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  1. Angel's bate was a better angle but we couldn't really see much...She enjoyed it though......12.36...
  2. I'm working on it mate...It's hard work all this pussy watching you know...
  3. She shows more than Belle, who apparently has bated 6 times in 4 days, although we couldn't actually see and Rosie. As far as I'm aware this is the competition. You just proved my point Des...never happy
  4. Thanks Vlk It funny how folk change Vlk. If she hadn't ever bated guys would be happy with whatever she flashed at us. But she bates every day, because she wants and needs to for herself, and the forum has a go... the guys here are waiting in anticipation for the briefest glimps of lovely Rosie's pussy yet Angels beautiful nudity, like this morning is now taken for granted. Well guys, enjoy her while you can because you might be disappointed with the new's happened before
  5. Well you can't beat a bottle of Absynth and a bag of 'washing powder' to get the juices flowing. Considering they were just kissing Gina and Stella were hotter than a bowl full of nagas. If Gina had straddled me naked like that and planted those lovely very kissable lips on mine, I'd have a hard on in about 3 nanoseconds. Here's hoping she doesn't leave with the twins and her relationship with Stella blossoms, now we know she definitely swings both ways. I think they needs to be well oiled for it to happen again though. Thanks girls, you were great and Gina's a star xxx
  6. Thanks martyen. I'm out at the mo and watch it when I get home. Looks like she hasn't many fans now. Bating every day isn't enough for most guys here...
  7. Morning Angel...Looking beautiful and happy...I think she's looking forward to leaving now and being with her BF...I'm gonna miss her big style...
  8. On that beautiful note I'll say goodnight guys and see you tomorrow, for more of Gina and her amazing wobbling meat flaps... Nite all...
  9. Can't see the twin (not sure which at the mo) will be doing any 'laundry' with the other girls tonight...