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  1. Riley is crying again and seems very subdued.
  2. Serious conversation between Linda and Tibor. She is crying.
  3. I personally think lots of tattoos spoil the flow of the body's form. It's her body and her choice but I think it's a shame. I saw her put #Egypt on (I think) her Twitter account so it may be a decendency clue.
  4. Linda and Tibor just had sex in the bedroom. Tibor had already tried in the bathroom and Linda left, he went into the living room and Linda seemed reluctant as he led her into the bedroom. She seems to stay up late on her own in the living room lately too.
  5. They look like they are almost living separate lives, Linda is obsessed with social media and rarely leaves her phone. Tibor is always editing / making his videos, there is nothing great on his YouTube channel in my opinion. It's a shame but at least Linda is staying awake after 8.45 pm now.......
  6. Serafima just in the kitchen in a see through nightie, great boobs!
  7. Would you pass it on to me please if you get it 😎
  8. Don't get me wrong, Linda has the best body (except for the tattoos) but in bed for 13-14 hrs a day? Sitting looking at her phone and TV most of the time when awake. They don't seem to have much fun anymore.... It's a shame they don't do much together.
  9. She was in with another girl 2-3 years back and that was the first Riley and Amelia. She has had 2 Chaturbate sites Hotmodellll and Mrbigtype she puts her real name as Roxanne so perhaps Camarads changed it to Riley. None of the participants names are real. Shame to see her like this.
  10. Riley looks slow and subdued, is she on something?
  11. Great to see Sarah's beautiful body, not covered in tattoos.
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