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  1. I'm sorry, but this is not that the cameras stop working ... this is a tease. This is my last month in RLC ..
  2. Do not misunderstand my words, nor do I think of anyone here. No one thought I thought that what you asked was crazy. You do well to ask or give an opinion. But there are things that can get closer to reality than others. And as they have argued, that idea that you have launched, does not seem to be the right one.
  3. It would be a possibility, but as you well argue, that possibility is not true.
  4. We do not know if Irma has a stable partner. Or at least I have not read it to anyone. What we do know is that she has a sugar potato in Turkey with which she stays when she leaves Barcelona. You just have to rummage through the newspaper library
  5. I think he meant the other time. When Irma and Danaya were in the club. Alex if he is a known boy in that club, but that is only a comment without more value, than a simple comment. On the other hand, if you go to this type of club, you know that the boys rarely use more than a pair of underwear, the towel and maybe if you are very fit you leave the shirt ... The women usually wear very sexy clothes, and almost always this clothes fits in the bag ... so, you do not need a very special wardrobe to go to the club. I've seen girls come into the club, very normal, and then find them at the bar and think ... "this beauty is the girl at the door?"
  6. Thank you for sharing with us what you saw, and thank you for trying to express in words those minutes. I know it's not easy.
  7. That just means that you, little by little, are understanding how RLC works. Every time you will be surprised of the things that are happening in Barcelona.
  8. Entering discussions about the house, it's good, that's what the forums are for, so that each one can express his point of view. To say what he likes, and to criticize what he does not like. The commercial or friendship relationship that the girls have with Alex, I do not think that is an important point, It is known that the girls have earned extra money with the visits of boys, the clearest case was Lima (and not only the conversation Which she had on the phone) but on the first visit of one of the boys, he repeated it a second time, had the little detail of giving money in front of the cameras. But for the new ones, there are a lot of cases, where without seeing things, you do not have to be a genius to see what rarer things have happened in RLC. Girls who get lost with boys the first night they meet ... "friends" to those who prepare parties ... But knowing where they come from this type of girls, we should not miss this kind of situation. We must not forget that RLC is a business. It is not an NGO. They do not come here to spend a sweet vacation paid by RLC to know Barcelona, but are here to make customers. As someone said, Barcelona is the claim, since the majority of RLC customers, it is not made premiun to see couples. And I think that's a great truth.
  9. Unfortunately, your last visit to the house ended as you are now observing. A girl who is most of the time in bed, without doing much, nothing more than watching the laptop, I guess videos and series. Or whatever she sees ... and with little communication with the other girls.
  10. Good afternoon, I see that they are still talking about Gina and her arrival with flowers at home and the conversations she has on the phone. Let's see if I can clarify anything ... The person he is talking to on the phone is a man (his voice has been heard on several occasions) although I suppose no one had any doubts about that. To say that she was very angry with that person, they even argued outside the cameras since Fina herself recognizes it by saying "do you want us to come back and talk about that?" He is very close to her, I think her partner (be it boyfriend, husband, or any other relationship she has). He is very jealous of her. I thought he might have been the one who gave her the flowers, but he asked her what time she had in Barcelona, and she replied "you know, it always works here." So then, it does not make sense for me to at least ask for time, if he were here. So that theory was discarded. The purchase of roses ... she arrived with 24 red roses ... it is a pretty expensive flower, and when you buy roses, you do not usually buy so many roses (unless you want to impress a woman) Because I say this, because they are quite invomodas to carry. Imagine that it is a rather bulky bouquet. On the other hand something that no one has commented, is how she returned home ... Can you imagine going with that big bouquet by bus or in the subway with him? I assure you that half of the flowers would come crushed (something that did not happen), so they would most likely accompany you to the house by car. You also talk about sex and if she cheats on you ... I will not go into moral appraisals, which is not the issue. He asked her if she had had sex in the house, and she was very angry she said "do you want us to talk about that subject again?" In fact he always said "No", clearly, until he asked for the other girls, and she replied "Well, you know that." I find it interesting to put it, because it reaffirms me that Gina and her partner (put the name you want) if they have talked about that subject. And he also did not ask about the flowers ... most of the guys, surely we would ask if you liked the flowers or any other questions related to the flowers. Maybe some of you have other information, I just put what I have heard, that really as they see is not much, but if interesting. If someone wants to contribute more information, I will be happy and interested in knowing. I hope it has helped them. Gina is a good girl, the only thing I hope is that she does not become another girl manipulated by a jealous couple that annoys the show.