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  1. Is it Martina's New Year resolution to drink less alcohol? She used to drink three glasses of red wine for supper. Now it is just one small glass every other day. At the weekends she often came home drunk and we all liked it. Now she returns absolutely sober. What a pity! Boring!
  2. Temperatures in Barcelona are at 7 degrees Celsius. It is a bit windy and rainy. But Alberto's putting on three jackets is quite ridiculous. Alberto, the onion. Smoking less would be the best remedy for his insane coughing. Fortunately, Martina smokes her cigarette at the Dining-room window now.
  3. You are absolutely right! Whoever saw their loving this afternoon before Martina left for work knows what we are talking about. They’re just the young and joyful couple from next door. To be honest, their apartment is the only reason for my subscription. The other apartments don’t differ from ordinary porn sites.
  4. Today Martina has been checking advertisements for apartments to rent. I am afraid they are planning to move out and finish their RLC engagement. I really hope I am wrong.
  5. At the moment this apartment sounds like a hospital for lung disease. This is the smokers' lot.
  6. With his extreme crew cut Alberto looks at least ten years older now. Freely adapted from Hemingway we might say “The old man and the sexy bee.
  7. Martina is RLC ‘s greatest undercover agent. When you watch her masturbation session at about 1.20 this afternoon you know where the term “undercover agent” comes from. 🕵🏼‍♀️
  8. Martina’s brother is a lazy bum. He has spent 4 days in M’s and A’s apartment now. And he hasn’t done any work yet. Neither cooking, nor laying the table, nor washing up, nor cleaning the apartment. Except for putting on some weight.🧸
  9. What a lucky man he is. I’m thinking of Alberto, not of her brother. However, when somebody can sleep for 14 hours he can be called “lucky”, too. 👍
  10. They are definitely not rich. They are rather economical, don’t spend much money on clothes, mostly cook their own meals. Seldom do they call the pizza delivery service. Martina has had most of her underpants for more than 2 years now. There is only one sort of products they are generous with - it’s electronic devices. TV set, laptop, smart phones, loudspeakers, helmet camera etc. I am sure they live on the money Martina earns with her job and the money they get from RLC. Neither M nor A come from rich families. The only reason why they joined RLC was money. And that’s okay.
  11. All of the family’s beauty seems to have gone to Martina. That’s not fair. I really feel sorry for her hairy dwarf brother.
  12. In Germany they start at 3000 Euro, but some of the top models cost 8000 or even more.
  13. He is keen on mountain biking. He goes uphill supported by his electric drive. But his favorite activity is downhill racing. He therefore takes his helmet with him and he wears protectors on his elbows, knees and back. He does it 3 or 4 times a week and has lost some weight recently. 🚵🏼‍♂️🚵🏼‍♀️
  14. At first glance brother and sister don’t seem to have much in common. But then you see them sleep, both of them with their mouths wide open. Genetics can be funny.
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