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  1. ..Actually, that's not a great idea...I'm a Sunderland fan who've been relegated 2 season's in a row and are now wallowing down in Division 1 in England...☹️ Not quite Bayern or Benfica...We'll have some tough games against Gillingham and Scunthorpe...😒
  2. You won't, I'll be lurking in the background till the big boys start playing again!...But we can always chat about the teams we follow too...
  3. Hey guys...I've gotta a life you know...😏
  4. It's odd guys...We have totally different tastes on RLC, VHTV of whatever, and wouldn't have crossed paths very often if it wasn't for this thread...I've really enjoyed it...
  5. So. will that be a new thread, because we'll have the qualifiers starting next...I'm not sure when though... I wasn't far off with my prediction that Croatia would lift the trophy...😁...smug grin...They were great, as were Belgium...
  6. She did it either yesterday or the day before...
  7. Why do you sound surprised?...She is pretty good...❤️
  8. Thanks for setting it up Ze!...⚽👍...It was a brilliant tournament and Russia did a top job...😁
  9. Congratulations France...It was a really good final, for a change...
  10. I disagree...Croatia have been the best side in this match and France have been blessed with 2 very dodgy decisions, IMO...Croatia would always be caught on the break when they were chasing the game, but they've controlled it...
  11. Sorry all you French guys, but the 1st goal wasn't a free kick and it wasn't a penalty, IMO...I really hope Croatia equalise early in the 2nd half...
  12. Croatia are all over France like a rash, yet trail 2-1!!...
  13. Good afternoon guys...I'm just about to settle down for the final...It's a tough 1 to call. I hope it's a good game and good luck to France, as we have a few French guys here...But Croatia were my tip to lift the trophy before the competition started...So lets just enjoy it...