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  1. A neighbor has come to complain about the volume of the music, and has warned that she was going to call the police. Bruno has ended up insulting her. They have a great future prospect ahead.
  2. She is about to start her period, and takes a birth control pill every night. Highly unlikely probability, but who knows...
  3. I heard that the place has been rented as a tourist apartment (via airbnb or equivalent) in the past 10 years. That explains the weird floor layout, nobody was permanently living there before RLC made a mid-term (🤥) rental.
  4. Well, I don't have replay and cannot transcript the entire conversation, but these are things that I heard from him while in the bedroom: You are a crazy shit, I'm going to do what I want with other girls, if this ends, let it end, you're toxic, I hate you, ... For the first time I saw Gina determined to kick him off the house, but we all know how the story will continue tomorrow...
  5. They both stopped studying after finishing the obligatory secondary education (officially at the age of 16), to start working. He had very little support from his family, he was raised by his grandmother (who has passed away) and met his mother for the first time when he was 25 years old. A not very happy story.
  6. That is violence in front of the camera. What else do we need to watch from this asshole? Around 23:40h, Hall camera
  7. Good luck, there are only 1225 pharmacies in the City 😜
  8. Martina is definitely a person who can be trusted. She has great emotional intelligence, shows great empathy with her friends and family, and does not settle for the easy life she has, she has willpower and determination to improve in life. The type of person I would hire and trust to foster any type of business, and the right person to spend many years of life together. Alberto and her are very different, but their relationship is not bad at present. After his recent failed business Martina is constantly asking him to find a professional calling or a job, but he is not reacting
  9. A person has knocked on the door, it is the owner of the pharmacy that is located just under the apartment. There is a water leak in the bathroom that reaches the ceiling of the pharmacy. Bruno's brother has called him. Bruno is on his way and will see the leak tomorrow with the pharmacy owner. They didn't allow the person to enter the apartment. Meanwhile the water has been cut off.
  10. Martina speaks good English, I would say equivalent to B2/upper intermediate. She recently said that she hasn't written it in a long time, she needs to practice some more writing for her exams. Alberto doesn't speak any English, he only knows a few words. Recently I have only heard them speak some English when Alberto was learning with the phone app and Martina was helping him.
  11. I think she comes from Ukraine, because of the plastic bag from АТБ-Маркет that was inside her suitcase, and also because today there was a direct flight PS991 from Kiev to Barcelona
  12. They met for lunch on Wednesday. Nelly's problems seem not to be related to Martina. For sure things are going to be colder in the next 2 weeks, until Martina finishes her exams. But let's see later if things continue the same, I don't think at all that everything is over.
  13. I hardly follow this couple, listening this guy makes my stomach ache. In the few times that I have followed them, I heard twice that he does not have "papers" and had problems with the police. Yesterday I heard a phone conversation in the living room, he was telling another person that he is a squatter, and has had problems with other squatters who threw him out. For me this is definitely not the right place for a person like him. We can't expect anything but trouble in this apartment, but perhaps I am wrong and someone enjoys it.
  14. He is a liar, manipulative and violent, he just threatened to kill her for hitting him lightly. He is in illegal status in the Country, hasn't valid resident papers. He should be kicked out of RLC immediately.
  15. Yes, but Valencian is not Spanish, check https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valencian_language
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