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  1. Should CC get rid of the RLC section?

    CC and others will continue to operate, whether or not there is RLC, in fact voyeur communities, are the most stable and durable. RLC like other adult pages can not live without specialized forums that advertise them within voyeur communities. It is indisputable that RLC, has been a reference to this day, but like everything in life, today you are up and tomorrow you are down. But it is also indisputable that more and more subscribers leave RLC to go to other web
  2. Should CC get rid of the RLC section?

    RLC has been living for a long time from the publicity that the participants in the forums and chats have done without RLC costing a dollar. With our best intention in sharing photos and videos, we encouraged other people to join RLC. This meant the entrance of much, much money. RLC, looked the other way, knowing that their pockets were filling up with a lot of money with hardly any advertising costs. But they have become greedy. They have treated as criminals those who have made more money, their own customers. Finally, they have gone through the forums and chats, by their administrators ... RLC, it may be that you currently have many followers, but it is also true that you have lost many viewers. And they will lose more. From my humble opinion CC, should start by not giving a special treatment to RLC, since RLC does not seem to know, but without forums and chats, it is a company doomed to close. But CC and other chats will still live, because CC customers are not hostages of RLC, in fact, it does not matter if it is RLC or VH or whatever it is called at that time. Those who participate in CC is because we communicate with each other. Therefore, CC, for me can start saying "bye RLC", and "Wellcome ..." to other pages that if they allow more freedom of participation
  3. HFB......Say what you want thread!!

    I'm sorry, that translators, not working properly, to translate my text from the Spanish to the English. I've always had this problem so I understand.
  4. HFB......Say what you want thread!!

    Ultimately, did not want, say no more and no less, that there are many homophobic (I do not use those descalificativos, since I started to have beard), since I seem to be inappropriate in an adult... So, someone who puts in his profile that is husband of... imagine that you would expect of it. To that I also meant that are a few clowns, since they think that others have the same intellectual level as them. They talk about someone you don't know, are offended by a few comments, when they are even more offensive... On the other hand, they are the RLC, with its opaque accounts, or they think that they are opaque... trying to control (when in reality do not control anything). They put pictures, as if that people do you dare to enter or to become a member, when they don't know that what is actually happening on the network to know of RLC, is no longer in DC. In fact, as you can see, people already just questions or reporting on CC or RLCf. But guilt took it from the first moment to break the forums and chat was the own RLC, prosecuting, so many customers. RLC, has managed to drive out us one by one, for various reasons, but at the end, everyone has withdrawn from participating in the Forum, provide publicly, give life to what was once alive. In fact, as you can see, what is less in this forum, they are people who have an interest in participating in it. As soon as they can, they want to know, where there are other places where to participate.
  5. HFB......Say what you want thread!!

    No sé, y lo digo sinceramente, si uno queda más ridiculo, aparentando ser homofobo, cuando ataca a otros diciendo cosas tan ridiculas como "y tu novio", "sueñas conmigo" o cosas similares, o que leas en el perfil de un miembro que publica que es marido de una exparticipante. Yo creo, que esta perfil o cuenta, como otros que escriben por el foro, están desubicados, los paladines, hace mucho tiempo que desaparecieron. Pero entiendo que RLC, no quiera tener críticas, y use a estas cuentas para desacreditar a la gente que libremente no opina como RLC quiere. Ya que lo oculta diciendo que ofende a las chicas. Bueno, cosa que personalmente siempre me ha hecho reir.
  6. HFB......Say what you want thread!!

