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  1. I wish someone would get the laundry out of the drier. The buzzer is killing me I was in hopes it was the door bell.
  2. why the hell would Lorraine feel the need to go into a restroom while the shower is going to say goodbye to Radi and Claire? No other reason than to break their stride and F up the show.
  3. wow great climax Radi. Those Fuck me eyes after are amazing. Then, back to it right away for #2 orgasm is a great task..
  4. is that the crazy blonde from last week??
  5. maybe someday Radi will experiment with some deep double finger insertion to explore the G spot. However the finger stimulation this time is always a fan favorite. Love it Radi just love it. Whatever feels best for you please continue doing it... its great to see you enjoy your body.
  6. Is RLC running a re-run of this bate session. Seems to me we have seen this episode before.
  7. Is RLC messed up for others right now? I am just getting the dreaded 3 white dots
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