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  1. I know you meant Karol...😉 Goodnight guys...
  2. When she really opens up I'm sure you'll remember what it is...
  3. You're also gonna have to come up with a whole loada superlatives beginning with 'K'...that you haven't used for my Karol...😉
  4. Karol always looks good...❤️
  5. Tina, Karla and, surprise surprise, Megan staying in...She mustn't be able to get a very good signal outside the apartment...😏
  6. If the girls inserted the odd finger it would improve 10 fold...even fingers would be fine too...😏
  7. Yes, her bf mustn't have satisfied her properly and she wants some real sex with the girls now...😏
  8. nagachilli2

    Welcome back Irma

    ...Bad joke!
  9. Yes tripod, if it was blood it was pretty clotted, and brown, She has a problem...😏
  10. I believe you!...I find it's hard to take my eyes off her, from the moment she wakes up to when she goes to sleep...which looks like its now, sadly, after some great pussy shots! Goodnight Karol...Sweet dreams...❤️
  11. I wasn't expecting much in the way of sexual stuff, tbh...I'm sure Amina would love to play with Karol, but she's not into girls, apart from a bit of flirting. It was nice they mixed anyway, maybe laying foundations for a bigger and better party in the future...