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  1. I can do that if you wanna watch and pay my subscription.
  2. All I saw, it seems, is a lot of dick teasing, no real fucking. I guess the only one there that knows what to do with a man, is Nicole.
  3. Hey man, if that trike is for real, where you find it. I want one.

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    2. StnCld316


      My current one I have which was the first picture I have had it for 9 Years and it no longer works. The Batteries still charge but it has no power to the Console to turn it on. I have replaced the fuses and checked it for broken wires and couldn't see any. It will cost more to fix the thing than what it's worth.  I have a Therapist coming to see me on the 19th of June and the second Picture shown will be the one I'm going to tell them to get if it's possible and in the Catalogue I pick my Model from. If it's not in the Catalogue then I'll just have to go with what they have. Mine is a Heavy Duty Scooter and can carry up to almost 500 Pounds.  I'm also on a Disability Pension so the cost is all covered through the Disability Office.

    3. ur10intung69


      That's a good thing, man. Mine is a 3-wheeler Golden companion. 4 years old, runs great. Got it from VA. Price was definitely right, $0.

    4. StnCld316


      When I got mine I was told they replace them every 5 years. Then when it came 5 years I was told they only change them now only if they are no longer operable. It took about 2 Months just to get a call from a Therapist to set up an Appointment to come and see me to assess my needs for a new one.  I'm glad I am finally looked after. Those Taxi Fares are quite costly if used a lot.

  4. She did very well, I think. Now, if we can just get her out of her panties.
  5. I agree fully. I was banned from RLC on 4/20. I feel that we should have 1 warning, and continue. I guess they are not worried about the subscription money we paid.
  6. Whenever it was, It was before the head and side board was installed.
  7. Mike, I can understand copyright infringement. What I don't understand is how some people post lots of pics&vids and never get banned. My 1st, I'm banned. Like you said, you live and learn. Thanks for the enlightenment.
  8. Thanks to me posting the wrestling with the B2 girls, I've been banned, and can't watch anything but free areas. From what I've been able to see (blurred), I'm missing a HELL of a sexual week. Thanks to all who gave me reps for that post. Now to my request. Does anybody have pics and/or vids from any activity this week that they are willing to share, either by PM or my personal email? I would treasure it, and never post it.
  9. No. It is Belle spreading her legs, with Angelina on the left, and Rosemary on the right.
  10. Thanks bud. I'm pretty well screwed then. I had to ask though.
  11. I see them now. They really go into great detail to bust somebody. I guess they have plenty of subscribers, so their loss of $44.95 + $30.00 for replay, don't matter to them. Looks like I'll save $75.00 per month. I suppose there is no chance to re-subscribe in the future.
  12. Since I'm banned from RLC yesterday, would somebody kindly PM to me, pics and/or vids from what goes down tonight?
  13. Evidently this is why I was banned from RLC. Beside the girls, do you see any evidence of this being from RLC?
  14. Thanks. Funny, how do they know it wasn't from another site?