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  1. Maybe it's the same for you, but for me it's not the same. I personally do not behave the same, even if I have to go naked in front of a boy, that of a woman. For a boy to see me naked, he gives me just the same, but for a girl to see me naked, with all my faults, it's not the same ... I suppose you can understand that difference.
  2. If you feel disgusted to see two girls having sex, or just playing, you have a simple solution. Why do you look at these types of houses? I do not see the houses of the couples, not because they disgust me the spectacle that they propose to me, but simply, because I prefer to see another type of spectacle. So simply, I do not waste my time seeing something that I do not want to see. That does not mean I do not "never" see them at all, because in fact, I love women. Pêro'se that I prefer to see another type of entertainment.
  3. Good batch of asses in Barcelona, RLC offers at this time in the houses ...
  4. Of course that is a possibility, but as certain as many others. Although thinking about what role a guy has in a girl's house on vacation, it does not make much sense to me.
  5. I really hope it is the translation, the one that made me read some of the lyrics that distill, in my opinion, a "hatred" of the homosexuality of women, which in the first place, in these houses is not real, since it does not I know any girl who has gone through the houses of Barcelona, and be a lesbian ... and second, that you can mix, what is pure spectacle (this does not stop being an entertainment page for adults) and what is the reality of women who have their lives (some even have jobs outside the house). Speaking of "manipulative Lesbians", I think it is at the limit of good taste, with what is the gratuitous insult, which I hope, as I said before, I hope it is more of a problem for the translator. And you, like many others, should be honest with yourselves, and if you do not want to see lesbian shows, because they enter B2 or B4? Why do not you enjoy the rest of the houses? That makes me think, that there are many men who can not stand that two girls can have fun together without a male in between, I think that in their heads it makes them feel insecure. And I do not share it, this is still a show, nice, yes, I would even dare say, very nice, when it goes well. But it is still an entertainment, as anyone who pays a ticket to watch a little entertainment. If you are, man, you feel uncomfortable with watching shows of two girls, I strongly recommend you to change your home and forum, you will surely have a great time, enjoying another kind of show, in other of the many forums that exist in CC. Do not be bitter with something that, on the other hand, seems disgusting to you. So that there is no misunderstanding of the translation, I also put it in Spanish. Realmente espero que sea la traducción, la que me haya hecho leer algunas de las letras que destilan, en mí opinión, un "odio" a la homosexualidad de la mujer, que en primer lugar, en estas casas no es real, ya que no conozco a ninguna chica que haya pasado por las casas de Barcelona, y sea lesbiana... y segundo, que puedas mezclar, lo que es puro espectáculo (esto no deja de ser una página de entretenimiento para adultos) y lo que es la realidad de mujeres que tienen sus vidas (algunas tienen hasta trabajos fuera de la casa). Hablar de "Lesbianas manipuladoras", creo que está en el límite del buen gusto, con lo que es el insulto gratuito, cosa que espero, como antes dije, espero que sea más un problema del traductor. Y usted, como muchos otros, deberían ser honestos con ustedes mismos, y si no quieren ver espectáculos lesbicos, porque entran en B2 o en B4? Porque no disfrutan del resto de casas? Eso me hace pensar, que hay muchos hombres que no soportan que dos chicas se lo puedan pasar bien juntas sin un macho de por medio, creo que en sus cabezas les hace sentirse inseguros. Y no lo comparto, esto no deja de ser un espectáculo, bonito, si, incluso me atrevería ha decir, muy bonito, cuando sale bien. Pero no deja de ser un entretenimiento, como cualquiera que paga una entrada para ver un rato de entretenimiento. Si ustes, hombre, se siente incomodo con ver espectáculos de dos chicas, le recomiendo encarecidamente, que cambie de casa y de foro, seguro que usted lo pasará muy bien, gozando de otro tipo de espectáculo, en otros de los muchos foros que existen en CC. No se amargue con algo que por otra parte parece que a usted le repugna.
  6. Be one or the other or both. At least, up to this moment, it does not seem that we are going to see too much in that room.
  7. True or not, I hope you have a satisfactory solution for the clients.
  8. Although I have the impression, that like other girls, before her, it is not by her will, but by issues outside the house.
  9. I also thought that, but I thought I was the wrong one.
  10. In some moments, it seems that she and Adri, could get comfortable together. But as it happened tonight, when Adri came down with Darina, to have an "encounter" ... that leaves me a little out ... since in my opinion, it seems more natural, and I say, it's just my impression, that Adri and Serena made that show. That leads me to think that Darina has less qualms about doing certain things than Serena, maybe it will be harder for her to do.
  11. When these girls are new, it's normal, that these things happen.
  12. The cup looks great in front of the camera in the 3K house in the bathroom
  13. Sofie does not seem to be sleepy tonight. It does not stop spinning. And the girls in the main room (Malina and Ana), it seems that they are waiting for the others to finish for them to do something, or turn off the lights and sleep.
  14. It's just my impression. That is why I appeal to you who know more than me. THK