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  1. Yeh..He seems like a really nice guy, and I'm not just saying that because he's English... It's quite refreshing listen to them chatting away like this...
  2. Wow..what a guy. Another British Dream Theatre fan. My mates haven't heard of them. This guy is a star and John Petrucci is God!
  3. The problem with me is that my sense of humour isn't to everyone's taste...I must try harder 😉
  4. Hey...no worries man. I'm a good guy you know, plus you didn't really want to the 1st guy to put Naga on his ignore list, did you...😉
  5. She seems to fall out with quite a few of the girls and appears to think she's Queen Bee, imo...Then King Bee makes his monthly appearance 😒...Just saying 😉
  6. We could actually see the 1st 6 some in RLC history...
  7. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Night...I'm assuming this is about Megan. right. I don't think many here would dispute that she is lovely...it's just her personality I'm not keen so on
  8. This looks like it's gonna be a wild night in Barca...But as long as Megan is sexting with Fiby we should be ok...😏
  9. Hopefully...but I won't hold my breath. He sounds English or Irish to me...
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