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  1. I keep hoping for Nora's return, and put the piles on these two girls. With Nora, both Jess and Karol, they seem to react.
  2. They must be waiting for the return of Nora, who left ... at least I have hope that she returns, and start up Jess and Karol.
  3. I have the impression that Jess is not at work ... very different from the attitude of Danaya and Irma. They are always willing to party. Irma has had to moisten ... since she has been fired to the bathroom and then to put on a compress.
  4. As we said a few months ago ... girls want you to earn a lot of bonuses ... let's make a big party come true.
  5. Because nobody has thought about going to the sofa? They would be much more comfortable ... than in those chairs
  6. Let him see if he is encouraged to give a little show. Jess already touched her tits a bit ...
  7. You misunderstand me, if you think I'm against it. It is not my business to judge. And I respect that this house exists. But this is still a business. The girls are paid because the customers want and want to enter that house. Keeping some people in a house, should not be cheap. You see, I never go in if they do good or bad, that's a matter of RLC. Whether or not maintaining a floor is worth it. I at most what I do, is to pay. They are normal girls, with normal friends. But it was just the original question. Is that enough, to keep an open house?
  8. In the corner above the branches, it would take a camera to have a 360º view of the girls. It would be spectacular that sensation
  9. They are the owners. I made the time to stop following the girls in RLC, because if they have visited visitors. I do not understand Russian, and it seems that the most interesting thing they do is their long and deep conversations. Therefore, a part of your potential audience, is gradually leaving to enter that dwelling. Back to the story of the caresses among the girls, I think it no longer serves to attract customers ... so I said before. I hope that the planes for this apartment, are good and give a solution to a problem that was stuck long ago,
  10. I do not have the truth (it's only an opinion I have, I do not say that, nor that opinion is of most people). Of course I do not say that anyone, neither this nor other houses. At least I would not be happy about that fact. I respect each and every one of those who like K & K, but I think it could improve. That's all I think.
  11. Ellos son los dueños. Yo hace el tiempo que deje de seguir las chicas en RLC, porque si han visitado visitas. Yo no entiendo ruso, y parece que lo más interesante que hacen, son sus largas y profundas conversaciones. Por lo tanto, una parte de su audiencia potencial, va dejando poco a poco de entrar en esa vivienda. Volver a la historia de las caricias entre las chicas, creo que ya no sirve para atraer a los clientes ... por lo que antes dijo. Espero que los aviones para este apartamento, sean buenos y den una solución a un problema que se atascó hace tiempo,
  12. I think the main problem of this apartment is that it is not defined as a couples apartment (boy / girl), nor as a girls apartment in which the parties and a little sensuality is complemented. I think in the beginning, the idea was that of a girls apartment (with Kami and Kristy as stars) and some friends who would take part in some party ... That in the beginning worked, but the problem is that the girls do not feel attraction between them (as it is very probable in 99% of the cases). In addition, they have met boys with whom they have begun to a greater or lesser extent, some Sentimental relationship. This has made the relationship between them from being something more physical to a deeper friendship (or that gives me the impression) - In addition, the work of each girl is taking them along very different paths. Maybe they are triumphing in their agencies, since the jobs seem to be fairly continuous. The house should take a new direction, I do not know what will be the decision that will take RLC. But I hope you get it right,