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  1. ex-spygasm participants; it looks like since closure of the project some of them look for a new job
  2. so...which one of those two on the pic is you??
  3. just one sentence; the Greek economy was destroyed not because they accepted common currency, but because of the socialistic governments in this country which for many years had got irresponsible benefit policy; just a one of the facts that most of the people ignore
  4. yep, EU has become too much a political creation, not enough strictly economical; many people raised those questions; I understand it
  5. for survival, of course not; but, for let's say, much better economic indicators - yes,to some degree
  6. sorry mate, but democracy is dead, simply because means the governments of majority; problem is, that most of people are idiots and haven't got the slightest idea about economy; simple as that 😀
  7. you're underestimating people's intelligence my friend; that's not good. Nobody urge them to exhibit real serious violence, that should be banned permanently, such a behavior is out of the question and no one who is normal wants to watch it; but cutting off the cams because boyfriend slaps his girlfriend, or girl throws something or even smashes laptop on the head of her boyfriend is nonsense, ridiculous, stupid and childish; things like that happens everyday near you, don't forget about it, please.
  8. lol, good one; I meant first sentence of your previous post 😀
  9. that's obviously wrong and I do not agree with it, but well, it's none of my business, let them go for it
  10. but the reason for which apartment went offline should be removed, according to the vhtv rules, people should not see what happened short before closure,correct?
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