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  1. because he wanted you to say that the girl ordered from george to show love for him, so she was kissing him all night but he was keeping ignoring her ,showing that having sex with her in front of cams not his first target , so we logically will say he became a good guy and she in deep love with him she accepted everything and will accept what will he isfeeding her later whatever is it ,good plan,another point serena not for alan , she returned for gissele and loiuse remember that .george changed his plans and choose friendly and cute serena to deal with the girls, girls play will not harm their feelings, then party !! good luck to you all.
  2. sorry ash , if i am bothering you , i wasn't intended to write in it again but ,some of cc subs tried to make the girl returning and accepting alcohol the proof that she was accepting what happened and what will happen, if they haven't any thing to do ,why they trying to support the rapist story while every thing telling different one?! telling the truth and refusing the abusing behavior at least will prevent them from doing it again, he tried to do it again but he failed !! so i forced to return to say what they will not talk about in the last visit ! i think i didn‘t repeat.sorry again i just wanted to assure them nothing will die.
  3. let it die ?! truth never die . why you want it to die if you are right and can proof that my claims was flase or lies ?! You are very funny , you think her returning and drinking again proofs that what we had watched was ok ,she refused the last shot George trying to give to her while she has already her big glass of driffrent drink in her hand (in the same moment he didn't give alan his drink after her refusal )!!! i will not remind you that, there are rape cases the victim didn't clearly remember what exactly happened !! she know she had sex but how and with who?!!! sure you will not see that , she refused to let George undress her by opening her bra and grappling her pants down she raised her pants and close her bra again , but he tried again when she want to sleep he took her pants off (why he has to do everything she didn‘t ask for ?) !! sure you will not see either when she became shy putting her hand on her breast and moving with the blanket around her waist after she had realized what they are aiming to after he tried to undress her ,is there who will post pics for that ?! nooooooo you talked about it only when you thought that her retutning ,means she was acceptable for everything happened and everything will happen before that silence, so i returned to congratulate your tongue returning back. her returning didn’t proof she wasn't drunk when she had sex with strangers in front of cams while , but proofed that when she is awake sh refused to let it happen again , maybe you can say she refused because she isn’t in the mood to have sex , is that means she is only in the mode to have sex with strangers when she is not aware !!! That what you are saying!!! returning after many apologies and may be pleas and soft and handsm deceiving face ,excuses that he was drunk too, promising her that will not happen again he will not let anyone hurt her because he is loving her very much (love is blind) , then after two weeks (15_30) inviting her to alan‘s reminding her that Alan is the good guy refused to participate in the orgy on her ,why not returning to place she has funny and games time there with the cute baby face alan ?!! in the morning the girl was talking to george very nice and cuddling him but he ignored her all the time , no sex in vhtv means frowning face and ignorance as a punishmentو that is the second time he did that obviously after A failed attempt the first was in her first visit what make her crying in the bed room, i remember that jules said he was saying to her to to stay playing games with them or go to leave alone ,may he was honest in this statement but he will not say what he said before give her two choices to stay or leave alone as a incorporeal punishment, blackmailing in the name of love . You know girls will forgive by a little love pleas words when they fallen on love with a betrayal person can be very nice and kind to reach his aims. let it die? nothing will die because you are the witness on it . maybe ignoring it but you can‘t forgot it . The question , George didn’t trying to push or force her to undress because she is awake and can refuse ,or he cant do things will proof our claims as you said ? whatever the reason . 4 visitis to vhtv three of them,no sex ,no fully undressed in front of cams only onetime she being undressed by them had orgy sex by them when she was drunk !!! who will post the pics or short video when georeg opend her bra any trying to pull her pants down but she returning them back? (none). i know he will keep trying to recruiting her to vhtv that makes the rape party the first attempt of the breaking in the girl inhibitions, so vhtv will not do any thing against the manger if he will make more money for them but i think vhtv will not be happy to involve their business in sex trafficking case (sure i will not explain to you the sex trafficking known tactics to deceiving girls by many ways as love play ) call me ,what you like , it doesnt matter for me and will not change the truth ,no arguments you can easily ignore what i wrote as you are ignoring the truth and searching for any causes to to change it .
  4. sorry spark if anyone will blame you because my comment , anyway i wanted to write this comment yesterday, but i was busy , yes they named the abused girl waiting her to be a part from next abusing parties ,she visited vhtv for the forth time and refused to have sex because she is awake and they considered her returning is approval to what happened to her the last time and they were waiting to repeat it and excuse what will happened again by saying she accepted three shots willingly from george (if she get drunk again it was her fault) ,why george keep giving her alcohol if that not fine for her ?! ( i will not talking about why he was giving her only not alan too) you will tell about her refusing the forth drink george tried to give her in the same time she has full glass of another drink in front of her and the disappointment look on his face!! any one will tell about that, nooooo,what about ? when george tried to undress her but she refused by raising her pants again and close her bra after he opening it,or after he success in take her pants off while she was slightly refusing , when she wants to sleep, and being shy to go around semi naked and take the blanket around her waist in every move , i will not talk about the uncomfortable expression on her face after George tried to undress her because you refusing to admit the clear truth your eyes were watching ,sure you will not reading any feelings accept what you want to read ,woow she was smiling and cuddling George that means she loves him , many girls fall in love with vile , that is blackmailing in the name of love ,did you think if she fall in love with the manger who is acting on her that means she deserve to be raped ?!she visited vhtv four times three of them she refused to have sex , never fully undressed because she was awake in this three times , only one time they unaddressed her and had sex with ,why? she was drunk , you rushed to write about her return as a proof against what you called claims !! but what happened later was very disappointed for you so none of you talked about it ,what do you think George said to her ?! sorry baby i was drunk too , i promise you that will not happen again , you know i love you so i cant let anyone hurt you , we will not got jules and sina again , we will visit the funny and cute alan ,the good guy you know him , she cant refuse , she want to be with her love !! i remember that jules said she was crying in her first visit to alan because george said to her keep playing games or go home in the cap by your self her objections mean ignoring , do what i said or go alone !!! dont think if he succeeded to has sex with her in the future in vhtv that means they are Innocents, after many attempts she will be weak and ready to accept her fate asking for her the false lover satisfaction but nothing will not erase what happened in the past and will proof that this girl refused then abused and blackmailed and deceived to be in vhtv against her free will, if they did what we were watching live on the cams, what they did before getting in front of cams ?!!!!! i told vhtv you will protect the manger who will take you down .and will not ask them again because any complain will be responded by Prepared lies , sure you can call me insane , or whatever you want till everything i‘m talking about be reality,who will say welcome back to me ?! sorry , after your celebration for the girl return i had to come back to celebrate with you the forth visit for the abused girl . for who was angry about opening the talking about it again saying let it die ? nothing will die , why you want it die if you are sure that every thing was ok !!!
