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  1. Did anyone else saw that the guy who got stuck in the room searched Gina's underwear drawer and took one of them and put it in his pocket?
  2. Pam go to your room....... Unless Stella asked her to stay and save her from the boring guy
  3. Lola happened. Seriously, her roomates are making her depressed
  4. Radi is in a talkative mood today. Maybe excited to meet Stella's who quite resembles her (Radi) abd look like her brother. The Guy looks bored AF
  5. Must say it's a lovely surprise to see Radi have a good relationship with Stella, I could have never predicted it. She's spending more time in the Livingroom in B1, she engaging and talking with Stella, watch movies with her. it Brings the best of Radi and in the last week she seems more calm. happier and always smiling. At the start I thought that Pam and Stella would connect and Radi will feel left out, But it's Radi that spends more time with Stella.
  6. Nana's boy can't stop looking at the twins, always taking a peek at them
  7. they are fighting again about the "trust issues" of Gina because of things that happened in her past for like the hundred time (maybe a cheating bf who is not Bruno) he's telling her to enjoy their time together and enjoy the fact they are together. It annoys me she doesn't read between the lines and see he's not a boyfriend material but a friend with benefits material
  8. She may be clean addict but she's much more entertaining then Sera, could you imagine Serafima taking a piss at a friend's stove?
  9. A good word about Stella - not related to sex or nudity - she takes cleaning very seriously her room is very neat, every time she gets up she makes her bed, last week I saw her clean the bathtub and today she's cleaning every area in the kitchen, every drawer and every closet, cleans every bottle or package. most girls in this project are not that clean
  10. I think that there are two possibilities : 1. Mr J. broke up with her 2. She was Told shes leaving the project and going back home, and she was telling that to Jordi and in a way broke up with him even though she didnt want to break up with him yet. Shes upset shes going home and about J
  11. HAHA that could be the case plus, Stella never home' not even to sleep, so she's probably even angrier that they gave it to someone whos never there
  12. Poor Gina, always trusting others, and now not only her boyfriend cheated her, the girl she sees as her best friend betrays her as well
  13. He's eating\rimming her and now stella gives him a HJ and I've notice also with Gina that Bruno a lot of times wake Gina up for sex and now he does it with Stella.
  14. Now Bruno and Stella are not hiding and I think this is the end of Stella and Gina as best friends shame///
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