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  1. Maybe going to b5 and check it out to move there with N&B. Could that be happening Noldus??
  2. Hello Sal. You and Annabelle can come to USA and live with me. Need to get Megan and Damira come join you 2 for a 4some. Might need a few bottles of wine but it be fun to watch if just let the flow go without cig and phone breaks.
  3. She puts on the best show. Keeps her hair out of way so you can see what she is doing.
  4. these girls and the 2 left in B2 before the new girl showed up should all pack and go home.
  5. Max - give them time. Even with Irma on rag, we know she likes to play so she could give a show tonight like Amina did on Alexa last night.
  6. They need to go to B1 and let the queen show them how to put on Reallife Cam show!!😜
  7. I don't renew my script for 3 months. just need to get some replay time now after I make another Cc payment. my favorite girl is back. I thought it was a joke earlier when I read it
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