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  1. Sasha and Dasha, fake show? I guess the blow job and cum shot were fake too. How can you fake that? Amina and Nil have been fucking steady since B4, no biggie.
  2. All i've seen, so far, is 2 people wanting to fuck, but dragging it out. Seems they are keeping our attention pretty well. They got past the "fingertip" stage. (hips, lips,and fingertips). Ready for more.
  3. She does' I think. She is wearing more than she needs to bring.
  4. New girl Naomi

    Looking at Naomi's face, she looks just like a former tenant. I can't say who, but she looks familiar. Am I tripping or what?
  5. Why are Masha and Dasha treating Sasha that way? Gotta be torture for him. When Dasha was with Demid, she was dick happy, couldn't get enuf. Now she won't spread them. Does anybody think Sasha is ever gonna get some of her? I couldn't be that patient.
  6. I've seen more of the housekeeper, than the girls, at B4. Maybe they could sign her up as one of the girls. She looks pretty good from here. Maybe we've seen the last UM at B4 for awhile? At least we got a cam at the pool now. What I think is, they should move some of the cams inside the house, to our benefit. We're paying for it, after all.
  7. I'm getting the same thing as totodu76, Internal server error. I don't understand why it's happening. The 2 barcelona apartments have either been UM or this. All I've seen all day is the tub scene. This is really getting me pissed.
  8. Maybe Irma or Renata. I could enjoy that. Tell RLC to keep their fingers off the controls.
  9. Good point. Just because she got dick happy, don't make her bad folks. First one could't keep a boner. Neia had to suck it to get it up.Never saw where the cum went.
  10. She did, in her bed. I don't remember dates, but I watched it live and memorex.
  11. From that show, I went to Eva & Sam's for 3some to view it. Nothing short of excellent.I wish engineering had left the bedroom cams alone. When Dasha & Demid lived there, there were 4 cams trained on the bed. Now, there are 3.
  12. How long would you last? Honestly. Me, maybe 5mins. tops. lol
  13. About a month or 2 ago, I asked that very question . And to think, Luci was all up in that pussy of Bea's.
  14. I hope so. Wake up little boy.