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  1. thank you and all those who finance this project
  2. I wondered the same thing, had left the house or took a few days off?
  3. I hope in some veteran, of those that like me! Beatrice, Irma, Rossmery, Nica, Renata...
  4. new departures or usual boredom?
  5. Has anyone noticed the animal / insect running on the left side of Megan's bed?
  6. I hope some old tenant to come to give support currently rlc is a blatant boredom
  7. more useless than an ice cube at the south pole, let's have a holiday for them
  8. it's big and requires a lot of maintenance, now it's been visible for a few moments but it's back um
  9. new camera?, new girl? Nora says...
  10. it would take the old group those of the famous night or otherwise something similar, the apartments in Barcelona have become boring everyone