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  1. My good source (better than Harley's) told me that Holly went to church on Sunday and confessed all her sins...and want to become a nun....I think shagging Bruno just tipped her over the edge...😏 There was no way back...
  2. Haha...I know I screw with your head because you don't know when I'm being serious or not...I love it! But all's good Harley... Btw, I'm surprised you haven't taken the piss out of me because I'm a freeloader now...like you normally do when my sub runs out...
  3. Your welcome...Everyone has their place on this forum...
  4. Do you know that video you've obviously got Max, can I have a copy...just to check up on a few minor details? lol...😉
  5. She was!...Maybe Mauri is mistaking it for another event. Rebecca, Megan and another girl (can't remember who) shut themselves in what is the guest bedroom in B2 and had a 3 some...then, maybe the same night, or the night after, Belle fucked her with a dildo in the main B2 bedroom, with the help of Stella, and maybe Lola...In the meantime, Anna was being intimate with some guy. There was stuff going on all over the place...But It was that long ago, I can't remember all the intimate details, and it sounds rather tame compared with now, but it raised the RLC bar, as it appeared to be totally spo
  6. It certainly wasn't beer pong or Twister, that's for sure...😵
  7. Sorry, I'm unfamiliar with that particular dance Max...😏
  8. She's a big girl, and it's her choice though...
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