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  1. sometime it's important to clarify some situations,it's not a problem if we are off topic for some minutes or hours till the mods delete the posts ! nobody on this forum will ties my hands,i keep my liberty of expression but i know in some countries the liberty of expression it's a big problem...
  2. if someone want i search the cam-site where catlyn broadcast,just give me a screencap of her laptop or the best it's have a video with the sound,just with the sound i can recognize where she broadcast,give me that in pm thanks.
  3. ok,let's continue like before,everybody have turned crazy with this troll of yesterday.
  4. what post are you talking about? i don't understand,all is ok don't worry
  5. i know camarads have requested to remove the cam girls thread,not cool
  6. betty is in public chat right now on cb for who are interesting. @StnCld316 : is it authorized to post pics of betty on cb?
  7. yes the models on different cam-sites can simulate a private show for hiding but she is not in private with a guy,i made this experience,i am on the cam sites every days
  8. it's a security for her but a trap for the members,you click on the spy button for pay the half of the price but finaly she is not in private,it's not cool for the members after she do what she want but it's not me will click on spy button because i know the song
  9. it's a minority,there is some cam sites where you see never the models,you need to chat before and click in private button after but on cb and mfc it's very rare the models doing that
  10. yes,they have many progress to do with their communication
  11. agree nack,what a terrible light,welcome in the pink world,don't know if one day with vv we will see some progress with the video quality ! i have a serious doubt with that.
  12. this is funny now betty stay all the time in private fake mode on cb for we don't see her in public chat
  13. and like always vv give no informations about that,it's not complicated to send a little tweet "jack and zoe have broke up and jack have left the project"
  14. he can remove his bann it's not complicated,i was banned 3 or 4 times with rlc and if i want i can renew without bann (i did some months ago),just need to have a different id member not necessery to change ip adress,for who want more informations for how doing just pm me
  15. the day you will see one little action of the mods with euromike it will rain inside my house ! i am prepared to received my second warning i don't care about that,don't be surprised if one day you don't listen anymore my mouth.