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  1. like a stars is she..!!
     she have a soul of the moon ..!!
    flying with heart of butterfly ..!!
    to a mid of horizon..!!!
    no impossible on her way..!!!
     fly under of sun eyes..!!
     in one dance, she's can captivate,
     the eyes of the world ..!!
    and all world can it hearing her....!!
    no there any something can stopping her..!!
    never,no any thing can stand,
    in the way of her ..!
    Even fear can't do that ..!
    Except if the fear within herself .. !!
    Every woman can dance on her style,
    As dance is a characteristic in each woman..!!
    just dance,oh my little girl..!!
    And the stars will watch you ... !!
    Cupid is stay with you..!!
    he will surround you with an aura of love..!!
    Even when you crying, 
    there's no a place for to an defeat in your heart..!!
    oh for this girl,she may was defeated the impossible..!!
    just by one dance..!! 
    deserve an crown for she's ballerina..!!
     isn't it, each woman inside her is ballerina..!!
    Signature:ooopel{ :heart:for every woman on this Planet :heart: }

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