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  1. Well, you need to believe in yourself, you could join vhtv, and then we would rate your body and abilities, some says it's easy job...😁
  2. So, from now on, I'm even more worried about you than I was before..
  3. I know, but happily we're off, of this absurd socialist EU block now; when the bloody disease will finish, we'll easily cooperate with the whole world without stupid restrictions 😉
  4. Yeah, I forgot that Denmark is a part of that European socialist corpse named EU too, sorry 🤣
  5. Probably one of the best prominent socialist professional of well known of past era, Goebbels himself, wouldn't have disregarded such a high level of propaganda individuals must experience now in Germany and other mainly Europeans countries, if they think that totalitarian regimes in China or Russia have never stolen anything and are willing to deliver peace and prosperity🤣 It only confirms, some of us here are officially lied to, or are complete ignorants, what have the same, identical and detrimental effect for our lives, unfortunately 😂
  6. They left for some reason, but I mainly blame vhtv and their idiotic policy of disconnecting the flats without any cause, collecting fines while being influenced by people sending stupid tickets, or nonsense rules which are disincentives for potential newcomers; now it is what it is, bullshit.
  7. For Russian regime such a move will only have a propaganda effect and this is the main goal of it, if it really took place; they should start to worry about their own people instead of sending equipment and suspected military doctors to Italy and other countries where public health care is at incomparably higher level, and citizens in those countries are richer; but I'm not surprised because what's important, Putin and the regime created by him will work further and that's the point; Couple of days ago, yes, in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak, nine British ships were forced to shadow seven Russian vessels in waters around the UK; that's the real face of Mr. Putin. Don't forget about it Jab, when next time you start to praise the regime 😉
  8. Yeah; that was extraordinary event, definitely worth to spend money on and watch it 😂
  9. I fucking hope so, because place for so-called real voyeurs is in psychiatric ward or jail 😂
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