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  1. That would make Danaya very sad, although she would only have likely 2 weeks maximum before she leaves herself
  2. Didn't see it, but could be she was applying a vaginal medicine - she did that often the first time she was here and has done it a few times since returning. Never seen her bate standing up
  3. She got into the flow of it, looked like she came at least twice to me. Licked her fingers after too
  4. Try a different browser. I had trouble with it in Chrome but it worked better on Edge
  5. I thought it was a little fake in the bath, at that time she was still acting like a cam girl all the time because she was new. In my opinion this was more natural, and she seemed to enjoy it too Still going, by the way
  6. Disagree with that, I think that's the best thing she has done since she arrived! Very hot, big orgasm too
  7. From Yury - Kristy and Heidi talk in the kitchen this morning "Heidi says she does not understand how it happened. Heidi never before did have sex with girls. This girl is a designer. Heidi met her in instagram and until this evening communicated only virtually. They met for the first time. As I understand it, they were together in the company with some guys. Heidi said that she was very drunk and the girl suddenly kissed her. Then they went to smoke, and more kissing. The company did not understand what was happening. Heidi says she does not remember how they got home. She never invited anyone here and was surprised that she invited this girl. Heidi says that after coming home just two minutes later she was naked on the bed. She is distressed and can not understand how it happened. Kristy asked if she liked sex with a girl? Heidi said she did not know if she liked it. She could not reach orgasm."
  8. Hahahahahaha poor guy
  9. My personal opinion of last night vs B2 orgy, I preferred B2 because I liked the girls involved more. I don't tend to watch this apartment much, no problem with the girls it's just not one of my favourites, so I don't have much of a 'relationship' with Heidi. In B2, a few of my all-time favourite girls were involved so I found it much more exhilarating than last night That said, it was an amazing night and a lot of fun! What a fantastic display! And Cordoblanc...for someone who hates gay people, you do spend an awful lot of time watching the ALL-GIRL apartments
  10. He is saying that his sub expires, so he doesn't mind being blacklisted Do be aware though applepie that RLC won't just block your account, they'll also block your credit card and email addresses, even IP address to stop you from subscribing again. So unless you have spares of all of those, or if you have no plans to ever subscribe again, be careful!
  11. Wow, she might have been told that she would be kicked out because she's been absent so much, this is how she keeps her place!