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  1. For those who say I never say anything nice about B1 ... Well, thanks, girls, I hope I'll say a little more than an hour of the show ...
  2. .At the moment, I think that more than 90% of the cameras, or more, are not free, but thanks to the different forums and chats I follow, I follow the activity of the houses. Even not being so aware of the cameras of one or two houses, you attend to a lot more things, than before, did not. That allows me to have a broader vision. But in my time as a CC member, I never took it into account, whether one was a RLC client or not. This is a forum of opinion, and each one gives his own. And they are all respectable. I understand his position, but I do not try to be ironic, in telling him, that there are people, who know more facts or events, than those who are shown in the cameras. And do not misunderstand me, spoke of those who have contact with the girls, or are very close to RLC.
  3. From my point of view, anyone can say something that they disagree with, because this is not just a forum for subscribers. Otherwise, they would ask for your membership card before letting you in. According to CC, this company has nothing to do with RLC, and I do not question it. That's why I say, your opinion is worth the same, at least here, that one who has been watching and paying RLC for 5 years.
  4. No idea, I was not in that, I was talking in another chat, when the news broke. Nor am I sure, I think, that they told me it was Polya, who told her to go out to Gina, but I speak by heart.
  5. Thanks for closing the case. It was already tiring to have to read and have to respond. P.S; Obervar, 200 hours, one person, I leave more than 8 full days, I think it speaks for itself. But let each one make his own conclusions.
  6. Well, it's in your right to say that you do not care. And it is correct 100% But surely if you ask a follower of Gina if he cares, surely he will not think like you. He would like to see Ginny, not her empty space in the house. But this I extend to all the followers of a girl ... whatever her name is.
  7. Yes, it seems that only an hour after waking ... Polya, already on the move ... and on the other hand, Gina, getting in and out almost everything is one.
  8. Unfortunately those who had any hope in this girl, it seems not, that the day is not over, I just see her with a party beast come out, can it be?
  9. Participo en un foro, y comento lo que sucede en RLC. ¿No lo entiendes? Los foros son para su revisión. ----------------------------------- Los foros están para opinar.
  10. After another night, and I've lost count of how many go, the protagonist of B1, known as Gina, offers to the subscribers of RLC, another 15 hours of absence ...
  11. Not in the most famous clubs, in fact, it was a fashion, which prevailed, to control the gauging of sites. You can try to get in, of course, but they will put all the problems of the munfo. What's more, depending on what kind of party, many times, not even pointing to a list, you have entry, since they tell you that it has been exhausted. Another issue is if you want to have a private table, then you will not have problems. Usually, young people, when leaving clubs is usually collected. The most outdated, and when the good weather comes they usually leave, by Maremagnum ... well I'm talking about a few years ago ... but near is the beach of Barceloneta, where many people like to go see the sun rise But I do not think they stay by the sea, I do not say these days, that almost time of the month of July, but a month ago, at that time, there was a pleasant time to walk around that area at that time .
  12. I do not know if you'll be right, that you might be right, but I do not understand that, when the same call can be made from the balcony, or from the two bathrooms, and we would still not hear your conversations ... But what's more, it does not make sense to me that people go up from the balcony to the laundry if you want to make that call. The bathroom on the ground floor is closer.