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  1. Oh!I hope that so being very soon my dear! Because it's very annoying you goes to typing something or reply on something! And suddenly your post goes to nowhere! as like there an ghost catch them em up and keep them for itself maybe🙄for which purpose? only god could knows😳
  2. Uh! What going on the camcaps it's suddenly goes to freeze or something like that so and i had noticed some of posts has gone suddenly!Is there something wrong? 🙄
  3. Oh well well!I wonder if i goes there and logged in as Mrs Cigarette! 🤗Which hammer they gonna Beat me by? I think they will gonna eat me with feel no sorry 😋
  4. Oh Yep! Because the naysayer! is bad seller!🤔 won't say something bad if you know what i meant? 🤫. They don't wanna that! they just wanna just folks who says! sound great for everything even if that thing is like muds in someway or another😋
  5. Oh! By the way! oh @Dave 27what's up with Montana! Because everybody has mentioned to it! I wish it gonna alright or if she is (she) i wish she's feel so better😋
  6. Oh Even if woke up from a bit while ! but that comment paragraphs of Felix can make even owl goes to sleep! it's so many.. Much many many words😋
  7. Umme a (pic) Off rules! Oyee i mean it's off topic🙄! (Pic) has nothing to do with Josie and Liam topic!Did you has not learn that yet? 🤔😋
  8. Oh yo guys! Who lives in dreamsland in that kingdom!😋 We are not behind reasons if that dreamsland has failed!🤔 and if she goes in her way to down!Many reasons behind that but most of them! It's made by their hands and by their plans! Plus they don't care anymore about what their clients wanna of them! As they don't care anymore about dreams of their guys or even dreams of all workers who under their controlling! I think it's enough to blame everything in the planet (just dont hide the fingers behind mirror)🤭🤫🙄 about all that failes,instead of say that to them!Of course! Our hands (Flix and me) has not done anything or it wasn't the a big reason of beyond that! So! stop throwe up that blaming on our side.go to finds else logical arguments to convince your selfs Or get to reasoning onto something to say, instead of treat with us by bad attitudes. 😋😎
  9. I will gonna fight about my opinions! And gonna fight about what i'm already has beliefs! No matter if i loss some of phony friends in all long that Road.🦋💔

    1. FelixTheCat
    2. ooopel


      Oh hello! That will be always our case with our hearts and hands to ever!There no something in this planet will gonna change any point of that that 🌹❤️❤️

    3. FelixTheCat
  10. Uh! You if you don't know me? Then! Why you not just leave me alone? I love my world! And my values ! Leave me alone! Ya the world? It's enough! don't hit me or Beat me! Or even gonna provoke me! As long as you don't know me? So why not! Leave me alone! Is not Enough you, Steal the joy from the moments of my life! Just let my boat sink, in the sea of sorrow alone! No more provoke me! Because if me got angry? I will crash the heart of this world. I Will gonna Switch, the world happiness, to a volcano of anger and black hate! Uh Won't like to call up of my revenge! Just Let me drown, into the pages of my dreams! Just don't waken up my black heart! Because I will crash heart of this world? If you won't just leave me alone... Signature :ooopel
  11. Oh don't support what you say! Because it's not up to the members if what any comments or any spoken it's (off topic) or not and definitely not up to their biased mood! It's up to CamCaps Rules and them staff! So! You just grow up Mr dreamer! Because there is red (banner) frontward all memebers eyes before anysomeone goes to (log in) it says this forums it allows the ones only to more up 18 age! Not for Childish! people who think the whole universe should give them some candy when they have bad mood😋
  12. Oh! Even Brutus didn't do the same of that or nor half of that! i just don't know if that new definition of the (word) supporting 😋 oh really live so long and you will see wonders😋🤔
  13. Oh i can see💔!But you goes to says! i have make no sense or (meaning) at all! If it's at all! then why reply on something you couldn't understand it! Just reply on something you could understand it. oh Mr littel English 🤔😋
  14. Um!❤️ Love love much love❤️..... ❤️wish You know how much love this! 💋💖💖❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  15. Oh i would to thank so much the VHTV Kingdom for bring to the World such a talented boy such a little goddess Scott😋! By the way! Do him have new ways to worshipping him?🤗😋
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