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  1. oh you are too naughty dear!! you mean VHTV need to hire me , i learned how to use jack hammer lately, but i'm not a lisbo ,we don't need jack hammer when we want to do so ..!!
  2. ooopel

    VHTV music

    You have nothing to lose .. !! you have already lost your heart. !! No matter however if you earned the world .. !! your feelings are asleep..!! You have a frozen passion..!! Tears refuse you..!! in your eyes are rudeness..!! in those eyes..!! you had betrayed her love..!! And in those eyes..!! you Stabed her pride..!! She was proud of her trust you..!! she can't fall in love again ..!! you made her heart a deaf..!! After she was blind..!! she didn't seen anyone a non you..! now nothing speak only her tears..!! So Sir, there is nothing she to lose..!!. if she gain of her heart again..!! Signature: ooopel
  3. ooopel

    Romeo & Gloria

    has passion like a woman in love as Romeo .. i will smile every time when i see this name, my nightmare or dream is became real..!! Hey Romeo do not feel resentment. please!!
  4. ooopel

    Romeo & Gloria

    hey Romeo there app have the same name !!,are you in there ??!! is that you!! too fun ,good move of VHTV.!!. just kidding
  5. ooopel

    VHTV music

    oh the baby woke again,oh amy i guess i will go, i see you in an other time .. 🍂♥️
  6. ooopel

    VHTV music

    Just stay Do not go ..!! If you go, the sun will go with you Do not go .. And travels the joy with you wait..!! Look at in my eyes..!! My a crazy words still Crying on you Do not leave but if you go, the letters will be silent..!! And the sun travels with you..!! just stay .. lets my life stay with you..!! Signature ;ooopel
  7. ooopel

    VHTV music

    always that smile will full any life in happiness . my dear when you smiling the sun smiling with you ,yes,she doing, because still shining from your heart,and i think a poem come to like a guest to your home, please be patient until to finish of it..
  8. ooopel

    VHTV music

    oh, woopy, you just describe me!! that joke, yeaah dear , i loved her, a girl filled with energy and knows how to find a place to have fun with herself .. it's like me some time,in fact i envied her,and love her in same time ,oh hi there before i forget..!!
  9. ooopel

    VHTV music

    oh ,i'm not have that much of talent like these girl, but her as the same me, we have the same (things means things ..etc) i would love to dance with her, lets us dance, then..
  10. ✨❤️✨Shakespeare.. i love you✨❤️✨ you said once it will be..!! A dream of a summer night..!! i Saw that dream ..!! in somewhere, you Become real..!! My eyes want to fall asleep..!! the rain came down..!!no, it's eyes in weep ..!! In a summer night in that dream..!! i saw the butterflies when,they are singing..!! i saw the birds, when they are speaking ..!! the clouds oh dear, were carrying me..!! who's sent that angel?! just for me..!! just Hold my heart, make sure if it's, it's with me..!! in a summer night ,in that dream, I have, i had a seeing you..!! you my angel, no another it's, it's just you..!! oh, Shakespeare, in somehow that a became real ..!! i seen you ,i saw you in these a dream ..!! Signature:ooopel {✨❤️✨ to you ✨❤️✨ }
  11. i'm very sorry France to congratulations you in too late, ( but there saying) says:: come late better than doesn't comes.. who is won ..!! you think just France .. !! the winner isn't just team .. !! of won Jean-Jacques Rousseau .. !! Who won is Voltaire .. !! Who won is Madame Sharbonier .. !! for artist Ougst .. Who won is the Eiffel Tower .. more than 100 years his old it.. !! the first lady of France whoes won .. !! Paris that lady filled up, the world into light..!! The world drunk the smell of perfume from Paris..!! Who won that kind lady, she always says to you Mercy Becko..!! At the end of each encounter ..! of winners street Champs-Élysées ..!! and Arc de triomphe, which taught the world the meaning of liberty..!! oh, France you deserves to dance with pride..!! because you gave of the world, all of that beauty..!! You are star in the sky,living France..!! Signature:ooopel
  12. ooopel

    Candy & Dean Part #2

    maybe he is random guy has random thoughts was in random place!!
  13. ooopel

    VHTV music

    wherever you gone ..!! will the soul gone with you, all of these moments it's with you it happened with you..!! how can i forget all this..!! you exist in every places..!! go, go where whatever you gone ..!! to my chest, your heart come back after all then...!! wherever you gone..!! a breath of sea will returning you ....!! a sound of winds, will make retrieve you..!! to me, whispers of sun will bring you..!! oh heart,don't think,don't escape, in all place will find me..!! in every place,in even space, all my memories will find you..!! go now whatever you gone..!! will stay my soul in a wait for you..!! Signature:ooopel{ to someone }
  14. ooopel

    VHTV music

    oh,heey i'm not the singer in behind, also not of both girls,ain't in that beauty! never bother yourself where is am !! just enjoy with the song!!
  15. ooopel

    Candy & Dean Part #2

    oh , sounds good, my friend nack, oh i can hear voice of happy coming from you side ,i hope always living with it and it stay with you , oh yeaah i very happy times- with changing a baby diapers- trying stop crying in mid night - and carry baby on my back - plays in bent over put.. really it's very happy times ..