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  1. Mike, what is wrong with you, they were great tenants
  2. Most people don't want to have to check 100 threads. Most people want to have a flowing conversation which is not possible when the discussion is scattered all over the place. If the general thread is closed people will just migrate to PMs or clubs to have those conversations, and the public forum will get even less traffic
  3. I have a couple myself, so it would be incongruous of me to think less of somebody else who has them. I understand why some people don't like them, and of course a bad tattoo is a bad tattoo and that's another matter, but I don't think Helen's is bad and I don't think large tattoos are bad just because they're large
  4. Yeah they've spoken, but just in passing. The apartment was UM for a while so I imagine they were introduced to her before it came back online
  5. Now now Mike be nice! Let's be honest, you've been known to make rather flamboyant posts yourself on occasion!
  6. You know as well as I do that the apartments do not go UM when it is just a visitor to the apartment. It goes UM when they have RLC staff enter or guests with children like Lola's friend. And that is perfectly reasonable
  7. At the moment it is Gina who seems to be a permanent resident, she has been there over 4 months
  8. He was Lola's friend, not Anna's friend (although they were very 'friendly' at the party!)
  9. Sophie is probably wondering if she can get away with moving into Nicole's room. She'll probably get at least a few days before Nicole notices
  10. It's best not to engage with certain members who have proven themselves to be massive wankers
  11. It seems that if you are suffering from that sort of medical condition it is best not to be left alone for long periods. Nicole does not need much of an excuse to be absent from the apartment, but given the circumstances it is understandable (although if it is an ongoing thing I would not imagine RLC will renew her for another month)
  12. ... No dude, she had two very serious seizures on cam in the apartment, and during one of them her face was banging on her bedside cabinet. I imagine that at least some of the time she has spent away from the apartment has been at a doctor or hospital, and at nights potentially with somebody who can look after her in case it happens again (both seizures were whilst she was asleep)
  13. This is not the place for a political discussion, but just a friendly reminder that the modern USA was founded by settlers from Europe, who brought their ideas about democracy with them
  14. I actually agree, without speculation there is just nothing to talk about when the apartments are empty, and when it is about something non-controversial (like whether Nicole went to hospital or not) I don't think there is any harm The problems come when people start speculating about where the girls are at night, who the guys are that come back to the apartment, how they make their money etc, because then it turns very quickly from speculation into insults and then arguments
  15. I understand your posts, but still hospitals do not work around each individual person's sleep patterns. If Nicole was admitted for an overnight test (even if she had been there earlier in the day) she would have to be re-admitted in the early evening and she would try to sleep earlier than normal. People who work night shifts and therefore sleep all day do not get given appointments in the daytime, they have to adjust their sleep pattern to adapt to the hospital, not the other way around in short, it doesn't matter what your sleep pattern is, unless you are in a private hospital you must change it to meet the hospital requirements
  16. No, she was not in the apartment at the time, although she came home and found them both asleep on her bed
  17. A couple of spanish speakers have confirmed, it's pretty amicable Also I've been trying to send you a PM, clear your inbox a bit!
  18. Tonight is the eve of Sant Joan, there are parties at the beach but also parties across the city, in public squares etc http://barcelonayellow.com/bcn-events-articles/128-nit-de-sant-joan-saint-john