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  1. yes, in bedroom we want to have a view from at least one or two decent cams set up close to bed
  2. for this kind of show the cam is a bit too far, babe
  3. girls should invite a young stud; it would be even better 👍
  4. Jen & Liz from camarads, I can't post any pic, but believe me if you didn't see, it's much worse 🤣
  5. monogamous boring couple; they won't stay too long
  6. cleaning in progress; day three 😂
  7. yep, I don't even remember if I ever watched that place before 🤣
  8. I think groomy says true; all of them need money, that's why they join vhtv; but the only way to get money in here is to arrange good show; playing cards, sitting and watching tv, all that gives them nothing but some nice comments of cc members, simple.
  9. life is easy, but one has to switch on thinking
  10. 👍👍👍 That was nice and hot ffm 3some yesterday. Maybe it's a chance for this site to grow, but this time independently, without managers, restrictions and influence of cc members and all that unnecessary idiotic so called rules imposed on tenants; that would be lovely