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  1. maybe Gina is only fucking Curly so Ulyana cant have him?
  2. I was watching the replay: I found it kind of interesting about Ulyana's preferences; The night Cesear was trying to work her up to orgasm she suggested she did not like getting fingered. However, Ulyana allowed Babi to ram 2-3 fingers in consistently without any hesitation. Just an interesting note.
  3. thank you, Downloaded premium (paid) and it works fine.
  4. Is that Puffin Premium or the free Puffin app?
  5. Thank you for your insight. If anyone else of you tec savvy people could steer me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. I use to use puffin but they discontinued about a year ago.
  6. can anyone else figure out how to view on a mobile device i.e. Iphone? I am using Photon Flash player and also tried Microsoft Edge. I keep getting the same error saying I need to install flash player. I was using Photon for the last few months but the last two days it says its blocked?
  7. actually I believe he had to come back and get his bag to get it refilled with Green materials.
  8. Trying to remember Milena................If I can not remember her it must not be good? Do nothing girl?
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