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  1. When I said that, it was only because Irma spoke to her mother about him, so Irma's family knows who he is. Also I said 'maybe a family friend,' not definitive.
  2. Not hating on him personally, he is just a guy taking full advantage of his situation, but I really do not feel like seeing his cock again today when I could be looking at a bunch of hot girls instead
  3. With any luck he is just there for dinner, maybe a movie. After the problems with the neighbours today I doubt it will be another party
  4. After the Police came, Danaya was very upset. This is because if the girls receive a warning or commit a crime in another country they will have big problems returning to that country or maybe even travelling Europe altogether. That terrified Danaya, it would ruin her personal life and her work. If she is leaving, maybe it is because she does not want to take that risk any more Thanks Yury for the insight
  5. She and Jess did invite Russ to pleasure them, but Irma admitted later she faked her orgasm with him. She also went down on Danaya and Jess, but did not seem to want anything in return. Maybe she prefers taking care of herself and others, rather than having others take care of her
  6. Well I can see the forum is going to be no fun tonight so I'll leave you all to throw insults at the girls in peace Goodnight
  7. He is definitely a weird guy, but in my opinion it is Irma who holds the power over him, not the other way around
  8. Haha Alex just took a video of Irma dancing and she made him delete it, and then checked his phone to make sure he hadn't taken any more. Maybe she is tired of him having all this footage of her on his phone
  9. I am indeed watching the footy, not going well for my Spurs at the moment! Crazy for Leicester to sack Ranieri in my opinion
  10. I hope I am wrong, but I have the vibe that there may be visitors to the apartment tonight. I would prefer Lia (or is it Mia?) and Irma to spend some time together though
  11. Yeah, bloody winds blew my motorbike over where it's parked today, scratched up the handlebars It's a pretty big bike too, not light like a scooter or moped Now I'm stuck at work and Irma is working her magic, not a great day today!
  12. You will get more responses to your comments if you post in the General Chat thread, it is much busier in there
  13. Jess used to dance in a club in Turkey. By coincidence, when the club started failing Irma was brought in by the owners to investigate what was going wrong, but it was after Jess had left so they never met. They were talking about it during the first few days that Irma returned to the apartment
  14. She has some alone time the other day but didn't use it. She only seems horny after a night of dancing and fondling Irma, so we'd need a night where Mia has a late date
  15. Huh, you can see cam 5 in the reflection of the wardrobe from Cam 6. It has a UV light on it and looks like a torch