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  1. My answer would be YES..Goodnight Rob and the rest of you guys
  2. Oksi managed to get her room booked in B4 after her drunken night a while ago, IMO...I don't want to sound negative here guys, but Cheesy's right...They've done pretty much fuck all since that night..So, I ask the question, are they really that much into each other, or was it just another audition to get her a free ride?....a good audition mind, I'll grant you...
  3. Karol just bated there...OK, it wasn't a classic for us voyeurs, by any means, but it was a bate just for her, pretty much hidden from us...a classic example that we do get REAL life in here sometimes...Thank you my girl...❤️
  4. Quick get out of jail free there Bud, after your last post😏...Respect mate...😉
  5. Sadly not, unless it's her own, which is a bit tricky with Dalia next to her...😏
  6. Haha..right on cue...But I'm pleased the girl's are doing something for Anita's birthday...I like Anita, I always have, but I haven't been a huge fan of the shows. However, she deserves a birthday celebration, because she's been a major player in B4 in the last coupla months...So
  7. Thanks Nold... So Anita is dressed up in a long dress...Is she on a hot date for her birthday and the only girl going out?...I can't believe there someone going out in B4 and Debs or Miranda aren't going...
  8. They looked through the peep hole a couple of times, but didn't fancy opening the door...Strange one...
  9. Someone at the door...the girls seem a bit freaked out
  10. True, but I prefer mayo in a sandwich...
  11. Maybe they should smear her with mayo...😏
  12. Monica... I'm not a great fan of bringing girls back, but the other 3 aren't bad too...