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  1. Why does Martina not stop smoking for a while, her strange cough won't get better otherwise. Silly behaviour.
  2. Takko is old enough now to be house-trained. But he still leaves his traces everywhere - pee and poo. It's definitely Martina's and Alberto's fault. This is even more amazing because Martina has read at least 3 books on dog education so far. The great gap between theory and reality.
  3. Martina, I admire your workout sessions, your stamina. However, sometimes you make a rather common mistake. Don't forget to alternate agonists and antagonists. For example, don't do 4 or 5 exercises for your abdominal muscles in a row. Train your back muscles in between. Otherwise your training may lead to muscular dysbalancies. This antagonistic principle works with every joint: biceps <=> triceps, thigh <=> hamstring, etc, etc.. Keep on (smoke less!!)
  4. The female guest -some used to call her Nerdy Gerdy, others spectacled Cobra- seems to have gone through hard times during the Corona crisis. She looks like a ghost now. What a contrast between this wreck and our wonderful girl from next door. Martina is simply the best.
  5. It’s Friday and they haven’t packed their suitcases yet.
  6. Bedroom cams today from 13.10 to 13.20. Authentic and true. That's the big difference between Martina and the rest.
  7. Her brother indeed seems to be much slimmer than he used to be. I doubt that the girl is his girlfriend. Because during a chat-room session some weeks ago Martina claimed her brother was gay. Anyway, it’s great to see them have guests.
  8. Alberto has had a job for several weeks. He is a kind of advisor or salesman for a company selling energy-saving products. He can do part of his work from home. He is very determined and busy. Martina, however, lost her 4-10.30 job during the Corona crisis. Therefore you are definitely right with your observation, i.e., they have reversed their roles.
  9. During the lock-down Martina did a lot of sport and the physical results were striking. After the lock-down she did not work out regulary anymore or to be more exact, she did not work out at all and the physical results are striking again. However, viceversa. This wonderful body must be trained regularly!!!
  10. After being blamed for their 3-day-vacancies every week, now Pepik must stay in the apartment as an alibi.
  11. They are a useless couple and ought to stay away for good. She with a heap of mental problems such as alcoholism, bulimia, insane vanity. He with his extreme laziness.
  12. Why couldn’t they maintain the apartment while Martina had been away?
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