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  1. The time has come, it is time with the advent of spring, to leave..!!
    It is time, to start - from a new to my feelings, it is time to remove the rubble of sadness of my life
    It's a time for rediscovering my heart
    and rediscovering my friends
    So, i pulling or withdraw quietly..!!
    , And it's time to flying back into the sky with my wings
    And it's time to spread my aromatic of my words in space..
    It's time to experience love from flowers to me and it is time for the birds' to longing in my songs..
    It's time to take a long rest, also, to Remove all feelings of anger and sorrow and put them in his basket of forgetfulness..
    It is time to keep those moments and beautiful memories hanging in my memory like waves of light Every time to stay forever. i was have the honor of knowing some of you on too close, and some of friends I was happy with them so, someone said that's for once time and i remember here and quote (one of you told me: each one of us adds his unique experience to the forum) those was a wise words from someone..!!
    So i hope to added something special for of you that remains as a anniversary to all of you, my
    friends .. .. !!
    finally hope for all of you on the occasion of spring to be loved and that spring comes to all of you always with constant happiness..!!
    With my peace and greetings from the depths of my heart to all of you..

  2. Just a wink ..!!
    The men will fall,
    In a wink ..!!
    the message,
    of every woman,
    the beginning of history..!!
    start of the storm..!!
    the rains of love,
    will be continue .!!
    Just a blink..!!
    And the hearts of men,
    You will spen,
    about, your temple..!!
    We are the women,
    We have good talents,
    in Catching Men..!!

  3. Maria & Mari

    at love ..!! it's my school..!! My words wrote. by Ink of candles..!! by the sound of Butterflies..!! letters of my angels, Flying in sky, at of My heart, is without limits..!! since ever..!! how lover i am??!! Spring flowers, My kingdom..!! The fragrance of roses, My smell..!! if There is love ?!! Will always be "my home..!! Signature:ooopel
  4. Maria & Mari

    Today there, is a summit of glory .. !! I arrived there .. !! I saw the stars .. !! talked with me, as much about you " Maria, the stars loves you2 .. !! As the moon, Record himself, in love with you .. !! The moon said, to me he have promise, to dance, with you2 Forever .. !! Signature: ooopel (Gift to Maria & Mari)
  5. Maria & Mari

    ok can see tv , really i don't mind at all , even with nobody in their app
  6. Maria & Mari

    she read our comments
  7. Maria & Mari

    sure you mean encourge her, hope she can read and following of our comments and of course she know what need to do to bring the flashes to her especially with these hard competition here, so the theatre in front of her, hope always she make All that is required to perform as the old days and i ready to guarantee her follow up constant and continuous as the previous..
  8. Maria & Mari

    "Exhibitionist" I do not know, but what passes me and conveys at first sight a good feeling, this I can say. Posted March 14, 2017 I am observing now that the "husband" (?) Begins to rehearse movements. I think that the "dance of peace" on the part of Alina (which I love and miss) can also resume. And I think "Kitty" for resourcefulness also makes this line. Again good forebodings here. Sorry, all Just a nostalgia for my first posts and printing (expected for her when she joined the site. When I still identified her with Kitty and not as officially, Maria later Oh, record my confession these for the first time in your archive of you , (Dear Bear), i have affected my nostalgia and longing for those moments, in that distinctive moments i was started follow them,was even without turning my eyes, i have dropped my heart from the moon to her. I'm sure one thing that she was in those days was the star attracts his followers (sorry for that expression) (and like bears to coming for tasting honey) with her in that days i recorded my eyes and my words ,and in the light of my heart every movements that she did it, i enjoyed with even silent when even i followed her was asleep.so, Let me mention this one who loves in a permanent way as my way of calling it like Casanova,i think i became for Maria like as Casanova. so isn't weird in these great moments she have entered the record of honor on my own occasions..
  9. Maria & Mari

    dear bear ,Who has like Maria will not give up ,it Is a card a winner always? Just to if she use of all its possibilities that will ignite the fire in the hearts of men and will reach flames of her to the stars and the moon,and for sure to all the galaxies
  10. Maria & Mari

    i totally agree not less not more , actually Maria she still have the old spirit of first app as you mentioned to Eugene& alina,she got all of my applause and appreciation before 2 nights..
  11. Leora & Paul - Pictures (2018)

    so ,Mr pillow and her panties got to a price more than paul's dick lol
  12. The additional question of who chose from?. We or tenants, if the main answer is we,and so we are who so we can change or decide to watch or not as you go to the restaurant,the meals prepared previously that for sure,then you who choose to eat or not eat, permission right choice of more than 70 % return to us..
  13. Aha, the objective or purpose( from the game?) means foreplay only at first and then goes things wherever you go, still interesting lol ,guys you have a strange games
  14. dear, thx for info, really very exciting games Lol
  15. what the mean of this movement in playing?!!, sorry i never been played that game before, can anyone explain to me