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  1. alan has been a busy boy today , for lunch he had kira and for dinner nina and desert serena, tag team
  2. very nice!!! well we know now where where all the boobs from the other girls went
  3. Zoi & Tim Part #2

    well he looks younger and much fitter than i remember him, i guess a change of scenery is doing him good linda looks the same and has a beautiful smile
  4. Zoi & Tim Part #2

    is this leon looks different? bor new BF for linda i like zoe's ass in that tight jeans
  5. when is the last time serena had sex with alan? may be she is jumping ship
  6. Tula Apartment - Split 4

    there is new guy and he made himself at home he is a good friend of them or been here long, iris is home and they look ok to me
  7. i cant go beyond this time all cam stop(freeze)
  8. Tula Apartment - Split 4

    i think VV managers are already given up, practically only 3 apt. active in witch tver good shows but its far in between, in Dubna inna is the only one the other girl i dont see much any more, the only one left is Marna but for almost $30 for one apt.it is away too much. a am afraid them opening other apt is 0. it really saddens me the death of VV.
  9. like i said i like watching you guys and lexy is one of the sexy girls, i like this shows but i am not a fun of teasing knowing nothing is going to happen specially when they go for hours but i understand from the participant point of view that is a good thing but from this side of view people will stop watching live and check it out in a timeline when they think nothing will happen or it will happen hours later, people go by reputation so you have to chose your timing if you all wanted to get together you should have waited a few days till that time of the month past and do it right. still this is just my intake and opinion from some one who is a fun and enjoying watching but not interacting with participant.( so i just watch)
  10. and i am happy to be wrong, most of the guests at edda i never cared much except her but the best she did was a blow job in the dark, it was a bit frustrating, last night she repaid with interest plus, (maybe nina pays better than edda ) waited since (memory lane)
  11. i stopped watching when they went out for smoke the 3rd time within an hour it felt like they ware killing time, and a good thing it was a tease show they never had any intentions of actually doing the sex from the get go, both party are participant not guests we have seen them having sex without any problem, i dont get why every body talking about them taking it slow getting conferrable they are not trying to start a relationship (like BF and GF kind) all people here doing is encourage participant who come on this forums to tease all night like as it become the norm on VH now days. thy are one of the very few people left i like watching on VH i like lexy and i rather enjoy watching them doing their thing than a fake show, that's why within an hour if i feel it is just a tease or a pretend i switch to somewhere else and if any thing happens i just catch up on time line.
  12. Marna & Greg

    sexy girl !!!