    En este y en otros hilos, siguen escribiendo, personas, aunque tengo dudas si llamarlos así, que parecen no tener vida propia, una pena, o son directamente una cuenta maquillada de RLC, para atacar o desanimar a quien critica, con toda razon, lo que no le gusta. Realmente se puede decir que son la escoria del canal, ya que aportan poco, a no ser que quieras leer, paginas y paginas de cosas sin interes, claro, tienen que rellenar espacios de cosas que en realidad no pasa. Ya que como digo, la falta de interes, por ejemplo, en la casa de vacaciones, es un hecho. Pero tienen que ocultarlo, y como lo hacen? Pues como digo, escondiendolo en paginas y paginas, en las cuales no se dice nada. Eso es una realidad, pero va en contra de los intereses del propio CC y de su comunidad. Como cualquier lector se puede dar cuenta. CC en un momento de su trayectoria, fue un referente para la comunidad voyeur, y para los seguidores de RLC, pero en parte por la persecucion que RLC hace a sus abonados, y en parte, a lameculos (o quizas) a esas cuentas fantasmas de la organizacion tiene para controlar los chats, se han cargado lo que era un foro vital y divertido. Ahora queda poco o nada, de todo aquello. Como el lector puede comprobar, lo único que lee página tras página son cuatro comentarios "aburridos" en su mayor parte, de un grupo de gente, no más de diez cuentas en las que se repiten uno y otro día, lo mismo. Ya que tienen que ocultar que nada interesante pasa.
  7. The sarcasm was fair. But as we read now, over time, many people already realized, that the party was not going to go any further, in fact, everyone, even before B1 came to B2, they knew they were going to party Out of the house that night. And I do not think this is full of fortune tellers, just that people, you know, in what RLC has become. We spend time, celebrate birthdays and parties inside the house, have it, outside the house. But hey, the hotel works. And people are still paying their share. What is wrong?
  8. Perhaps, what everyone overlooks, is because or in exchange for what, RLC, lets ask your business, with the girls of Barcelona. The next question, then might be, do they earn more RLC money, letting the girls go out night after night? That would be a possible reflection of what we see and tell in the house. But then, if the answers are in the air ... who can think that RLC, even being the same name, has not stopped being the same company? Or, bring girls to bring subscribers, or is it just a screen to bring girls to their customers? Anyone who sees this, and has two fingers in front, however obtuse it may be, can not help asking the same questions.
  9. I can only comment, as a follower and ex-subscriber of RLC. I already wrote, giving my opinion to RLC, so that the spectacle, which we all enjoy, does not decay. For others, is this okay? Well, time will give or take reasons.
  10. Of course you can go to the emergency room, for the blow in the eye, and it is very likely that she was, or at least not surprising, and most obviously, because in a blow like the one we saw that she gave, With a little misfortune, can cause you a retinal detachment, and that's bigger words. If we consider that, that same morning, she hit her face again, after her second attack, it would be almost mandatory, to return to the emergency room, to see if the blow has been complicated in that eye. But as you will understand, one does not wait until dawn to go ... many hours passed.
  11. Seizures are typical of epilepsy. His muscular rigidity, his sluggishness after the convulsions, his not remembering what had happened, the lack of articulating coherent words, for a few minutes, his lack of orientation ... The images, I put them to a doctor, and it was she, the one who told me, all this. As you will understand I am not a doctor to have knowledge of that.
  12. Long ago, I said, trying to make an Anecdote, but I see, it has become a reality. For the people who follow the houses, they can be calm and rest, since between 8 or 10 at night until 6 or 8 in the morning of the following day, the most probable thing is that they do not see the girls in the houses, Or perhaps, if they remain, see nothing of interest. So why waste time? That is why, less and less, people are staying to see the houses at that time. And for many, it's ceasing to be interesting, and rightly so, because seeing girls sleep, or getting ready to party, is not exactly what people want to see.
  13. An emergency case is different. But no one goes to the emergency room for an epileptic seizure, if you know what happens. What's more, and you can check, there are many techniques, which are not considered emergency, and among those are the seizures of epilepsy. And I have asked a specialist doctor, who is on duty at the door of a hospital.
  14. I, too, submitted to the test of sleep. You know, it's the only test that is done during the night. It only lasts one night. And they get you in the afternoon, and at 8 in the morning or before, if you have all the results, you're discharged. I tell you, that at night, unless it is an emergency, you will not find, more people working.
  15. You are right. For a fundamental reason, because doctors do the day tests. And at least in Spain, if you have to do more than one test, or have to follow a doctor, I assure you, they do not send you to your house, so that you return the next day. The normal thing is for you to be admitted. And you can not leave the hospital when you feel like it.