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  1. Deepdave, thanks very much for your contributions today. Vaccinations are our only way out. I got my second injection at the end of May. Since then I have convinced all my friends, relatives and acquaintances. They are all vaccinated now. Nevertheless we still wear our masks, keep distance and avoid huge crowds of people.
  2. Alberto with a workout session in the living room. That is good news. And I saw Martina applauding. 👋💪
  3. The fish are well trained, they know how to switch the lights on and off themselves. No, seriously, I think they won’t return before the evening.
  4. Emnv - You are our great stronghold against rumours and speculations. Thanks very much!
  5. Hello Emnv, thank you very much for this informative survey. Your system is indeed very similar to the ones I had to cope with when growing up in Germany and France and when bringing up my children in Germany. No matter if Martina goes to university or not, I find it fantastic and extraordinary that she is so determined to learn, to make headway and better herself. Chapeau!
  6. emnv, I am not familiar with your Spanish school and university system. But "junior college" sounds like school, not like university. I remember when she learnt maths before her exams I said that was the level of maths our 16 or 17 year old French and German pupils deal with 2 years before they take their bac or Abitur exams. Does that mean she still has one or two years to go before she will be allowed to enter university?
  7. That’s a good idea. Our culprits and the nuns! They have got so much in common. They are celibates, the nuns deliberately, the culprits involuntarily.
  8. What a silly and ridiculous game. And Martina doesn't notice that she is being taken for a ride. Martina, that's it. Good bye!
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