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  1. I noticed they often smoke cigarettes on the loggia; looks like they not pretend..
  2. cams arrangement in this apartment isn't bad really; what usually makes me angry is the poor quality of the picture
  3. it might be a matter of money they're willing to invest
  4. anyway, in this case is not so bad; I find cams 1 & 3 only a bit worse
  5. the problem is, vhtv doesn't take responsibility for the cams; everything depends on the managers, who usually doesn't care, or simply want to save as much as possible;
  6. poor cams quality is a drawback in vhtv from day one; there's no point to moan anymore; they're not gonna make it better;
  7. I think it's over; apartment eventually disappeared from the list;
  8. Likely we'll see nothing 🤣
  9. maybe they ordered brand new cams on Amazon and now waiting for delivery😜
  10. but looks like the second half of Anna & Alex visit is only about drinking 😁
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