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  1. oh dear,really i don't know why i loved this song so much,may be because,i wish from someone don't make me another love,and sure no make my eyes cry more enough that tears i cried in past times.. just stay with our pinky finger promise..
  2. With you..,, 
    i found the world became better ..!!
    With you,my heart is sing ,
    and whisper and dancing..!!
    Since time, 
    in the sun cushion sleep my feelings ..!!
    on the whispered of butterflies,
    waking up my heart ..!!
    the moon became so much,
    smiling to me..!!
    in sometimes is dancing with me..!!
    those words is to you, who lives in the far place..!!
    oh you,hear the beats of my heart,
    and you will know,
    how you are so close to me..!!
    because of your existence,
    the joy never didn't leave me..!!
    Oye,Every my moments, 
    and all world,
    with you is becoming better ..!!
     ♥ ♥●:heart: to someone :heart:●♥ ♥

    1. Amy3
    2. ooopel


      oh my!!all these hearts to me.!!i believe is no there woman is happiest more than more me right now..

      L:heart::heart:U always ..

  3. the History began with me..!!
    and will writing his on last line,
    by my name in my story..!!
    the Dawn of human,
    woke up because of me..!!
    i was created,
    from the light of the sun..!!
    under sight of and care of the moon..!!
    Who taught me how to speak,
    was the whispers of the stars..!!
    In her bosom i was running and jumping and dancing.. !!
    i created with the butterfly,
    in the same day..!!
    we are twinning..!!
    it's true we no have long lifetime,
    But the joy shines to all world from our hearts. !!
    My heart will not stop,
    about flying in any day..!!
    As my words will fly,
    every day with her wings,
    for to the sunlight,
    And to all the sky .. !!
    will hear,
    my whispers sing with the stars..!!
    and in every day the sun will rise in happiness,
    because we had created we the women..!!

    Signature :ooopel ❥●❥ ♥ ♥:heart: to each women :heart:♥ ♥ ❥●❥

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    2. Amy3


      We're flying ooopel. Flying and dancing the singing. Everything is at peace and level my dear. It feels good to feel good. Hope that you have a colorful day. 💋

      beautiful girl love GIF by Phazed

    3. ooopel


      oh hello my dear can't say anything after your words !!

      only this word L:heart:V:heart: U always..

    4. Amy3


      I love you too ooopel. Always. 💖

  4. oh hi,yeaah ready also now to dance and sing to no end with someone in far place !!do you like to try?!
  5. oh,what i do i have complex mood??!! i fell in love with this song with no obvious reason !!
  6. oh woopyee hello!! it has reached till the stars those kisses !! oh my!! so sweet and melting on my heart..never waking up my soul and my eyes of that dream lets of it staying forever..❤️❤️
  7. oh, may by i need to try something else with my dear someone!! my dear let anything bad go just let it go!! and come on as always to my heart who still waiting for you in any time you will had come.!! the love will be where as you will be any where!! even in the kiss @Amy3,the love is there and you so cruel to never giving me much of kisses till now just to knowing that!!
  8. oh,would love to remind the dearest someone on my heart around that song,it passed on it one year!!in that day of those year!! there's was a starting a sparkle and the flaming of love light toward him,in that day every things and every where become so different in my life! he may had filled my life with joy and colors, oh really,wherever i had looked i see him like angel and a silver butterfly!i hearing whispers of his heart in all place as i 'm so sure he is hearing my heart whispers!! he make my looks to the sun and the moon with stars become also so different..since that day the sun and the moon and stars had never stop dance with me and they still dance with me on a long love song,always he is with me,Uh my goddess!! i would him to know that and i would him just to know how much i still love him.. my pray to the stars to protect him in any where have him been and every where he will be..
  9. Victoria's Secret has the some for all of things for girls in all world so there not wondering at all ..
  10. oh, it's so nice you had a fun time Romeo, wish you! all of your age,to spending it in happiness.. Oye yeah,by the way! you need this kind of welcoming to back in home..
  11. oh gosh,so sweet, it's coolest music i listened till now! it had played in a tendons of my heart..
  12. not sure, think it's me when i wear a tight pants..
  13. ohaa!go ahead Dj ready to dance with you! Oye this kind music what i needed it to put in my majestic moody..
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