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  1. I renewed the month on trust, there is feeling in the house
  2. Megan..i remember this name but is negative or positive?!?
  3. promises another boring month ... I hope to contradict me.
  4. now it takes an old girl to be the leader in the Barcelona hotel
  5. Adri was the only one who could really animate the house, I would have preferred it to remain for a long time
  6. Adriana is packing up a lot of things ....
  7. beent85

    Jasmin & Jim General Topic #1

    I wonder if they will visit the tenants of the other apartments?
  8. if cats enter when they are away, it will surely be less boring
  9. do any of these boring girls have to leave?
  10. beent85


    they are restoring the whole facade of the building at our expense...