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  1. I think you're right about this. I do not think Danaya leaves the house because the police showed up at the house. I think it's a decision made long ago (I'd even say she came in with a set date to leave the house).
  2. The police, I take the data of Marc, to put an administrative penalty (the typical fine). That's why the police asked him to accompany them (there were three policemen at the door) downstairs, where the police van was. With a warning that the next complaint, the fine could be of greater gravity.
  3. This afternoon, Marcos (or Marc) as her friend Olga called her (the girl he talked to on the phone and asked her to give him the floor) This is known, because he was talking to her hands-free and the whole conversation was heard. Another thing she has said is that on March 1st, Nicole will leave the house bound for Paris.
  4. This was a comment from him when I arrived last night, this morning, I have not seen RLC.
  5. The boy told Nicole, that yesterday he had done more than 300 km. Even he had traveled on the AVE (A type of train) So those bills were from him.
  6. Without wishing to be right, I think they are train tickets. If they are fixed it seems that in the ticket below, there is the RENFE logo and in the one at the top right of the ticket (left as we read) you can also see the logo of the railway company.
  7. More than talking, the police talk about a fine. For loud music at this time of night (so it seems not the first complaint they receive from the neighbors) and then by throwing a cigarette butt to the street (which was Nicole who threw it) With such bad luck that the police saw her throw her away. So to speak only, nothing. There was also a fine that went to the boy's name. And you say why the name of the boy? Because when the police asked who lived there, the boy said only Nicole and him.
  8. The infrared light, the human eye does not see. So the occupants of the cameras, do not know if that light exists or not. Just an example. When Angie turns off the light, her shade is not completely down, so it always comes street light. You can usually see a little of the room, in that clear-dark that remains, until the moment the camera goes into night vision, at that moment, the room changes and we begin to see (after a flash) the room as if Was in black and white (actually we only see the infrared emission provided by these lamps) Without them, as has happened several times, we see the room in the dark.
  9. What is it for you to say "ugly things"? I have read the last 20 pages, and I have not found any insult to anyone in the forum. Only disagreement of opinions. Moreover, they talk about things that the participants themselves have spoken in front of the cameras. So why are "ugly things"?
  10. Moral statements, attacks on participants, even people who fight for what? To the participants? Why defend the participants and what? Who gives us the right to become Robin Hood? You think people really care about your opinion? People are more adult than they seem to say here. This is a forum open to people who see RLC, and who think about houses and their occupants, unfortunately, there will always be people who do not think like us, and can say things, which we would not say, but that gives us the right to Become the police that say what you can say and not say? Entering a free forum, we assume that there will be things that we will not like to read. As for the people who want to direct directly to the participants ... because they do not open a specific thread for that? That is to say, if I were a big fan of Irma, and I wanted to tell you things (of course I have no interest in doing so), there would be a thread dedicated to Irma, calling it "For Irma con amor ...", to forgive this little mockery. Now seriously. Live your fantasies with the girls, and film the movies you want with them, but remember there will be other people who do not see that same movie as you.
  11. For me, that is the mistake of RLC, which left much of the hand, because the first time, the miraculous water finished almost well ... No one can say that it has images of anything illegal in that party ... But people are very uncaring, and they think that everything is permissible (more when you are in a country you do not know, and you have the youth just to make those mistakes) To think that RLC and other pages are not tracked by security agencies is to be innocent. Clari is, you can say, me as a customer, who gives me the most ... in fact, the only thing that I contribute, is our interest, not to lose our money.
  12. Tests did, that was the problem. But the problem, which I want to convey to people, is that it is not what we think, or what people think about the use of illegal drugs, but, that a judge, dictate that the page must close the broadcast from a Of the houses ... and they fuck us all ... or is that no one thinks?
  13. I have never denied that the girls come two and three times to the houses, but that they bring back the spectacle? When one offers a show, the good thing is to bring new ideas, no business, it becomes great repeating over and over again the same recipe.
  14. By the way, if I wanted to watch porn, I would not be here ... You can say the same thing?