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  1. the bloody cam should be better and first of all mounted closer
  2. maybe a bit too loud; I wonder if they have neighbors😂
  3. I think girls take all of the money from sold tickets, boys only have satisfaction from sex with the porn starlet, plus free drinks 😂
  4. for me, Sofi can do whatever she wants, I forgive her everything 😀
  5. maybe there's a chance for this place to be a bit more interesting
  6. @groomy said that Sofi isn't happy with the money and she is gonna quit anyway, hence, there's no reason to be worried about the place too much lol
  7. do not understand me badly my friend, you're funny and I like you; just often happens that I don't agree with you, that's it;
  8. nobody likes violence, but also nobody likes self-appointed sheriffs and judges ; don't forget about it
  9. maybe it's a time to step aside of your computer and to look around a bit? life is much more disturbing than what you saw here and what you can imagine, I'm afraid; try not to be a sheriff, leave it to someone else;
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