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  1. sat11


    they did but its not as interment as the old position but you can see all the room , they had a good session but it is not in the archive, why? VV should not rely on people pushing a button at this stage to build up their archive to attract new subs.
  2. sat11

    Cleo & Axel Part 1

    OK that is very good, i think that helps a lot.
  3. sat11

    Patrik & Clair

    yes from RUSS post on ben and whitney forum
  4. sat11

    Patrik & Clair

    may be i got the name wrong alex GF
  5. sat11

    Cleo & Axel Part 1

    thanks @golfer06 , i am not watching much the only way i can find out what was happening is by reading CC and archive of course by then it is too late to ask for it.
  6. sat11

    Patrik & Clair

    nina visited Ben and today alex claire, something is going on, usually they dont bother they just open and close an apt. on a monthly bases
  7. sat11

    Cleo & Axel Part 1

    sorry golfer i did not mean you or nack or any one who is doing this thing are not doing a good job, what i meant was wen i try to catch up i try to see the archive and i see a lot of videos like relaxing ,doing make up like that and concentrated on 3 or 4 apt. and the last sex video of cleo in the archive is at least 5 days a go, i was just disappointing not to find any thing i am sure she has done some thing other than the one with clara. that's all. by the way you guys are doing a good job the sheer amount of activity and apartment you have to go through 👍
  8. sat11

    Cleo & Axel Part 1

    now the second of the afternoon
  9. sat11

    Cleo & Axel Part 1

    i dont have time to watch VH that much this days and i tried checking the archive, i notice one thing most of the vids are concentrated some apartments and leave or not much of others even though thy are having a lot of sex, for example clara seams to have more videos doing like relaxing, taking a shower or checking her phone and so on and yet cleo has nothing this week except when clara visited and i know they do something at least once a day not very balanced archive any way the archive is useless finding old videos... back to cleo
  10. sat11


  11. sat11

    Kristin & Steve

  12. foxy had one thing that kira did not have which is she looked sweet, innocent the girl next door and when she did her thing it was exiting because by looking at her you would not expect it from her, she did not even had to do much but now with all the tattoo and the hair style she looks more like a permanent walking Halloween costume and lost that innocent look, i am sure inside she is the same girl who joined VH but personally i find her new tattoos and looks a bit (or much) a turn off. having a relationship did not bother me in fact i found it a bit refreshing where most sacrifice their relationship for view.
  13. sat11

    Misty & Sara

    its not just image look at it from viewers prospective do you remember who no 30 or 35 ... of misty guys i dont because they stopped being people they become just another conquest another number. another thing if something is wrong it is wrong for men or women, just because men do it does not mean women should do it too, small point by nature men programmed to spread their seed as much they can yet women are selective when it comes to breading they choose their partner carefully to insure the survival of their of springs, look at the animal kingdom males mate with multiple female but the female chose the alpha , the strong the biggest one, after all humans are animals too.
  14. sat11

    Misty & Sara

    they can go to blind spot now i am happy this is the first time i watch all the way one apt. for a long time i never liked numbers but still iam having remembering names ether i guess fo me name or number all the same , may be its better waiting till they came back 3 or 4 times to give them name