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  1. ipiratemedia

    Clara & Stas (2019) Part #1

    Hey Clara, I missed you so much. I missed your sizzling touch. I missed your embrace. What a funny face.
  2. ipiratemedia

    Clara & Stas (2019) Part #1

    STATS EXPLORING "THE DARK-SIDE OF THE MOON." AWESOME SHOOT! Clara's perfect ass has no face, but I'm sure Stats knows how it taste. It's all flesh; except for that little hole, it's a personality, not a troll. Sometimes even the person doesn't know what their ass is going to show. "Behind every woman is a man, trying to do her doggy style." Joey 😛
  3. ipiratemedia

    Clara & Stas (2019) Part #1

    Good question Zoifan>> I had no idea, until @squish post.
  4. ipiratemedia

    Clara & Stas (2019) Part #1

    Good day to you Clara, Your personality is what makes you sexy, always! I fear no man who has practiced 10,000 kicks. But I fear the woman who has practiced one kick 10,000 times...You both are true warriors. Joey
  5. ipiratemedia


    In this room filled with many posts, you are the only masterpiece I can't stop staring at. Thank you Ooopel, you always seem to touch my heart as much as @Amy3 with your wonderful words. We rise, by lifting others. Joey
  6. SHORT VIDEO - CAREFUL - A LOT OF FLASHING! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rWJxGdqYO6F8yJs0OmdTygqNVorwDA_R/view?usp=sharing
  7. ipiratemedia

    Staged Voyeur & Exhibitionist General - Part #7

    " BOND Joey 0069." I do have Videos of her from Hawaii. I'm sure I can locate them on my external HD...
  8. ipiratemedia

    Clara & Stas (2019) Part #1

    If you are wise, you will let the tears flow as freely and as often as they must. Some people will never understand how much we love our pets. But that's OK, our pets know...There was nothing left to do today but hold you close and help you on your way. Be still, my little cat, be well, be free. I know you're somewhere new and loving me. Her favorite chair is empty now, where she would lie and sleep. But the memories of Musi happy times is always yours to keep. I feel for you both; I lost my little Charlie (duchound) last year. I'm down to my Cat, who I love deeply. Who else can you yell at with the look of anger and receive no response, my Cat?
  9. ipiratemedia

    Staged Voyeur & Exhibitionist General - Part #7

    Lol. Where are you locating these pictures...I see you have a picture of my good friend Olga... The one on the right! She's a beautiful good person, but NOT educated. I'm sorry to say...I know, who cares if she's giving up the pussy. I need someone to stimulate my mind first.
  10. ipiratemedia

    Staged Voyeur & Exhibitionist General - Part #7

  11. ipiratemedia

    Clara & Stas (2019) Part #1

    Yes, they do! Take only the best from this beautiful year, And you’ll finally see The real happiness, my dear. May your whole life Be a permanent holiday! May the road of ongoing light Pave you a wonderful way! Joey New Year...
  12. ipiratemedia

    New Years Resolutions

    Yes! That's why our motto is "The Few - The Proud - The Marines." Over a hundred man stood on those yellow foot-prints at 0300 AM - Only 48 of us graduated. This is NOT during the draft. The new Corp! (no difference) Better bunks! I too grabbed my nephew the same way your father, did you. I don't know why I did it, or I know, till this day, my nephew fears me. Something I'm not proud of. I still have my bad days when I witness a man's abuse of a Women, Child, or Animals.
  13. ipiratemedia

    New Years Resolutions

    YOU DON'T WANT TO CLEAN YOUR ROOM!!!! Lol, your dad must have kicked your butt, if your room was a mess. Staff Sergent Clark, Howard, Gardner. The last Drill Instructor, (we were not allowed to address them by DI ) was a black man...Your dad was old Corp. The new Corp has set rules which are never followed behind closed doors. Your father is a feared man among fellow Marines, and respected for what he needed to accomplish - "DEATH BEFORE DISHONORED." Semper Fi! Joey
  14. ipiratemedia

    New Apartment Topics