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  1. ooopel

    VHTV music

    oh, i listened to that song for 100 times, since Romeo posted it, thank you Romeo for that song👍it make me have a beautiful feelings,feel like would give kiss to every one for free just today !! goodbye all yaa ♥️ it was only one hope..!! in a summer night ..!!! in that time the sun shone in the night.. you was you yes, oh nope ..!!! the shadow told me about you more and more..!! the cloud is saying a beautiful thing, was told me how it ordered rain to responds you..!! and the little bird was told me also, since of that time still are sing to you..!! still that hope will staying, as long as i dream to you in a summer night ..!! Signature:ooopel
  2. ooopel

    Molly & Jeff

    oh if i a want to be more fatness , i would love to follow of these habits of eats, burger and pizza make the guy's run away with no hint no cry, no sorry for miserable if they are try..!!
  3. ooopel

    Molly & Jeff

    oh, dearly,hope you getting a fully health, since of now, my heart will stay wishing on a best wishes to you,as you know, you are so dearly on my heart.. no more eat fast food you girl !! lazy ass need massage !! ♥️
  4. ooopel

    Molly & Jeff

    oh,vacation!! for you, it's strange, definitely something weird happened on this planet when i were absented,kidding with you Romeo!!have fun, and just enjoy as much as you can ,since of now i miss you, ooopel is a very fine my dear friend J.a.b.b.a.t.h... still the same person which make my heart beats♥️ heard from a f a r, it's neighing of your heart♥️ which hearing on always from the s t a r s...♥️
  5. ooopel

    Molly & Jeff

    oh my god, from where you are come Romeo .?.!! oh i forget you are the priest and you have magic stick like gandalf. Hi there before i forget ...
  6. ooopel

    Molly & Jeff

    oh lilllyeeeeee , everything going to better and best with me . how is every thing going with you my dearly?!! !!hope everything's any thing is fine with you .. and become like a diamond heart you have ..
  7. ooopel

    Molly & Jeff

  8. i wonder did if i deserve you..!!
    you gave my heart everything..!!
    wonder if my heart deserving,
    one like you..!!
    all those moments never gone ..!!
    all a joy moments those..!!
    all of anger moments,
    even all of cry and tears moments,
    even the sad moments,doesn't gone..!
    a cruel my heart,was unfair with you..!!
    was wanting you stay for him forever..!!
    And your weak heart chose to leaving.!!
    you are gone forever..!!
    my heart, stilled doesn't realize that!!
    wondering,a beau heart as like you..!!
    did is a deserved ?!!
    a selfish heart as like me ..!!
     Signature:ooopel {♥️to my beloved♥️}

  9. ooopel

    Molly & Jeff

    ironic!! i hate you my dearly ash please use a common words,you make translator got a tired to finding meaning of this word!! don't believe me, i love you..
  10. ooopel

    VHTV music

    oh,my beau love, there is end of my trip ,will be in that road, to met all my a dear people..dad and mom,and met with that heart always which been loved me.if i have a right of chosen, i never choose better than that,my path filled up by light, accompany me with many by lots of a whispers of love, i will go up on this way to met stars ,nothing gonna stop me again,i know this day come a soon!!,and there my last station for my heart, there will arriving to land of love and eternity peace.,oh no come on, my tears, no time for that,if i have right to chose last wish i wish to give you endless of happiness,always you read my heart ,so you can read this too 🍂🍂 for you my lovely ..
  11. ooopel

    Molly & Jeff

    oh,yeah, Amy please get a life, not just do painting Nails,if Amy doesn't have a life, whose is does have!!, Amy = mean the life my friend!!
  12. ooopel

    VHTV music

    oh before i go, i believe in the says is saying, if two hearts is gathered in love and suffering, it will be never separating till infinity..
  13. oh, lets the evil thoughts are crossing in his road,don't touch it, young lady!!..
  14. ooopel

    VHTV music

    noone loved me,like you did ..!! never one can kissing me, like you..!! like a rose made me i feel..!! her fragrance are scattering on all world..!! oh,my baby, those smell of that words still are ringing on my heart bell..!! still the candle is dance on my dance..!! the butterfly is envying me, for i fell in love you, till now it feel jealous of me..!! that love doesn't never forgetting ..!! oh my belove,no one can love me, as you did ..!! Signature :ooopel{♥️ to someone♥️ }
  15. ooopel

    VHTV music

    For someone in a far place ,you are not alone,some hearts still with you .. You're not alone ..!! Not anymore .. !! If your heart is with me .. !! And my heart is beside you .. !! So, the whole universe with us .. !! We will not miss anyone .. !! You're not alone ..!! As long as i hears singing your whispers. !! as long as you hear the singing of my heart .. !! We are not alone .. !! Stars are enjoy in our talks .. !! And the moon smiles all the time .. !! It protects us and enlightens our path .. !! You're not alone ..!! Love has become our friend.! and the rain responde to prayers of our love lonely, no,not anymore ..!! You are not alone .. our happiness in our hands and joy will continue to accompany us .. !! Signature : ooopel