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  1. Thank you sir! Not only it’s Veterans Day, it would have been my Mother’s birthday. Yesterday, was the USMC birthday. A lot to celebrate. Thanks for thinking of the Vets.
  2. True., I say, Yankees or Dodgers.
  3. I have always enjoyed reading your [email protected] I am a die-hard Yankees fan, so you must know how I now feel. In all my years of meeting professional athletes, I can now say, my friend, Dave Martinez, is a "WSC" Manager. He's parents Lilian and' Ernesto AKA Lefty. The twin brothers, Eric and Ernest, who also had careers in the minor league level. Sister Miley. They are going to hold a get together in Ocala, Florida. I am going to bust his balls by wearing a Yankees cap. I hope Cole signs with N.Y. Yankees
  4. I to never cared for Religion @Robwin. Religion is a man searching for a God; Christianity is God searching for a man. I HATE RELIGION JB - Google Drive DRIVE.GOOGLE.COM What if I told you Jesus came to abolish religion? What if I told you voting Republican really wasn't His mission? What if I told you Republican doesn't automatically mean Christian And just because you call some people blind doesn't automatically give you vision? I mean, if religion is so great, why has it started so many wars? Why does it build huge churches but fails to feed the poor? Tells single moms God doesn't love them if they've ever had a divorce But in the Old Testament, God actually calls religious people whores Religion might preach grace, but another thing they practice Tend to ridicule God's people; they did it to John the Baptist They can't fix their problems, and so they just mask it Not realizing religion's like spraying perfume on a casket See, the problem with religion is it never gets to the core It's just behavior modification, like a long list of chores Like, "Let's dress up the outside, make it look nice and neat" But it's funny that's what they used to do to mummies while the corpse rots underneath Now I ain't judging; I'm just saying, quit putting on a fake look ‘Cause there's a problem if people only know you're a Christian by your Facebook I mean, in every other aspect of life, you know that logic's unworthy It's like saying you play for the Lakers just because you bought a jersey See, this was me too, but no one seemed to be on to me Acting like a church kid while addicted to pornography See, on Sunday I'd go to church, but Saturday getting faded Acting if I was simply created to just have sex and get wasted See, I spent my whole life building this facade of neatness But now that I know Jesus, I boast in my weakness. Because if grace is water, then the Church should be an ocean It's not a museum for good people—it's a hospital for the broken Which means I don't have to hide my failure; I don't have to hide my sin Because it doesn't depend on me; it depends on Him See, because when I was God's enemy and certainly not a fan He looked down and said, "I want that man." Which is why Jesus hated religion, and for it He called them fools Don't you see so much better than just following some rules Now let me clarify—I love the Church, I love the Bible, and yes, I believe in sin But if Jesus came to your church, would they actually let Him in? See, remember He was called a glutton and a drunkard by religious men But the Son of God never supports self-righteousness—not now, not then Now back to the point—one thing is vital to mention How Jesus and religion are on opposite spectrums See, one's the work of God, but one's a man-made invention See, one is the cure, but the other's the infection See, because religion says "do"; Jesus says "done" Religion says "slave"; Jesus says "son" Religion puts you in bondage, while Jesus sets you free Religion makes you blind, but Jesus makes you see And that's why religion and Jesus are two different clans Religion is man searching for God; Christianity is God searching for man Which is why salvation is freely mine, and forgiveness is my own Not based on my merits, but Jesus' obedience alone Because He took the crown of thorns, and the blood dripped down His face He took what we all deserved—I guess that's why you call it grace And while being murdered, He yelled, "Father, forgive them; they know not what they do." Because when He was dangling on that cross, He was thinking of you And He absorbed all your sin, and He buried it in the tomb Which is why I'm kneeling at the cross, saying, "Come on, there's room" So for religion—no, I hate it; in fact I literally resent it Because when Jesus said, "It is finished," I believe He meant it. ("JB")
  5. Because you're either an idiot or what @maxfactor posted, spitting out excretion about my President. Do you talk behind your friend's backs? (makes one wonder) I genuinely HATE Politicians, and Trump is NOT your typical Politician. Trump has the Biggest Balls than any President or Politicians, on this planet, (I can't leave out Churchill he too had Balls) and the world knows this to be a FACT! As a Marine, I'll take a bullet for my President and any other President, because it's our duty. Trump doesn't bend for anyone. And that is the reason many like myself, appreciate what's he's has accomplished. I know many liberals, and two of them are my best friends. Liberals make good movies and television shows. Their idealism has been an inspiration for me and many others. Many liberals are smart. (today not many obviously.) But they are not as smart, or as persuasive, as they think like you. And Trump hater's don't seem to realize they're causing problems and is going to get President Trump re-elected. Right now, Putin is up your ass and RLC. And that's a fucking fact. I'm sure you are aware, there's more to life than sitting in front of a Computer, drooling. Places to meet Women, like the Library and Museums. The Opera house, and my favorite, The Ballet (because of the tights) Oh, I left one out -Super-Markets great place to chat with the hotties) Attention shoppers, "Sex on the Beach" on ile 7 - Open your eyes and look around you, everything created came from God, Not Satan. Satan runs this world. I believe they call it Good VS Evil - Faith is what produces the seed of knowledge if you care to know the truth or wonder.
