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  1. i will stay i sing and dance as long as the flowers and butterflies and sun are speaks with me.❤️:heart:❤️

    1. ipiratemedia


      💜Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness and still become something beautiful. Like a garden, It blooms much fairer When carefully tended, By those who care. Once in a while, you come across a friend. Who is as beautiful as a flower, With a good heart to lend.

    2. ooopel


      Oye hello are you here!! my dear @ipiratemedia, oh long time never heard about you ..I mean a long time like as hours maybe more than a few days for me I think  it's so long!! and oh dear,it will stay the hope there such like the breathing has never going to stop till the heart stop from beating ,and thank to goddess,you still whisper as I know you, but even in dark tunnel one candle plus one butterfly could make any heart may survive from any darkness as long as it  still can hears words from someone is coming with him the rain.. always..dear Joey.❤️🦋🌹❤️

  2. uh,i wanna run away left anything behind from that love .. i wanna run away sir broke all those my restrictions.. i 'm no longer breath any love in universe .. oh. i just wanna run a way and left all thing my behind...
  3. oh , i loved this song ohh just ohh, come on Dj go ahead ,lets my body go dance!! 💃💃
  4. Oye for your Fyi, i loved this song but i'm not going to bite you as what the girl did,think of what ooopel can do?!! hug, kiss, a more tenderness maybe, but sure,she will not lets anything hurts you . come on my dear i'm still sang to you that song .
  5. oh what you are mean x box the black circle?!! oh about this song, it's the song if there someone did do something bad!! should to him know that a girl with the white wolves her will be waiting for him all the time,to see the looks of fear on his eyes..!!
  6. Oye, i so much love this song when i have black mood with a black heart..!!🖤🖤
  7. oh my dear you still love to throw stone to other sides !! Libra tower still have surprising me.i knew that's from since a first meeting us !! oh please have fun as you want but no you go to shadow again..
  8. ohhh,and you who the player?! or the girl watch a life of the player !! oh so nice circle avatar by the way ..
  9. oh, there something interesting, maybe there's someone run away from Creditors,, close the door Romeo!! till i brings them to her/him whatever is be..
  10. Don't ask why the butterfly is no longer are flying ..!!
    Don't wonder if you saw the sad made her singing..!!
    Don't ask why the moon is crying ..!!
    Don't think that the stars don't feel about this pain..!!
    that butterfly became her wings are broken..!!
    when those moments of happiness left her and gone far away..!!
    Her little heart couldn't bear all of this agony..!!
    it heard a whining of her sound in all the sky..!!..!!
    Even sweetest of her dreams are gone, it's has faded..!!
    The destiny no longer smiles for her, a smile of her heart might dead ..!!
    did you saw that rain it who fell that's is her tears..!!
    did you saw those waters in all oceans all that because of the women tears..!!
    that butterfly is lost without you in this mini world..!!
    Without you, even the smile of her soul has been absent..!!
    just for her, the moon was crying..!!
    Uh, because that's a butterfly no longer flying ..!!
     ❤️:heart: ❤️ to my best someone ❤️:heart:❤️

  11. oh!! it's a serious business and the serious issues here ,oh sorry guys if just i rubbed and combed my hair in the mirror which was on the corner..
  12. Not because of,
    the land gravity i stayed here ..!!
    Not because of magnetic laws
    those my feelings fly ..!!
    Not by sounds law,
    who make my heart sings ..!!
    isn't by the laws of physics,
    the soul of woman can a travel to anywhere..!!
    There is no law to make my heart going to dancing..!!
    except the law of lyrics of love..!!
    don't you think sort of that law it's be there..!!
    there only one law it can do this..!!
    it's the law of love,all butterflies, because of that law,oh dear could be fly..!!
    Signature:ooopel :heart:❤️ to someone ❤️:heart:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ooopel


      oh wow @ipiratemedia have visited me again and the rain certainly is coming:heart: !! i was always wonder who is the person who can says to me to keep silence when his words it start to speak?!! i was looked to your words in so emotionally to be honest,i was literally eat them all because of hungry soul which need light whenever felt to how much the size of the darkness in this world,i had looked to your words who is coming by passion of artist which staring and seen deep beyond the surface of things and knows as so well that the eyes always it the window of the spirit,those soul which always had live on the hope and love and still live because of the hope and love, and by through in that  love, she will still going to talk to moon,to sun,to stars,to all creatures in this universe just to find place to her to lives with her lovely feelings,those soul know so well to any limit that beauty of that skin and the external appearance of her and for any woman in someday will gone, and what who is stay forever it's the beauty of that's feelings and those spirit..!!
      and that's remind me about the only someone who can says to the woman to keep silence when his words it start at speak,it's you Joey..🌹❤️

    3. ipiratemedia


      The song is called -THE FAIRY NIGHTSONG.



    4. ooopel


      oh my goddess,oh no no this isn't happen to me, it was so great🌹❤️,even with all my words which i have, had couldn't helped me to say something just fair enough about what i feeling now..
      i couldn't believe it,it as like you went with me in my dreams!! oh i never had something so amazing and so beautiful like that's in all my shorty life,i was singing with the singer to word by word !! all my dreams is became true in a few moments and all my feelings are dance and i would if i doesn't to told you about tears, it was never  stopped as long  as the song on a turn on..thank you from all my tears and my whispers which i sent it to all stars,Oye dear Joey, in few minuets made me lived in my dream land and i had met with my the dear fairies... 

      :heart::heart::heart::heart:❤️🌹❤️dear Joey always bring the Joy with you to me❤️🌹❤️ :heart::heart::heart::heart:


  13. P.S no ask why is me here !! think i lost someone in this region and come to see if anyone had seen him..
  14. oh i trust your feeling,plus i wish that's so hi there oh youuuu ..
  15. Happy Birthday to you ooopel.

    1. ooopel


      oh really,i felt too shy for too late response,you're so cute and so sweet to cut it off from your time just to congratulation me,maybe we not knowing or met each to other enough here,but i have filling of trust about our hearts although of that so,it were had a lots enough for knowing each one to else,in the women's world,it's easy to be any woman with any woman else so socially with no any reservations,no matter anything ,it enough just to be an a woman,and really that's what's so distinguish us about men's world..
      thank you from bottom of my heart oh dearly:heart:❤️🌹 Lyree 🌹❤️:heart:


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