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  1. Tonight is the eve of Sant Joan, there are parties at the beach but also parties across the city, in public squares etc
  2. Miss X would be a different story if she was an official tenant. I'd love to see her as a proper resident. Karol is obviously great too though I like Melissa, but Angel never really left an impression on me.
  3. There is a celebration all across Barcelona tonight, so there will be fireworks everywhere
  4. LOL! Deceit would be if they DID put their names on the apartments, only for them to leave a few days later! If you assumed something which turned out to be wrong, who is to blame?
  5. Agreed with that. Gina was definitely at her best when the Twins were around. Nice to see her building some sort of friendship with Polya though
  6. Gina is really beautiful, but I agree she is not always very entertaining. It's a shame because she has the potential to be a superstar - that night with Stella was one of the hottest things I've ever seen on RLC, but it never happened again.
  7. Don't be put off by Harley, most of us here are very nice. Yes Nicole had a seizure. She appeared to have a minor seizure the night before too, when she fell over. It's never happened before on cam. Judging by a translation posted in the mean thread she did not know what had happened to her, although at the time she was delirious so anything she said may not be accurate
  8. Disagree 100%. She was lively, fun and gorgeous. She brought the best out of any girl who was around her - Jasmin in particular. Yeah she checked out mentally about a week ago but after best part of 3 months I don't care about that. She's been a blast and I'd have her back any time
  9. Rosie! Been an absolute pleasure, thanks for spending some time with us, good luck on your future travels! Anna and Caro, see you again soon I'm sure!
  10. I'm a big fan of Rosie, but it does seem like she's checked out a bit over the last few days. It will be interesting to see whether Anna stays, or whether a replacement comes (or maybe both!)
  11. I meant that hopefully RLC will also tell the other girls about what happened to Nicole, so that if she stays and it happens again they are prepared