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  1. if u look at aminas old room she did take the pillow with her and its on the sofa now in b1
  2. it can bee like this dalia take danayas room karols bf leave tomorow and amina move in to her amina stay at sofa so long he is there...
  3. but who gone stay in her room amina or dalia
  4. danaya packing too she is moving in to irma
  5. its 1 thing u dont bring when traveling and thats food...drop it of to friends then go and i think b2 is on the way to airport
  6. hahahaha...i dont think so...where are they gone sleep ..there is no rooms they leave barca today...
  7. i dont think they gone stay in barca why drop off food at b1 if they are going to a new place..
  8. she left 1 houer ago from b2 proberly to airport
  9. they stay some time and they got there in a cab
  10. and it also mean they gone leave barca
  11. go in and take Alice towels so you have extra
  12. we see if it is sow in 20 min...
  13. I think Alice goes home Amina Dalia goes to B3 therefore both packed B2 towels but it did not Alice and they took all the food with them