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  1. I don't understand how Belle didn't reach a magnificent climax...😏
  2. It won't be difficult...a couple of hamsters will do the trick...
  3. Yes, but didn't we establish a while ago that you have the 'virtual' Monica and I have the real one here next to me...well, actually on top of me right now... 'Monica!! ffs, I can't type when I can't see the keys if you're sitting on my face''...😜
  4. Yes, she thought her bates were getting boring, even for her, and she needed a bit of chilli on her dildo to spice things up...
  5. No, it's just that the new couple arriving said the don't need covers on when fucking...'just give us a mattress and we'll be fine'...
  6. He was neither...just a good friend of all the girls... Wow, it's taken you a while to read through all these posts, my friend...good luck on catching up 😏 If you focus on R2, you'll be ok, cos it's stopped...
  7. Fucking hell, Happy...no flies on you then! Who needs 'Mr Crystal Ball' Noldus...😏
  8. Yes, I think they went hand in hand mouth...😏
  9. Great list, Thes, but how the fuck did Monica get her name on there...😏
  10. Why, ffs, there's fuck all to see 😏
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