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  1. LOL, enjoy Noldus I do not have a need, but if i did it would be Irma and Jess My two favourites LOL
  2. But Belle if you skip through it like that you'll miss all the important narrative twists
  3. Can't agree with you there mate. Danaya, Jess, Stella plus the night with Stella and Alex. But it's not a competition. And I'd still like to see it. Irma definitely a giver when it comes to oral
  4. So on iPads are there no hardware volume buttons, it's all on-screen? That's rubbish, look at the issues it's causing Belle with the video playback.
  5. Sorry Belle, that last movie just isn't happening for you. I guess you'll need to come up with some other sort of idea if you want to arouse yourself......
  6. BB I think you just need a cam on a drone in that room which you can position wherever you please