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  1. www.camarads.com - LIVE 24/7 Private Life Cams

    sometime it's important to clarify some situations,it's not a problem if we are off topic for some minutes or hours till the mods delete the posts ! nobody on this forum will ties my hands,i keep my liberty of expression but i know in some countries the liberty of expression it's a big problem...
  2. Catlyn & Patty

    if someone want i search the cam-site where catlyn broadcast,just give me a screencap of her laptop or the best it's have a video with the sound,just with the sound i can recognize where she broadcast,give me that in pm thanks.
  3. www.camarads.com - LIVE 24/7 Private Life Cams

    ok,let's continue like before,everybody have turned crazy with this troll of yesterday.
  4. www.camarads.com - LIVE 24/7 Private Life Cams

    what post are you talking about? i don't understand,all is ok don't worry
  5. Tver Apartment - Split 6

    yes,they have many progress to do with their communication
  6. Tula Apartment - Split 3

    agree nack,what a terrible light,welcome in the pink world,don't know if one day with vv we will see some progress with the video quality ! i have a serious doubt with that.
  7. Tver Apartment - Split 6

    and like always vv give no informations about that,it's not complicated to send a little tweet "jack and zoe have broke up and jack have left the project"
  8. Tula Apartment - Split 3

    he can remove his bann it's not complicated,i was banned 3 or 4 times with rlc and if i want i can renew without bann (i did some months ago),just need to have a different id member not necessery to change ip adress,for who want more informations for how doing just pm me
  9. Catlyn & Patty

    the day you will see one little action of the mods with euromike it will rain inside my house ! i am prepared to received my second warning i don't care about that,don't be surprised if one day you don't listen anymore my mouth.
  10. Catlyn & Patty

    you can say thanks to euromike for have spend his shit today here !
  11. Catlyn & Patty

    if for you be nice it's ask the mods to delete all the shit i have writing today in camarads thread no thanks,sometime it's good to say some verity specialy when euromike come whith his ass here
  12. Catlyn & Patty

    what's happens with you amy! you change opinion every hours,i have difficulty to track you,next time i will keep the cam sites links for my ass sorry.
  13. Catlyn & Patty

    and another broadcast night for catlyn,nothing new here,i think cam model it's his principal job,same thing for betty
  14. www.camarads.com - LIVE 24/7 Private Life Cams

    specialy when it's for see catlyn and betty broadcast everydays on cam sites ,zero interest to pay for see that
  15. Dubna Apartment - Split #1

    the eternal buffering restart again,i see nothing in all appartments