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  1. That's what they actually geographically call the South of the EU 😂
  2. Have you ever seen a place in western EU by the way
  3. Dolly babe needs to stop drinking immediately, otherwise soon we'll need to seek medical advice, how to help her;
  4. That girl has the body of a gymnast
  5. Enough for beer and crisps at supermarket
  6. Next time please don't forget to switch on the light Honey👍
  7. Bev and Hugo left; Lola stayed at home; what the hell is going on I don't know ☹️
  8. I'm going now, will rather scan the timeline tomorrow 🤣
  9. yeah, it can be just a tempest in a tea cup lol
  10. I find them both sexy; Bev has bigger tits, but new girl better ass I'd say😜
  11. New girl is very nice too, but might be a bit shy at the beginning;
  12. That would be too obvious I reckon😁
  13. Fuck knows what game they play, but it could be something like before when Hugo was free to fuck other girls occasionally plus, Bev's going to stay in another place more often maybe;
  14. From now on Bev might work as an agent recruiting new girls 😁
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