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  1. Cheer up Laima...it can't be that bad...❣️
  2. I agree, apart from the bit I've highlighted...I think they are really attractive..but each to their own
  3. I think you should keep it. I thought it was genuinely funny Calle...
  4. OT Gina took 12 mins on her motorbike...
  5. Wow...10 mins! I knew it was close, but not that close...That's about 200 paces for Leia and Erin...😏
  6. Gina should be home soon on her Yamaha 750...
  7. That is true...The ice would form naturally on Gina's tits there, she wouldn't need an ice cube...
  8. My memories not great, but I think they've had complaining neighbours there too...
  9. It's an hour and a half to B4...😏
  10. And there was Leo worried in case the music was too loud...😏
  11. I would happily tie her up...😜
  12. Never heard that one before...
  13. I don't think it's Gina's style though...