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  1. Well, well, I'll make my first statement, like the Nobel Prizes. Dears, a subscribers-the tenants - and non-subscribers or ( a freeloader's) (I'm one of them and i will always keep up ") We were and are still exploiting or (freeloader's)the owner of this planet and we still enjoy the benefits for free " i have three parts of my statement that i will abbreviate in the following form: Acknowledgments: To the management and forum of (CC & VHTV) and especially to my dear friend @jabbath1987♠️ for this kind generosity♥️ that i have seen to chosen me to win 1st place in rewards,it's greatly appreciated by me. Thank you very much "♥️♥️ A positive gesture: To my friend @Rhdem who gave's me the advice to participate in the contest that "it was a possible it will be him in the first place !!, but he preferred me and to also thank him very much for that advice,and many thanks to being a good friend ..👍 word of admiration and appreciation: There is someone who deserves this reward more than me,because i learned of his way of generosity from her in Once she had gave his reward of new year week(2018) to someone else .. I learned from that person and I will always stay. "I learn from her ... so i give to @Amy3💕 my rewards, and i hope that she will accept them (but if she refuses and this is what my evil heart wants), that is fine. There is no fielding for the rejection, Dear Take my prize that's be as Beautiful as you generosity Initiative before here , it's all of them yours and you have the right to doing of it as you like and wherever you want.. you'r the landlord now..▶️▶️ thanks to all my friends ..please everyone feel free if doesn't want Applause..✌️👌
  2. oh hello Amy , you mean some people whose be always stuck in the roof of forum..
  3. oh you some people here , is did i say hello here?!! if i did not . i will do in future..
  4. i think some people become have a bad hobbies like me in writing a long comments..
  5. if there a beautiful emoji i want to kept to myself .. it will be this emojis..
  6. ooopel

    Maria & Mari

    certainly haven't mind if i watch who's will win the million, russian edition..and learn some russian words ..
  7. ooopel

    Maria & Mari

    Is there somebody complaining here, where went all that love for Leila's?!! .. And to answer you she has no friend right now, so for that's, she act like this way,and maybe we need Freddy here to get encourage for her ..
  8. hello sweetie Ash, Oh true authorized this is why .. the Bear were very enjoyed "spoils, and now he have a many opportunity to enjoy more..
  9. the bear still smile .. i wondering why for it smiling ..!!?
  10. ooopel

    Maria & Mari

    the guest girl left out..my guess she is a friend of leila's..!!
  11. ooopel

    Maria & Mari

    she isn't Mari . dear and you have opportunity to name her before i do ..
  12. ooopel

    Maria & Mari

    the guest girl .tites. oh..so cute..
  13. ooopel

    Maria & Mari

    no she isn't, maybe Mari is left the app or she found a work in another city.. i didn't see her much lately
  14. ooopel

    Maria & Mari

    When girls gather, they talk like this way..
  15. ooopel

    Maria & Mari

    they have a Guest girl with leila's..!!?