and make your publicity but you don't want the inconvenients,too easy.
  11. pls don't say it's a reallife site it's turn ridiculous we are not stupid thanks.
  12. thanks for help me on this point,camarads have zero credibility after that and specialy after doing all for delete the cam girls thread here,they can say all they want i have my opinion now with them
  13. clivebb

    Tver Apartment - Split 7

    i think they have broke up
  14. you are a funny person you have modified your comment in the other thread,too simple to do that, good luck with your cam site,bye.
  15. nothing is unjustified,i am not sure you have watched alot this site for said that,it's more a cam site for two appartments than a voyeur-site and the chat is not for talking with the tenants,it's a typical comment of a personn have watched just few minutes,it's your moralist side i don't like alot with you.