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  1. ooopel

    VHTV music

    oh my dear ,always i grab to your hand and hold on your heart ,not at any time i thinking to take my hand off of yours in all this road we will be together...always.💋.
  2. ooopel

    VHTV music

    oh,hello my sweet dear,for 9 hours this a kiss was wait for me how much a lucky Lady in red am..💋
  3. ooopel


    oh, poor girl she was puff up and puff up.. till was disappeared !!
  4. Romeo you so evil,what's going on ?!! are you a specialist on red days of VHTV girls now! so,are you could be a gentle and bring to them more of diapers! they becoming so sensitive and feel (nervous) moody !ask the expert in that side! don't know about Ira, but for more careful, try to hide the broom because she's maybe fly by it, i tried to do the same in the previous! by the way, hello the priest..
  5. ooopel

    VHTV music

    oh Wow! that lady in red 💃🏻she's luckiest and the happiest woman on this planet right now,in that case,i feel very too jealous from her..
  6. ooopel

    VHTV music

    Oyee, but with who?!! that's the question mark, made it so difficult to answer it, i know D A R L I N G..!!
  7. ooopel

    VHTV music

    oh yeah, my ❤️ for you .. I'm ready for love I'm ready for you I'm standing right here I'm waiting for you I'm waiting for you You're running away, far from my life I need you to save me n be by my side I'm ready to love I tried to let go, I feel this straight from my heart I'm ready to be, the woman for you You standing right near me, made this moment so true I'm still chasing my dreams, releasing my tears Forever to hold you, forever to love you You'll be crying for me You'll be crying for me You'll be crying for me You'll be crying for me You'll be crying for me You'll be crying for me You'll be crying for me You'll be crying for me You'll be crying for me In the end you'll find your own way home..
  8. ooopel

    VHTV music

    Oh, only take me there .. to wherever your heart is there ..!! any place your heart will be on it, or wherever your heart will be, my heart will considered it home..! Ohaa,just take me there with you ..!! wherever was my heart , it will be with you..!! Signature:ooopel
  9. no by chance we met..!! 
    the hand of fate has planned to us ..! 
    oh dear, you have to know ..!!
     in your heart,  
    found my heart  was sitting..!!
     and in my heart you will sit forever ..!!
    even if at some day,
     if i were falling..!!
    i know is your hand already,will holding on me..
    Signature:ooopel {:heart: to my dear Dracula  :heart:}

    1. Amy3


      Happy Valentine’s Day ooopel! ❤️❤️❤️💋

    2. ooopel


       Oyee,i'm wish also your all life is be like Valentine’s Day and get to sharing with dearest ones you have.. L❤️v 💋u..

  10. ooopel

    Delete my Account

    oh, actually i have not any worry of that side! i have too scary from a little squirrel and the Mice, these two creature's make me panic til death, why you don't do like me at listening to birds only..
  11. ooopel

    VHTV music

    oh,for my dear @Amy3, which who in somehow made the moon listen to him,there no doubt about that the moon loves him, and (......) too..
  12. ooopel

    Delete my Account

    just in case,don't think to do the same !! oh the the little bird was told me you think of it..
  13. ooopel

    VHTV music

    oh my gosh, you catches me!! are you talking about my heart there is nothing out imagination on him, it's an normal heart! but you is the one who unnormally! you have heart filled of treasure of words which shining like an sun! you have some thing always glitter better than my style and you have an images best than which i have, and you have those words that flow like the river! Whenever you taste it you will still feel a thirsty and drinks more as like a wine in night winter those words that are filled up from in flowers of sensations which be escort with the butterflies in every day and it are dancing on her melody in each moment, my think and let me say the love it's the key, that love make me and make an special person like you Joey flying by wings of words in all sky and get a chance speak to stars,did the love really do that?!!i believe yeah it can and my proof is your words it always giving me that feeling,may be you is stunning my heart in every time i read some of your words,and in end thank you dear Joey for make me lives in joy in a short moments..