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  1. Simply change narration, as that's not funny anymore, btw, kiddy club already shut down??
  2. She needs to feel something lukewarm
  3. Of course, they were, but they can't participate any more, cause morons would have sent notifications about possible drug abuse and force vhtv to close the apartment😂
  4. They will need a bigger wardrobe if that girl wants to stay in the flat for longer😂
  5. I'm not sure about Stifler, but Ken & Barbie can leave and not come back at all, they're wasting our time.
  6. I suppose that all these people know each other very well; Elon parades around the flat with his cock fully exposed, and, what is even stranger, in this situation girls seem to be not embarrassed at all, he probably fucked them before on many occasions;
  7. I have no problems at the moment, all apartments are displayed as normal; ask support, they might help
  8. Did you pay for internet service?😜
  9. Nothing happened so far; they're all still in the flat
  10. Well, I said "or lesbians", but can you see a third eventuality?😁
  11. What are you laughing at @jabbath1987?
  12. Those two are either sisters or lesbians
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