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  1. Don't ask why the butterfly is no longer are flying ..!!
    Don't wonder if you saw the sad made her singing..!!
    Don't ask why the moon is crying ..!!
    Don't think that the stars don't feel about this pain..!!
    that butterfly became her wings are broken..!!
    when those moments of happiness left her and gone far away..!!
    Her little heart couldn't bear all of this agony..!!
    it heard a whining of her sound in all the sky..!!..!!
    Even sweetest of her dreams are gone, it's has faded..!!
    The destiny no longer smiles for her, a smile of her heart might dead ..!!
    did you saw that rain it who fell that's is her tears..!!
    did you saw those waters in all oceans all that because of the women tears..!!
    that butterfly is lost without you in this mini world..!!
    Without you, even the smile of her soul has been absent..!!
    just for her, the moon was crying..!!
    Uh, because that's a butterfly no longer flying ..!!
     ❤️:heart: ❤️ to my best someone ❤️:heart:❤️

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