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  1. never mind. now it round 3.
  2. eva going to sleep on the sofa tonight.
  3. i knew he was going to fuck her.
  4. no that okay we are here to have fun.
  5. okay i see i am being pick on today, i am cool with that.
  6. yea i forgot there is a back door (anal).
  7. i knew you was going to do that.
  8. damn period they all ways get in the way.
  9. threesome time with eva and sam.
  10. yes it the same girl.
  11. if sofie and her side kick is pissing you guy's off. do not watch them.
  12. sofie if you reading this here a song just for you two.
  13. it's getting hot on the sofa.
  14. get your recorder ready.
  15. i just Corrected myself .
  16. let me try this again there will be a Reverse gangbang coming soon.
  17. i forgot about eva, my bad