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  1. ooopel

    VHTV music

    ohaa,i have liquid moody!! i feel like a cat!me woo!
  2. ooopel

    VHTV music

    Oy hey you!! no touching,no harassing !!i have claws,even in your dream!! you can't getting of me!! that's clear,now we can go !! Come on .. !! i am waiting for you ..!! Make me dance ..! take me to high!! up or down, on you..!! thirsty my body, to that fire, for that desire ..!! Come on, bite me .. Or you can kiss me ..!! i will be for you as you like!!so do your duty as i like..!! Oh,my moody is wet !!i can't wait more for a little guest !! oh love !! be quicker!!i'm are waiting for you..!! Signature:ooopel{}
  3. ooopel


    indeed, can't judges about which has better voice!! there is one reason of that i can't recognize the squirrels tongue even manually!!!yep that's so embarrassing!!master of squirrels!!
  4. ooopel


    oh, shut the front door!!if all squirrels sing like this squirrel!! late Elvis and other singers!! for sure they don't can didn't finds a work to do!!
  5. ooopel

    VHTV music

    Lv❤️u too!!
  6. goodbye the lady of black dress!she is always wearing an black cloths but she has a white heart!! VHtv, stay in the rabbit hole forever without any pity from me .!!
  7. ooopel

    VHTV music

    oh, wow so wonderful ,oh goddess, that's man not an ordinary man.!!it's like angel when he's talk ,look it at his eyes, and to the words when the flow from his lips,he is so courageous!! even if seems as an old,ohaa,to that my heart can feel of the aura that surrounds him!! my dear Amy!!though it was one year of a wonderful times that passed between us !! And i still find that you have a heart in every corner of it,that has an piece of beauty!!
  8. ooopel

    VHTV music

    Like a vision .. !! Like a dream .. !! Pass in my life .. !! With you everywhere i will be .. !! i hear you in every day.. !! from who sing for me,it's that you.. sound of you coming of the horizon .. !! Even if you are among the stars .. !! Someday I'll be with you Everywhere..!! even if people aren't believes me..! you are not a dream or an vision.!! .you are my angel, was and still be with me in every where..!! Signature:ooopel {✨❤️to ❤️someone❤️✨}
  9. Nack!! oh dear indo Punjabi! too bad me and worst and anything you would to say you can say to me,maybe i didn't completely wake up !!
  10. ooopel

    What is the best voyeur cam site of 2018?

    ohaa,too melt,a kiss in morning !!you make the guys are feeling jealous!!💋
  11. ooopel

    What is the best voyeur cam site of 2018?

    but all the 19 is not like one Amy! if just imagine it's like the wide space without sun or stars or moon !! without that Amy a users in CC are fading an easy and too soon!!
  12. poor a real a Punjabi, he runs away!! why do this guys! i wished to measure his mustache before he leaves!!
  13. ooopel

    Paisley & Cletus

    without have a dirty mind, children no comes in this world..!! without a naughty fantasy Da Vinci can't painted to Mona Lisa..!! Without temptation, a spinning, whining and sighing and tasting, Without those candy with the honey, There is will no goal for this life .. !! Without that voice who coming from the peak it as it's aha. in Russian tongue it turns into to Da plus Da the men's can't stand erecting !! in goals of this life huh and huh !! will be they sitting as Wasps, without Hammers,not have any inputs, they are at seconds they are extinct,yeah and yeah .. !! Without all women's and me and ash the boat of men's will be sink in this ocean of this world!! Signature :ooopel
  14. ooopel

    Bonnie & Clyde

    not all heart .. as Amy heart..!! Not among hearts,like your heart..!! like a gem ones as saying to me..!! you better than me to that degree..!! among sky of passion, your heart is fly willingly free ..!! the real gem if as Romeo has say me..!! Romeo is honest the real gem is you..!! and Romeo be honest!! Amy is better than me!! oh,to that limit yes,to that degrees..!! Signature:ooopel{ special gift to you both }
  15. ooopel

    Bonnie & Clyde

    i have a nice mood,and i guess the poem is coming in the road!!