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  1. My speculation that Martina might come home late tonight was wrong. I do apologize.
  2. Economics. But it’s no full-time study. It’s some additional qualification to improve her chances on the labor market. The Unemployment Rate of young people in Spain was about 20% before Corona. Now is probably even higher. Therefore I can understand why M&A joined RLC.
  3. I suppose she won’t come home early tonight either. Among other things she packed her white pajama pants. Probably because her tight jeans are not very comfortable on a sofa, couch or bed. I even doubt if she has gone to a course at all. She just took her pencil case and a thin folder with her. So far she has never gone to a course on a Wednesday. Maybe just a make-believe. Good old Alberto believes everything. I really loved this girl. She had been the main reason, no, the only reason or my 3 1/2 year subscription. I will probably not renew it. Sorry!
  4. In the past we always asked ourselves, "What does Martina see in Alberto?" Now we wonder what she sees in Nelly. I remember Nelly in Saint Petersberg two or three years ago. Maybe not the best-looking woman but quite pretty. Meanwhile you can see the huge amount of booze she has consumed. Especially in the morning her face is terribly swollen.
  5. Martina's emotional stress is conspicuous - she 'll soon have bloody finger-tips from rolling her cigarettes.
  6. He watched them closely because he was jealous. He -like most other men- doesn't like the idea of his girlfriend, wife or partner being sexually interested in or even aroused by other men or women. Deep inside it always feels like defeat, insufficiency or humiliation.
  7. The two anti-heroes Bog and Al seem to cope with their special situation quite differently. Bog - sad, frustrated and annoyed. Al relatively quiet and cool. The main reason for this difference may be that Alberto doesn’t really know the truth. When Martina came home with bruises on her knees and elbow last time he associated this with too much drinking and falling. And yesterday he thought Martina would go to the B 4 party. Martina is no liar but she is a bit economical with the truth.
  8. “Humble opinion” - Don’t you mix up “humble” with smart-aleck or conceited?
  9. I always ask myself how they manage to remain undetected by the police or not to be reported to the police by some malicious neighbors. These B4 parties are noisy events. Moreover it is astonishing that there haven’t been any Corona infections yet.
  10. Barcelona curfew from 10 pm to 6 am. Bogdan is really annoyed and Alberto tries to forget by playing video games. Perhaps their ladies meet at the vacant apartment. I don’t mind but I would like to watch them. In one of the comments somebody asked why Martina chose the least attractive B4 tenant. First of all, love is blind. And second, she probably quite deliberately chose the horniest and most experienced.
  11. All RLC girls are at home now, except for Nelly and Martina. And Aleks.
  12. KM&A made love in the living room this afternoon. But after Martina’s feast with Nelly her sexual activities with Alberto taste like a frugal meal.
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