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  1. I only mentioned the cold because of her frequent sneezing. Of course, Darkman is right, too. Martina feels some abdominal pain, especially when having sex. This is why they stopped having sex twice. It was too painful for her. I, too, keep my fingers crossed that she will soon feel better again. She's a good girl.
  2. I agree with you. And the love session in the bedroom half an hour later was extraordinary,too. Alberto is such a lucky guy. He is neither really handsome nor sexually attractive but he has got the most sensual girl of RLC. I envy him.
  3. By the way, the cams are back. There is a guest sitting beside Alberto.
  4. Thanks, Daleys. I was about to write my comment when yours appeared on the screen. I agree with every sentence you have written. What a consistent and sensible response. Thanks,
  5. They clean regularly and thoroughly once a week. They are the friendly couple from next door.
  6. As I said earlier, camera 1 is absolutely useless now. Watching M&A and listening to them by means of the old cam 1 was a great pleasure to me. It’s a pity.
  7. Martina used to take the anti-baby-pill after supper. But I haven’t seen her do that for quite a while. And Alberto uses condoms again. She probably thinks the pill to be the cause of her weight gain recently. However, her terrible menstrual pain is back, too.
  8. It’s getting M’s Saturday Night routine: drunk 🥃, sick 🤢, vomit🤮
  9. Martina now drinks her hot chocolate from a cup saying “Russia”, she sometimes wears a new T-shirt saying “Russia”. May be we were wrong when we believed her to have spent her holiday in Iceland. RLC is Russian, isn’t it.
  10. It’s quite astonishing. Martina has had 8 working days in a row now.
  11. Oh, no, no! We have seen two black boys recently, Haakem and Masha’s muscle toy, both of them disappointing lovers. Of course, they have massive organs, but that’s it. Never really erect, never lasting for more than a few minutes, no ideas but just in and out.
  12. When M&A moved in 2 1/2 years ago Martina had the body of a school Girl, rather slim, with a thin face. However, right from the beginning she had impressive breasts and nice buttocks. Meanwhile she has put on some kilos and has turned into a mature Woman. The thin face is far more impressive now and her body is overwhelmingly sexy. But you are right, Martina has reached a point where she must be careful. If she continues putting on weight her wonderful figure might suffer.
  13. Camera 1 is absolutely useless now! Please, put it back where it was.
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