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  1. Am a woman at the peak of the world...!!
    far away from any human fantasy...!!
    from me the all creation is begun...!!
    because of my existence, 
    the humanity heart it still beat on...!!
    even the sun has created for only women...!!
    it shining only for there are women..!!
    even the moonlight lighten sky just only for women...!!
    through of women, humanity can recognize the flowers or the roses,
    or even the clouds or seen the rains...!!
    even the stars have started light up at night, just because there are women...!!
    because of women the dawn wake up every day..!!
    because of the woman, the Poets keeps going on at writing...!!
    because of the women, all of Artistes keeps going on in drawing and singing...!! 
    with no women, believe or not believe,
    the men can not feel with any passion or proudly...!!
    Oha, the women who this creation is begun...!!
    if there any great thing,on this planet, 
    certainly will be we the women...!!
    so, no there any wondering,
    Oee, if there a woman at the peak of this world...!!

    Signature:ooopel (♥→o←♥)❤️ to all women's ❤️(♥→o←♥)

    1. ipiratemedia


      I love the Video @ooopel! Do you know about adding Transition, Effects, Behaviors? All PC have the program, and they're not bad at all — only a suggestion from a Big Fan. 
      Because of a woman, you bring a smile to a face of despair. Arouse my way of thinking. To witness talent and words of "a Woman whose creation has begun." "if there any critical things on this planet, certainly will be we the women named OOOPEL. 01.gif.fcd63889e21bbdeb8d61a1108bf2a68c.gif


  2. oh yeah it's to you ..Ya someone in far where..❤️❤️
  3. oh!❤️ it always be love message for someone which in far place at there it from that land..❤️

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ooopel


       oh! who no! of course!i'm not asleep, is that you @ipiratemedia? was it long time didn't see you around here! long time = more than day less than months.. could you just keep coming to me! you know how much i miss that words of you...here their those words has a big Garden of flowers in my heart..!plus to,don't feel embarrassed at anytime you can ask me question of anything as you want as long as you want..for you,no border and no barriers!and for your question i had to used the editing software as you known since over months now, just to make a final touch to the pictures and to adding up and mix music! most of my work i make it in adobe Photoshop.. it's magic program make me feel like as the same feeling when i reading your words! i fly of joy oh You Joey.🌹:heart:

    3. Amy3


      Mi amor! Always, the beauty of life with you. Always the delicate romance and the gentle touch. The warmth, the smile, it always captivates me. You're a dream that only a fantasy could dream up. ❤️❤️❤️

    4. ooopel


      Oh hi beats of my heart, i hope no there any someone after that will asks me why adored me of someone! if say i have no reason else only those words, oh my dear! those words written of waves of love and on light of feelings...

      L:heart:ve ❤️u❤️ always❤️

  4. oh really ! poor policeman maybe he was hold of his dismissal paper! that guess! so, need to protect himself even from a Rat baby! at end no someone can predicting what goes on in the Brain of a Rat baby.. 😏
  5. oh i envy her ! i wish i had that flexible body even if just to one day!😋
  6. oh ! in these days you can't figure out who is the king of the forest!😋
  7. poor someone his face says to her don't ever think for doing the same.!😋
  8. oh ! hard to guess! who has been more fear between them !😋
  9. i will be always there is waiting for you for another visit with that another plane..good night and sweet dreams darling @Amy3💋❤️ ❤️
  10. Oyee! every things is okay from the top to bottom with the mid of them my butt is okay too , it never used except only for someone in far place..
  11. oh Wait! where you going! the bed doesn't not run away! and i'm deserve a few more time as a sweetheart to someone..❤️🙅‍♀️
  12. oh my! that what happens when let kittens play alone!😋
  13. oh ! hello there ! my dear hope someone know!you are really live into that butterfly heart forever .. ❤️You are her guardian angel at anywhere.❤️
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