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  1. I've never been in that area, so I have no idea how the house can be. but I do not imagine, so it seems that there is a basement, if the level of the bedrooms is below the level is the street. It's like having a second level, and as you can see, the Level 3 level, both the double room, is lower than the pool and a little lower than the living room and the level of Karol and the other girls, is even lower ,,, A third lower level? It would be under the Hall ... and without knowing, I repeat, I do not imagine what kind of windows it could have.
  2. The terrace? If I do not have bad information, this house, what would be the terrace, is at the height of the road. But I have no idea, I'll have to give me the coordinates of google, to see the outside of the house.
  3. It has always been difficult to move from one camera to another, as you say, because the loading time is infinite. If you have in mind, that when you have a camera, normally, it has micro stops, you are, that when you go from one plane to another, it can turn out that a girl, leave and enter a room, without you having been able to change the camera . LOL
  4. Maybe, I'm wrong, but I wonder where that elevator will go, because once, I've seen a sequence, where the guys get in the elevator, and do not leave in any of the two remaining floors ... I have passed the sequence of images, taking into account the time scale, and it is true, that you do not see the girls go out, so it is logical to think, that there must be another stop ... But I have not seen that fact, has been commented here ... For those interested, only keep in mind in successive times.
  5. I do not know what you mean, from what I understood, from the publication of RLC, the cameras will connect, when the good weather arrives. In fact, the only concealment is a curtain, which they have installed in the dining room, in one of the windows through which at the beginning, one could see one of the stairs, which they look outwards. And where one of the times, Nora entered the street, or two of the girls left (they left the house). Through that same window, you can see part of the garden, where the girls went out to have their pictures taken, and they also go out to smoke and as always, have privacy.
  6. I only echo things and comments. Also, I am reading, that one of the girls, has become ill or something has been wrong, because they have seen it out of the jacuzzi ...
  7. As I said before, take my words, as comments that are, not certainties. If I put it here, it is because I know, that you have enough information, so that I can give you a letter of truthfulness. I miss that comment a lot, that's why I echoed it. Thank you very much for your reply. You are very kind.
  8. Otro comentario, por lo menos extraño para mí. Kitty está en la casa de Anabel?
  9. In Anabel's house, a boy, he has given a kiss to the camera ... God, some lose their heads, when they take two more drinks.
  10. I wish, I was as positive as you and have the unbelievable hope that many of you show off. Truly, I admire your unbelievable faith.
  11. You are a genious. I in that, I have not been so fast, to capture, the best moments.
  12. You know, many times, I would say that in most of the times, what RLC proposes to entertain clients, and what they expect, is not usually the same.
  13. The club where they performed, is a pretty serious business, so I do not think they're bad Go-Go.