  5. i want to remember you even sina who taking the role of dominant woman now on new drunk girl , in her first days in vhtv have sex step by step with nina , no one grab her from her sleeping and drunk state to have sex with stranger man and woman if we considered George the victim boyfriend !, may be the aggressive treatment for a new girl doing orgy in her very first time having sex in front of cams turned on some of you who wants more from this shit ,that may make sense ,why you are denying the truth. i have to remember you too that i wasn't the only one who had talked about it ,and you are surprising me, that you are talking about the the suffering the girl had but in another topic,but here yo talking to me as if i‘m insane or impostor !! you can ignoring me or call me what you want but you can‘t escape the truth you all had watched when you think or remember it with yourself . thank you everyone, i really was happy sharing you every moment here before that very sad day, i will not bother you any more , i will leave to let you enjoying your time and will not return till making the rapist pay .talking is useless now , good by .
  6. me, may be after what i had watched here that day , excuse me this was the first time for me watching unconsensual sex.
  7. the pic taken from a video all of you had watched , i didn't made it my self ,so i don't need to explain any direction she was looking , you watched it, so i can ask you without the pic , where she was looking at ? do you think she was searching the ceiling for ghosts ?!
  8. jules ,why are you checking on my profile every day ?! i think if you can‘t find what you searched for the first day you cant found it the second day .
  9. every time they approaching the girl to have sex with her by garbing her from her sleeping state on the couch was normal ?! many hands attacking her and in seconds after she barely talked to george a few words he ignored her while they were intended to do what they were planned she became between three having sex ,slapped and chocked without any will , someone can say she was responding to them ,just let any one you cant struggle with him forcing you waking you from your sleep to ask you to do something to let you go !! you will do anything to make the nightmare end !!! i cant open the video to take shots from it , it make me sick , you watched it if i‘m telling lies you can object to force me open the video and show you it again !!
  10. sorry for everybody if i‘m causing you any troubles , you can ask me to leave just say it Explicitly (not for you rapist )to let you have your peace and pleasure wishing to you no compunction if some thing worst than what you hating to talk about will happen in the future in front of your eyes !! but i will not shut it down .justice may delayed but Will be realized and i will work on it .
  11. welcome jab, sure you are free to take that side , i will ask you a question you can response it or ignore and i will not ask or reply on you to make it argument,i didn't need any of it , i‘m not trying to forcing you in it but you are a girl like her ?! everything was normal and i‘m telling lies or imagining false visions !!
  12. you want to block me for telling the truth that you hate to hear about, you think when i asking for Justice for the girl, for pleasure without forcing and hurting others i am making it a personal case or revenge( if i understand it right) ? , its not my problem i remembered you about the same situation happened from girls you had sex with as you told us !! i meant what i saw with my eyes i didn't know you or any person to have any personal problem ?! when amy3 and others talked about zak was personal ?! if any body will talk or complain about any thing not right or dangerous you will call it personal ?! i swear i feel really sad for her , didn't saw incident like that before!! . look at all my posts and replays before this day i like jokes and humor and communicate with you as a friends have something mutual , i tried to erase that day from my memory and wished it didn't happen but every time i trying to convince my self with another vision i find new actions and looks in her eyes tells fear ,confusion and real fully drunk state !!! what is very surprising really for me why in another case you hated that and stand against it , is as i told its george‘s power ?! do you think the same girl will return and have orgy with the same aggressive people and acts on her but without being in drunk state ?! i don't expecting you to tell the truth my question in general for all . i heared sound saying she have exams , no man if she is awake she will not remember any exams to cry about trust me , again If this day did not happen , and i have a personal problem with someone i don't know as you trying to take my words to another aim what can i say and why i didn't say any thing in other days ?! the last week i wrote comment worrying about sina being sad and nervous hurting her self ,that is my personal problem i care about others and most of cc subs is caring too i watched most of you before refusing violence and rape (sex with drunk ). thanks man to let me know that is the truth is hurting, so some who is hating it want to shut it down .
  13. you flipped the pic to show another vision isn't there , my pic from the original video without any editing to show the truth , you have to make the girl a wake when they had sex with her to say everything was okay , can you do that , show us please !!! please please don't be like them that make every thing here turning to black , i was very happy to have friends here concerned about the tenant not only want to use them for their pleasure. if yo didnt watch the video i can show and the others for what she was looking confused !!
  14. bank account, you are very funny ,she was confused from the cams in the bed room,all her actions proof that . bank account and crying to remember her exams , what else funny lies ?!
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