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  1. With you..,, 
    i found the world became better ..!!
    With you,my heart is sing ,
    and whisper and dancing..!!
    Since time, 
    in the sun cushion sleep my feelings ..!!
    on the whispered of butterflies,
    waking up my heart ..!!
    the moon became so much,
    smiling to me..!!
    in sometimes is dancing with me..!!
    those words is to you, who lives in the far place..!!
    oh you,hear the beats of my heart,
    and you will know,
    how you are so close to me..!!
    because of your existence,
    the joy never didn't leave me..!!
    Oye,Every my moments, 
    and all world,
    with you is becoming better ..!!
     ♥ ♥●:heart: to someone :heart:●♥ ♥

    1. Amy3
    2. ooopel


      oh my!!all these hearts to me.!!i believe is no there woman is happiest more than more me right now..

      L:heart::heart:U always ..

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