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  1. Mike, what is wrong with you, they were great tenants
  2. Most people don't want to have to check 100 threads. Most people want to have a flowing conversation which is not possible when the discussion is scattered all over the place. If the general thread is closed people will just migrate to PMs or clubs to have those conversations, and the public forum will get even less traffic
  3. I have a couple myself, so it would be incongruous of me to think less of somebody else who has them. I understand why some people don't like them, and of course a bad tattoo is a bad tattoo and that's another matter, but I don't think Helen's is bad and I don't think large tattoos are bad just because they're large
  4. Yeah they've spoken, but just in passing. The apartment was UM for a while so I imagine they were introduced to her before it came back online
  5. Now now Mike be nice! Let's be honest, you've been known to make rather flamboyant posts yourself on occasion!
  6. You know as well as I do that the apartments do not go UM when it is just a visitor to the apartment. It goes UM when they have RLC staff enter or guests with children like Lola's friend. And that is perfectly reasonable
  7. At the moment it is Gina who seems to be a permanent resident, she has been there over 4 months
  8. He was Lola's friend, not Anna's friend (although they were very 'friendly' at the party!)