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  1. Maybe because we've witnessed this shit 936 times before...😏 I'd rather watch these beautiful women just acting normal...Hell, it was more enjoyable watching Jenga last night...
  2. Of course she might just be having a 'dry' month and also has put on a few pounds...😏
  3. I suggested that this might be the case here yesterday...as well as her boobs a little fuller, her belly looks subtly a little rounder and she's not drinking alcohol now...
  4. I've seen a few guys sniffing around, but I've never seen any interest from her...
  5. Not by me...she even put some black shorts on under her outfit last night when he came, and there was nothing suggesting that he was anything but a friend from her. He was trying to get a little fresh, but she moved away. Unless it was the way she was suggestively removing the Jenga blocks, that is...
  6. Harry Potter's a non starter, and I'll be surprised if he comes sniffing around her again...
  7. I've no idea...I was just being Noldus for a brief moment.
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