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  1. No, it is a logistical problem. Her friend's grandmother is alone, and the girl does not have a key to the building's portal. Martina is going to go with her to see if they can get in by calling someone.
  2. Martina has been visiting this morning Lola, Taco's partner, who had 5 puppies last Sunday. There are 3 males and 2 females, 2 bald and 3 with hair on their head. She wants in return a bald female to give to her mother, they will give it to her in a couple of months as soon as she is autonomous and vaccinated.
  3. Personally I'm quite tired of stupid speculations, it is not funny to be constantly denying them or qualifying them instead of talking about interesting things, and I don't think I will continue to do so in the future. For those who have known her for a long time, Martina's behavior in the past days is totally normal. It was unusual last year due to covid restrictions, but in the past, when Marta or other friends were in Barcelona, and especially when she was living in her hometown, she was on the streets with friends most of the time, especially on the weekends and holidays. And this is quite normal for many young people in Spain. Last Thusrday they (Alberto & Martina) went in the evening to the opening of an exhibition by a friend of them, and then in the night she continued partying with her classmate, till the sunrise on the beach. On Friday she was invited to have dinner by her friend Dani, his mother prepared an specialty food. On Saturday Martina went to party with two (girl)friends that she met 2 weeks ago, when Marta came. The Diada was celebrated and there were parties on the street everywhere throughout Barcelona. One of the girls called Martina to invite her while she was coming back from the Villa. Alberto was invited to go and refused as usual, but he encouraged Martina to go (she was hesitant). Sunday night she was at home. Yesterday night she was taking her classmate to the hospital, to assess the injuries caused by her boyfriend when she was beaten (fortunately she has no injuries other than the external ones), and try to report the assault to the police (that they couldn't complete yesterday, they will come back today). One more thing, Martina's mother has a lot of merit for me, for how she has raised a healthy family despite the many problems they have had. She is probably one of the most energetic and positive persons I know. She is Spanish and her parents too, she couldn't complete the basic school education when she was young, and she is now going to try to obtain a school graduate certificate (which will take 2 years for her) to gain access to some qualified job. She only speaks Spanish, not even Valencian because she is not from this region. And not a single word of English or Italian.
  4. Renovation of clothes, she has set aside and is going to donate all the clothes she doesn't wear
  5. According to Google it is 35 minutes by car, 1 hour 5 minutes by public transportation, 50 minutes by bike, 2 hours 40 minutes walking 😀
  6. Sitting in the air trick 😀 RLC Replay REPLAY.REALLIFECAM.COM Watch your favorite cams in 24-hour recording
  7. Relax a little bit 😄, you are both sane people, just like the original questioner @Adalbert is. I like to answer when there is a question in the forum and I know the answer, but this usually triggers another chain of posts questioning the answer and offering unfounded alternative versions. This morning I decided to facilitate the work of these people (hint: scroll up a little from Adalbert's post) and give them the answers they expected, even if the answers are that far from reality. Just for fun.
  8. Alberto is anti-vaccine, and since he is not looking for work and does not travel, he won't have the obligation to get it
  9. Choose your answer 🙄: A. Taking hard drugs, as usual B. First dose of covid vaccine C. Fucking Bogdan D. All of the above, they want us to believe the wrong thing by providing partial translations
  10. Taco is going to be a father, his partner Lola is confirmed to be pregnant. Martina wants a female puppy as compensation, to give to her mother as a gift.
  11. You have been positive. It is not the top 10 replay cameras, it's in fact THE TOP 14 right now. 😄
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