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  1. Uh! i just want run away from you! maybe could finds my heart again!😪💔
  2. you will never see old ooopel again ! you do well done to damage her heart and soul and her peaceful life and all her Beliefs about their something good in the men's! you make her not believe anything at anymore in this world! what you will see it just a more of hate and a desire of black revenge!oh i really miss you my angel in the sky ! when can you take me!😢🦋❤️❤️
  3. oh Romeo ! who's the one woke up you ! and who is talking about issue of twitter ! we talking about something else go back one page and you will understand !by the way! hello and good morning my dear friend!🙋‍♀️nice to see has you no re-active the ignore button!😋
  4. Uh ! there no more tears i cried a lot of them at past time!will never see me a weakness again !and sure you will never ever seen my tears ! if i will cry i will do that lonely! love you Sia so much !..💔💔
  5. P.S:if i asks you about south don't tell me about north! you should learns how to deal with women's from now to forever! ya Mr Dracula !our blood never going to death anymore...😈
  6. oh ! no sympathy will come of me!just keeps told yourself that until to believe it! cursed! Amy! by the way!the dear Jabbath isn't has any connected with this! it's my war now and my revenge!anyway! who's that Wisdom Man who said "a revenge is a dish best when it being cold" it's best wisdom ever ..😈
  7. Uh!i'm not say anything to you! you just injured me a lot! maybe one day my heart can giving you a mercy! but not now and not this time!
  8. you should do! what coming next will make you wish stay in the bottom of hell!😈
  9. oh ! you tell me my dear Robwin ! my idea goes to under his pants lol😋 that's my pleasure to see you and chat with you my dear friend !🙋‍♀️
  10. oh really can't believe it ! is this what just you concern about ?! nothing less nothing more! true ?!😔
  11. oh !thank goddess! the little bird still do visit me always ! 😈
  12. what kind of secret stuff! ok then my dear Robwin! so! let me guess! a second Beth or another Amy !😈
  13. be careful ..
    am not like any other woman ..!!
    if i loved, will love forever..!!
    if i given you my heart so mean to
    oh my beloved,But 
    just be careful...!!
    not to be a deception of my heart..!!
    or to be you that a "traitor" heart..!!
    this is a red line please don't cross it..!! 
    Do not make my heart a victim..!!
    like as a many of hearts were victims of your heart..!!
    no play with my heart,
    and no plays that game with my feelings..!!
    because,my love to you still is white..!!
    And still lights of my feelings,
    to you still is white ..!!
    no make her turn to,
    the black feelings..!! 
    and to a black heart..!!
    at then,you will sink into the black hate..!!
    And i will wrapped around you by all my the black clouds..!!
    My revenge will be fast like the lightning..!!
    no there for you way to escape..!!
    you will go toward to your a black fate..!!
    And your traitorous heart will be screamed from a bottom of dark..!! 
    fire of my hatred will burning up all your soul..!!
    You will never ever seen happiness..!!
    oh,so just take care my darling,
     for not to be you that a "traitor" heart ..!!
    oh you,just be careful ..!!

    Signature:ooopel 🖤😈 to the betrayed heart😈🖤

    1. Amy3


      For what it's worth, in my life, I may have betrayed everyone I know and I know full well that my word means nothing, but if there is a truth, that is beyond my grasp to shred, to my knowledge, I have never betrayed you ooopel. I won't deny your feelings because they are born of something that I did or failed to do, but know this, I always loved you and I never expected anything from you. Nothing has changed for me and it never will. I'll wait for you in the ethereal. ❤️❤️❤️




  14. without doubt! their audience and of all VHtv audience also are sat on their chairs like this!😋
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