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  1. Yep...It eventually gets to most of the girls...and it's very sad
  2. Girls, Girls, Girls...Motley Crue 😉 They had much better tracks for me though...
  3. Ashley knows it, but she never actually named the track... Btw, are you a Rammstein fan like Leora and Malia?...It's blasting out now!
  4. What a track!!...It's only about 2 and a half mins long...
  5. Hahahaha,,,I can't believe we were posting at the same time 🤪
  6. So you gave up on mine Dave...Shall I put you out of your misery...😏
  7. Good evening Ash...you mynx you😉
  8. She seems to be walking ok anyway...😆
  9. As you know , I'm not a fan of his, but he has stamina...that's for sure. He's lasted longer tonight than all of Smith's efforts over several years on RLC put together..😏
  10. Band Look at the AC/DC clue again. The band is 2 words, and she may well have been christened Elizabeth...🙄
  11. Sorry...I'd love to chat but it's my bedtime now It's not but Mrs Naga won't be too happy lol...Night guys and gals...
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