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  1. There you go...synchronised bating! I was wrong again...I spose there's nowt wrong earning a bit of pocket money...😏
  2. I think Holly's escaping Megan for a while...I don't think she's gone to B1 specifically to do a show...but I might be wrong...
  3. As @HarleyFatboy would say, It's total bollucks...It's pure speculation based on no facts, as usual... Some guys on here are crying out for an excuse to jump on him because they think he's Cesar's mate...wrongly
  4. He's not...he's a friend of his younger brother and hangs out with a different crowd...
  5. Glad to see you came to your senses lol...Of course, my crystal ball didn't tell me that, hence my hypocrite label...
  6. Luna's black friend, Grace, is back in NE England...
  7. Phew!!! Thank you...we got there in the end 😏 The apt might be shite when she leaves, which I doubt, with me little lovely Geordie lass there, but lets give them a chance. It was very natural and real before the guest arrived, so we'll see...
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