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  1. Good afternoon everyone. Fifteenth time, that Sofie and Naomi, are playing .., When will they fight the Rubicon?
  2. It is just a feeling, not nothing that is true, nor can I contrast.
  3. Call me a fool, but I think Rose, can leave us really soon.
  4. That seemed to me, but who takes the suitcases to the supermarket? LOL
  5. Thanks for the info. But it did not make sense to see the big and small suitcase one inside the other. I got the feeling, that she had picked these up from somewhere, but then it did not make sense to me, that she would take out even things that she has kept in the fridge ... Come on, it was a puzzle for me. I said, thank you very much.
  6. Both in Milan and in Barcelona, we have a large community of very young girls, trying to make their way in the world of fashion. But there are other places, such as Paris, London, Dubai, where I no longer speak of the extreme east, com china, and other places, where the occudental girls, and especially of the most Eastern Russia, who are also full of girls of Caucasian origin .
  7. It's time to eat, although we know that they do not eat more than a small bird. But in this hour, the girls usually leave the house, almost always.
  8. It's hard for me to make that idea, first, because Ami, she does not belong to GP anymore, and she's a long way off to control GP. Rather, it is focused on keeping B3, with his boy. As for GP, I think that the one that takes the contact with RLC, is without a doubt Rose, only my opinion of what I have seen. Instead, in B2, we have Sofie, as the true controller of what happens in the house, so she occupies the great room.
  9. Really Rose, is the girl, who unfortunately for us, has been the least favored by the caresses of her companions, or at least it is the feeling that I have. Except for Ami, and Belle's games, I think few have dedicated themselves to satisfying her.
  10. Everything seems to indicate that it is somebody known by Sofie, who will have come to Barcelona for some work. But there is no risk of her being anything else or Sofie, try something else with her, than a courtesy visit.
  11. Maybe, do not share it with me, but I do not understand, because Monica, does not invite Rose to be comfortable, at least as a courtesy, and in gratitude for her attentions received last night.
  12. Today makes a real dog day in Barcelona. Cold, rain, wind ... so as not to go out under the blankets all day.
  13. It could be, and it's just a guess, another of the many girls who come to Barcelona to do some modeling work, and who knows Sofie.