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  1. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    overall this is the least active apartment, but people here like her in an emotional level than sexual, they see her as a little sister whom they want to see doing well, not lose the apartment and happy and so on but that is not going to give her the view she needs, even people who post how much they like her and care about her here when it come to it they are not watching her when there is more interesting things happening in other apartments all the time , i think they spend more time in her forum than watching her apt. she need to be active need some one more active and push the apt to more activity like misty did for the ann and rock that what she needs in the apt than the two young people who are just like her.
  2. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    i think you are fixated on tim and sid or you just like posting the same thing again again every day and every forum you generate more publicity for them by commenting on every page and forums, ironic dont you think., you should learn more tolerance and less hate toward people you dont even know, but its a free forum so post what ever makes you happy like some people sometime i forget to check on these apartments because of some thing is happening other apartments and i read your comment and reminds me they are there so i go and check to see what might be happening there too.
  3. it looks to me they are doing the same thing again again, with out nina they dont seem to know what else to do, may be thats why he is having a hard time getting hard. i notice no wetting the bed ether
  4. GreenWood Apartment - Split #1

    they have been doing it for a while now after a few min the cam switches to subscribe page, if i see some thing interesting and wanted to subscribe i am sure i will find the page with one click . very annoying like a pop up ad.
  5. Zoi & Tim

    FAQ is what VH wanted when they opened the site how ever it has moved on from that a long time a go, the participant are not just ordinary next door people living their lives, but actors/ armature porn stars except Zoi & tim otherwise no body will watch them if they dont put a good sex show, and for that they get paid, sad but true. i wish it was what it says on FAQ but that is not reality. for those who complain about Zoi & tim i say this is what voyeur is so enjoy a different experience (real voyeur) than a porn voyeur, if it is not your thing dont watch it and leave it for those who do. that is what i think right or wrong.
  6. Dubna Apartment - Split #1

    that is a big lose for vv, and us ,marna was the only one i enjoyed watching in this site, she lost by winning greg, i hope he is a good fun guy in real life. GOOD LUCK MARNA & GREG, AND THANK YOU..
  7. i dont think they would concern about nina, if they have sex when she is not there means they dont need her approval or her permission, any more
  8. Mika & Layne

    when i saw her refusing laney the night before before i thought she was being cam shy now i see she is not. good to see something happening in this apartment, unfortunately tho you miss it when it happens.
  9. Linda & Carrie

    yes this one is doing better, good for her, hopefully she will teach the other girl .
  10. i dont know how it works but i assumed the managers pay the rent and for the cams, if so it will be cheaper for them to close one apartment which is always empty most of the time( for the last two weeks) and pay her a bit more of the share.
  11. may be she is planning to move in here , she hasnt done much in her apartment and she is giving every thing she can here.
  12. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    for my curiosity, how do people know the ranking of this apartments, people always say this apartment has number one statistics and this and that, do people access to the data or just guess based on their liking??
  13. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    to be honest most of VH apartments are uninteresting now .its numbers not quality , if they were uninteresting they will fit in well now.
  14. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    i thought they did a lot more than the present residents, my be my it is my memory playing trick on me