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  1. I do not know, because they did not tell me, I guess it's the girl you name. But I have been told, that she has packed the suitcase, she has even taken another from the laundry, which she had already prepared. Just ratify your words, it seems, it will not be long before there are significant new changes in B1.
  2. Paying to see, for quite some time, is not the interesting thing in Barcelona. What's more, I read, every day is a little worse. So, with that expectation, not only with your comments, but with that of many other people, RLC, you think people will pay again to enter those houses?
  3. That's not just Lola's attitude, many girls have learned the same thing. And she knows that I am a fan of Lola, but I firmly believe that RLC, should not consent to her return, like other participants, to the houses of Barcelona. If they want to pay for a second vacation, or want to have other jobs outside the house, a very tender thing, what they had to do is for these agencies to keep them. Never RLC customers.
  4. Actually, the story, of the locked cameras in a country, is a very old story, as much as I think it can be RLC. But I know firsthand, from an RLC screen image made in the city of Krasnoyar, and I can assure you, the source, is no deception. And I have my reasons, as far as I know, that city belongs to Russia. But as I always say, what company, would limit itself, when it comes to getting customers ... Russia, has a population, much more important than that of Spain, and as it says, there are no limitations in Spain and Russia yes? That does not make any commercial sense. That is only a hoax that was invented long ago, and that from time to time comes to light.
  5. People who do not study or work ... or in this case, women who have to attend to other interests away from home? The question, is not so much the number of hours that they spend outside the house, but you as a spectator, pay because these women that RLC brings to Barcelona to spend their "vacations" and to show their intimate lives in front of the cameras, as does the rest of people, whether couples or not. Perhaps it is that these girls, who spend more than 70% of their time or sleeping or out of the houses, while what could be interesting for the subscriber, is far from home.
  6. Thanks for the information, but even less understand, for example, the arrival of a folding bed, when the girl is about to leave the house.
  7. Thanks, nobody commented or I did not realize that comment.
  8. But have they taken it to the visible area of the camera, or have they put it behind? I say it, because as they have the habit of leaving or behind the camera, or the furthest from it, that's why I said it.
  9. lol... Perhaps, she has not seen or used a folding bed in her life ... she would be surprised, people who have watched the girls for quite some time, as some of them seem to ignore the use of household appliances, which for us, more natural. The use of the dishwasher for example in B1 last year was a real headache ... and it was not strange to see some of them, not to put detergent on it, not once, but several ... the kitchen electric was another real head, until they knew to turn it on ... or the tap of filtered water ... not knowing what it was for ... another curious thing, and that is more understandable, was the use of bidel, I know, which is not used in all countries.
  10. Maybe you can confirm it better, but tell me that three hours ago, no one saw any movement of Irina strange, that made her think she would leave this afternoon. Moreover, after mounting the bed, no one could imagine, that the next day, like the one who says, the girl was going to leave the house. That still intrigues the question. Maybe the one that the girl said no ... has anything to do with everything that is happening.
  11. Excuse me, it is my translator's problem, and perhaps, that words do not have the same meaning. In no case was my intention to contradict you. If so, I apologize publicly.
  12. Good afternoon. You talk about "we know", however, I've asked, nobody around me "knows" that the girls paid for that piece of furniture. Personally, I find it very strange that someone buys in this house, when up to nothing, even the juice squeezer, or water heaters, are paid for by the property. But it is only an opinion. This furniture is new, since "yes" that came packaged, the box and the wrapping bag was for hours at the entrance door and could be observed without problems from the camera 6. They were the girls themselves, with a little difficulty, those that set the structure of the bed. That it is clear, that I have nothing personal against this girl, the more girls, more possibilities to see show inside the house. But perhaps it is only my opinion, far from the truth.
  13. Should CC get rid of the RLC section?

    CC and others will continue to operate, whether or not there is RLC, in fact voyeur communities, are the most stable and durable. RLC like other adult pages can not live without specialized forums that advertise them within voyeur communities. It is indisputable that RLC, has been a reference to this day, but like everything in life, today you are up and tomorrow you are down. But it is also indisputable that more and more subscribers leave RLC to go to other web
  14. Should CC get rid of the RLC section?

    RLC has been living for a long time from the publicity that the participants in the forums and chats have done without RLC costing a dollar. With our best intention in sharing photos and videos, we encouraged other people to join RLC. This meant the entrance of much, much money. RLC, looked the other way, knowing that their pockets were filling up with a lot of money with hardly any advertising costs. But they have become greedy. They have treated as criminals those who have made more money, their own customers. Finally, they have gone through the forums and chats, by their administrators ... RLC, it may be that you currently have many followers, but it is also true that you have lost many viewers. And they will lose more. From my humble opinion CC, should start by not giving a special treatment to RLC, since RLC does not seem to know, but without forums and chats, it is a company doomed to close. But CC and other chats will still live, because CC customers are not hostages of RLC, in fact, it does not matter if it is RLC or VH or whatever it is called at that time. Those who participate in CC is because we communicate with each other. Therefore, CC, for me can start saying "bye RLC", and "Wellcome ..." to other pages that if they allow more freedom of participation
  15. HFB......Say what you want thread!!

    I'm sorry, that translators, not working properly, to translate my text from the Spanish to the English. I've always had this problem so I understand.