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  1. Wow, she might have been told that she would be kicked out because she's been absent so much, this is how she keeps her place!
  2. I usually have you blocked but someone made me aware of this post. The reason I won't tell the forum is that no matter what I say, no matter how boring or exciting the information is, you will only believe what you want to believe. I could tell you that they are going for a walk along the beach and you would say "that's bullshit, they're out fucking guys for money, my opinion only!" or I could say that they've gone to a bar for a quiet drink and you'd say "that's bullshit, they're out fucking guys for money, my opinion only!" or I could tell you they were talking openly about fucking guys for money and you'd say "I knew it, they've finally shown their true colours!" You believe what you want to believe and no matter what is posted you won't change your opinion - today you went as low as to accuse Jess of lying about her family friend so she could go on a dirty weekend, when in fact someone is dying of cancer. So that's why I won't post it to the forum, because I don't want to give you the satisfaction of saying "that's bullshit, they're out fucking guys for money, my opinion only!"
  3. Not exactly, Michelle told the others that she didn't masturbate on cam, but all the other girls knew she was lying Thanks Kitek
  4. I'm hoping she comes back to B1, and sleeps with Irma (pun intended ) I think Irma might stay up waiting for the other two to return
  5. I could die a happy man after taking a bath with Irma Edit - I wonder if she's going to end up face down for ages again
  6. I'm not sure they will be so late, maybe a couple of hours. Plenty of time for Irma to have some time with her little pink friend though
  7. Danaya chatting with Estelle now, looks friendly. Estelle looks kinda cute when she smiles
  8. Yeah but the winner of every award would be Irma :) OK maybe Danaya gets best tits
  9. Some of the girls we have seen come through these apartments have suffered appallingly as children or as young women. Most people here do not give them the respect they deserve for getting their lives back on track, even if they do not agree with their life choices
  10. Danaya is very pleasing to look at. I can't explain what I mean, and obviously I really enjoy looking at all the girls, but Danaya is just gorgeous in every way
  11. Nora made out with Karol right in front of the cams, so it isn't an issue of avoiding the camera. I didn't really see any problems at all last night
  12. Goodnight all. Despite the few members here determined to turn everything into something negative, it was great fun hanging out with you guys
  13. Yes they're terrified of that plant which grows naturally and makes people giggle and feel a bit hungry. Horrifying!
  14. After this heart-to-heart talk in the bath, I will actually be surprised if they don't share a bed, just to sleep in nothing more