  6. What crappie record on Climate Change are you referring to, Sir? I mean, Al the SCUMBAG Gore, in 2006 the man who claimed the Coast would disappear and Co2 and temperatures would be like "In the House of the Rising Sun," is a bunch of Crap! We are still waiting. Hello - Hello - "Is anybody in there." "Gross backing of the racist state of Israel." IMO, you're the Racist? The Jews are arrogant people; nevertheless, their God's chosen. God deals with his people. I'll leave it at that. "Trump the Fuhrer." What was "Obama" Satan? President Trump has done more for America than any other President. The working Americans are back. The poverty rate for African Americans has "reached its lowest rate ever," and for Hispanics, it "has reached an all-time low." No one is perfect in this world of division and hate. "When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you." (Winston Churchill) The Liberals want the world, to throw out our kindness, and to bury our love. "The far left, wants us to practice aggression and perfect antagonism." The Liberals aim is to divide us all!
  7. Talking to ourselves is entirely within the norm Amy. They also say, " People who talk to themselves aren't crazy, They're actually geniuses." I whisper words to the delight of a particular shy-one. As if she was present, chatting for many reasons, out loud. Maybe she's experiencing a depended emotion, like anger, nervousness, extreme focus, even excitement. "If we speak out loud, it forces us to slow down our thoughts and process them differently because we engage the language centers of our brain." The Internet is always connected. lol
  8. Don't matter. I delete most of my stuff. Now, if CC wants to be generous and pay for our Post, there would be a few participants. I guess.
  9. A little bit of Soul Mix ISTRIPPER JB - Google Drive DRIVE.GOOGLE.COM
  10. We are a nature of habit. If we disagreed with the ideas or opinions expressed in a comment, should the appropriate feedback be to downvote it, therefore lowering its visibility in the discussion? We assumed that only a small minority of people would hold this view, but we are wrong. It's also possible that people downvote a comment they disagree with because they assume their vote does not affect the comment's position in the discussion. I mainly downvote with two criteria in mind: is it offensive language, and no, I don't just mean swearing. I mean is the writer "fucking" trying to put down someone else for little to no reason in an offensive way and is it nonsense (nothing to do with either the topic at hand.) The Chapter or a direct reply to someone commenting on a section. When their argument is either factually wrong, illogical, a regurgitated talking pt showing no understanding of the real facts, a blanket generalization, or omits a well known material fact that undermines their argument. Occasionally, a comment I disagree with.
  11. Once again, I have proven to be worthy to my faithful followers on my Sports Forums. When LeMahieu hit the ball for a HR and tied the game. I knew we (NY YANKEES FANS) were in trouble, and sure enough, José Altuve knows what he does best, hits a walk-off HR. Good Luck Harley, this time, you'll be playing against an acquaintance of mind, Dave Martinez.The head coach for the Washington Nationals. His mother is close friends with my close friend's mother. I spoke with him about his career as a professional ballplayer at the time with the Chicago Cubs double AA...Now I have to read @ashleyxyz post, when her Philadelphia Eagles crush the Dallas Cowboys.
  12. Wow," Beautiful, Gorgeous, etc. You all got good taste.
  13. How can people talk about a Project that we cannot even wrap our minds around? Except if we are participants. Leora's friends sense their souls are very closely connected. We know that the connection is above time and space. She knows that wherever they are in her life, they will always remain friends. Even if they do not see each other for years to come, they can pick up right where they left off. I couldn't find the right words, nothing seemed to rhyme. When I think of you. To write something for you. Stay in touch!
  14. Good post on both sides. Amy, I enjoy how you and others think. I agree it's been a while for me; if I don't see it on CC Homepage, I wouldn't know who's left standing other than RLC. I've grown close to a few, like you and others we do PM or Social Media. I don't care to watch "reruns."
  15. A month is all Jessica needed. She'll be back, if they give her a new venue.
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