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  1. Yes, I've already seen that video; nothing special indeed, that's why I inserted that emoticons cause that whole scene just made me laugh; I'm waiting for Rex & Dana to come back to see some more face slapping 😲, then maybe I'll pay again, for watching role-play in vhtv🤣; but slut pretending to be a virgin, no thank you 🤣
  2. No sense of humor buddy? Might be about time to think where you are though and what you do
  3. Of course nothing happened, no doubt about that; but I'm not gonna respect any idiotic opinions any more jab, I was doing it definitely too long; all those bs so-called opinions make by mainly freeloaders have led to the tragic state which vhtv is in right now; btw, don't you think that too many vids appear here on forum? Maybe vhtv doesn't know about that procedure? If so, it's a time for them to find out
  4. Fucking true; looks like some dudes should go to a church rather instead of spending time at porn forum 😂
  5. Soon we'll see one of those incentive tweets at the official account; something like, super nude sexy girl is cooking, grab the offer now, only 39.95 monthly 😂🤣
  6. You are biased and malicious, like a few others here; I deliberately asked rhetorical question, because there are many people around, from all backgrounds, which you could say about that it's hard to work with them. Don't forget people often have to do what they do, especially when they come from a shitty place; no need to keep reminding all the time, who's a porn star, and who's not, some things in our lives are obvious 😉
  7. 27 days to go, and I only watch videos ; not much left from vhtv...😂
  8. It doesn't make any difference, as the apartment is a complete zero anyway..😂
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