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  1. Rosie! Been an absolute pleasure, thanks for spending some time with us, good luck on your future travels! Anna and Caro, see you again soon I'm sure!
  2. I'm a big fan of Rosie, but it does seem like she's checked out a bit over the last few days. It will be interesting to see whether Anna stays, or whether a replacement comes (or maybe both!)
  3. I meant that hopefully RLC will also tell the other girls about what happened to Nicole, so that if she stays and it happens again they are prepared
  4. A few people have written, hopefully RLC will pass on the message to her, and maybe the other girls too
  5. Just saw the Nicole incident, damn that was absolutely horrific, and scary too that she seems unaware of what happened to her. Absolute sympathy to anybody who has to suffer seizures like that as a part of their life
  6. Becca
  7. Agreed, it's not a big deal. Young people like to get fucked up occasionally, especially on holiday. I speak from experience
  8. With Jas you mean, although I'd love to see a show between Rose and Jess
  9. Well some of us enjoyed seeing Rosie and Gina spend time together. They never teased that they were going to fuck each other, so it seems silly to hold it against them that they didn't. Just two girls having fun over a bottle of wine (or 11) Goodnight all
  10. If you watch it back you'll see she was posing for a photograph which Polya took from the sofa. Obviously I'd love to be wrong, but it's my opinion that Rosie is 99% straight
  11. I Don't agree, I didn't see anything from Rosie that suggested she was trying for more. Yes she grabbed Gina's boob a couple of times but all the girls do that to each other, all the time
  12. I'd say this time was different, because Rosie and Gina were not even putting on a sexy show, they were literally just getting drunk. It's not like they were kissing like Rosie and Belle did, or Irma and Ilona used to do, if the viewers had more expectations then that's their mistake. Nothing Rosie or Gina did tonight was a 'tease,' just two girls getting drunk in their underwear
  13. Damn Rosie, just not getting naked this evening! Damn sexy nonetheless
  14. A few pages back a Spanish speaking guy said that the dude didn't want to fuck her on cam. She tried to get him in the mood in the bathroom, I guess this is a compromise
  15. To be honest they're not even pretending to be interested in each other sexually, they're just two mates getting smashed together.