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  1. Cams, I hope. The current layout really sucks.
  2. Misty - Part #2

    Here's another. Woman walks into a bar. She asked 5 men their dick length. Answers were 8", 6", 10", 9", 4"..................................off the floor ma'am.
  3. I'm all for bringing new girls in and see where their preferences lie. Irma and Stella are certified pussy lickers. When was the last time y'all saw anybody with a dick in B1 or B2?
  4. Right. Isn't it close to return of Irma and Stella?
  5. Or move Regina & Sher to B2 big room.
  6. That will work, also.The stars like him can definitely show these kids a thing or two.
  7. The Wrestling World

    I never even thought about Kane. Who's gonna resurface next? Maybe the Shield will invite Undertaker as guest at TLC? Do you subscribe to WWE Network?
  8. The Wrestling World

    And Smackdown is tonight. What you think about the return of Shield? Never thought it would happen.
  9. Did she get enuf wine for drunken orgy tonite?
  10. Hey man, thanks for the bogus info. RLC banned me again. "Premium members only" ain't safe from RLC.

    1. nack


      TBH .. I think you might have a few insiders here on CC that are premium members.Too bad that nothing can be done about it.

    2. ur10intung69


      It looks like I'll never post anything on here from RLC again. I do like my screenshots Hot 'n Nasty. Hell, it looks like I won't be able to view RLC ever again. Thanks.

  11. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess we'll have to find somebody who is allowed, by RLC, to record this.
  12. Yana & Ricky - Chat Comments & Quotes

    The blonde visiting sure does look familiar. Could she be from B1? She surely resembles Renata.
  13. I don't know about Regina, but Sher did.
  14. Are you sure you don't mean Lola? It seems to me, for several years, when she was living at B1 and B2, SHE has to have the largest bed, and room. Why? Why not give the other girls a shot at living large. All I've EVER seen her do in there is lay around with spread legs. Interaction between other girls, She has to be the center of attention, hogs the guys, and a verified fuck buster. Just sayin'...........................................