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  1. Oh i can see yo Ridge,the gun law is the problem,because it gives anyone who has a criminal thoughts to solved any problem he has!By gun or weapon,no matter how it's simple that problem,it's with the weapon law. Imagine if the cats had a weapons,at then you Can't be wonder( as right this moment)😇 and will know why all rats if has extinction from centuries🥺
  2. Ohhha, each woman have her way to make her guy responds, i'm old fasion i still does some softey sounds like cat when i get horny .. 😋☺️☺️
  3. What name Amy is mean ?

    as the paradise with blue sky... 

    as the spirits flying without wings... 

    as the birds when fall in love... 

    As the candle when light up from afar... 

    What's do you mean ? 

    Oh look, or just listen, the light speaken, 
    With us in our language... 
    And both us we can write, 
    by letters of dawn, 
    At Any time on page of morning... 
    Even words of love it's travel via ages from Beach of our hearts... 
    Even we both can write on page of shadows... 
    And  if you one day goes to the moon,
    You will see story written there by ink of our hearts... 
    Amy and me, 
    the ones who has teached of the moon,

    language of the love... 

    And both us,
    who made the stars speaks... 

    Signature:💞🌹🦋 twin of hearts 🦋🌹💞

    1. Tiffanys


      Amy3 will always be the ❤️❤️❤️ of CamCaps. Sadly, her heart was betrayed and broken. 

    2. ooopel


      Oh i can see 💔💔

    3. Tiffanys


      Sorry, I'm marked for death again I'm sure. Love you. Always! 💖

  4. Oh my sweetheart, no someone have all that handfull of friends and gonna to chose no posting any more (totally as you)❤️ !That no longer available option to me anymore. Even if i gonna to breacks some rules i guess my dear @StnCld316 not gonna to bann me or Even block me from posting because it's to simply his keyborad and heart will not obey him on that and will not respond to his command😋☺️. Oh Please dearly just care about your self so much, because me and others are really needs to that strong Ash herself as we knows her.wish yo get so well so soon and back to us With your full energy and
  5. Oh hello dearly Ash,i know Adele's always says what really my heart or any woman heart wanna to say! As read what all feels my heart! Anyway, wish yo (sweetie) is fine. and every thing is going okay and well with you! Bird of happiness be with you always🌹❤️💜
  6. Oh i'm fine and okay my dear Dave, i wish all things is being fine and okay also, with you my dear! But I have no doubt there are many like this gibbon have the same Sounds😋 plus they are has full membership here also😋
  7. Oh, hey!babymonkey just hold on! what this Sound excately? 😋
  8. Ummm,every creature has right to free speech😋😋
  9. By myself... 
    Always will be there.... 
    On same place.... 
    By side me, letters to your, 
    And to my heart... 
    Oh,sitt on near by stars... 
    On same place... 
    wish if you seen same that Promise... 
    Written it, by glossy words ..
    On there, ALWAYS, 
    i will waiting for you...
    Oh and always By side stars, 
    YOU will finds me...
    Oh, i sings with tendon my feelings...

    Signature :💖🌹ooopel🌹💖

  10. Oh when i look around on me,i find many things maybe, it's the same between my own life and Adele,we both got out from deep of an constant sorrow.We had get out from lots Waves of despair and frustration,to into the light of hope plus candel of love.Don't know but have that feelings, maybe we both had lived on trials of same own tragedy, and maybe in one day, the end of my live will be so tragedtacl or more daram or maybe not! Uh Who knows?Maybe in that way the fate would likes to write last line on my story.At that time last thing i would love to do is listening to song of Adele's🌹❤️❤️
  11. In someday light of stars will take me there..
    Will write on page of moon by letters of light my story... 
    There where.the peace eternal... 
    and singing of birds... 
    There where my story written with, all moments of Love, 

    And all moments of tears...

    In some day i met you there..
    At when someday is come, 
    the stars will called me again over there..

    Signature:🌹🦋ooopel 🦋🌹

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