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  1. waldi

    Lexy & Pete Part #3

    those are fucking good questions. I'd say that Candy lived with her parents; and Dean with his grandpa. Candy was unemployed, Dean had a part time 😀
  2. waldi

    Lexy & Pete Part #3

    it's not very nice when you say that you don't like someone, nack. More politically correct is to say: I watch or, I don't watch 😀
  3. waldi

    Lexy & Pete Part #3

    don't be nuisance nack, maybe Dean has a chance to fuck a few new girls during that time 😀
  4. waldi

    Scarlet & Garry

    I don't think they're real couple and that would have been even better if had been true, it will be more fun as couples are mostly boring
  5. waldi

    Grace & Jacob

    real virgin in vhtv? don't kidding me please🤣🤣
  6. waldi

    Elsa & Tom

    you could fall in love with that sexy bum
  7. waldi

    Molly & Jeff

    right, that was less than 5 minutes 😀
  8. waldi

    Molly & Jeff

    OK they've got 5 minutes 🤣
  9. waldi

    Molly & Jeff

    just ordinary couple and day to day boring life, I think I can cross it out from my list straight away
  10. waldi

    Molly & Jeff

    don't be an old grumpy man jabbath
  11. I don't think they are kind of people who like to do chaturbate shows but sometimes I'm wrong too 😀
  12. waldi

    Lexy & Pete Part #3

    as I understood from your complicated dissertation you're not satisfied with the content so, you can always ask vh management to hire couple 60+ and watch them drinking afternoon tea, for your enjoyment. What matters who's gonna pay for that, yourself?? We already had a war sparked by people who has different understanding of definitions so please don't start again