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  1. Looks like Lorraine has a bit of sex rash on her hip. Hairy ass must have got rough on her the other night?
  2. Piper has got quite the little temper on her..........Piper is pissed about something.
  3. I believe the wrap is a post treatment recommendation to allow the scar tissue and muscles to form around the shape the wrap has them encompassed within.
  4. I pay worse $400/hr for an escort. So $400 for the whole year I believe I will be satisfied over time.
  5. could you imagine Piper, Taylor and Holly together? wow that would be a great show.
  6. Watched for it 3 times and I could not detect she relieved her self in the bath water. Care to have an exact timestamp on this happening?
  7. why am I watching this train wreck of stupid showgirl shit?
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