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  1. Mira & Henry

    and that makes me wonder...
  2. Mira & Henry

    they like the stairways to heaven
  3. Linda & Carrie

    I think there's nothing spontaneous, all these people needs attention , and...money
  4. Linda & Carrie

    yes, but I'll never understand why they had wanted to open girl/girl apartment, when they're not even a proper bisexuals? that's what bothers me.
  5. Mira & Henry

    I think Betty is a bit older very sexy bi girl, who was very engaged sexually with Mira
  6. Mira & Henry

    yes we have
  7. Mira & Henry

    or it was a different girl, i don't know too many of them
  8. Mira & Henry

    Vera is a good pussy licker as i remember
  9. Mira & Henry

    she said her birthday is today 25
  10. Misty - Part #2

    let them be free, we're not monsters, if they love each other...
  11. Misty - Part #2

    Misty you're sexy lady pumping hard
  12. Arnie & Karla

    let him get a fuck out of here if he doesn't want to obey the vhtv rules, he doesn't want us, we don't want to watch him, easy
  13. Linda & Carrie

    but the most important thing is, that she loves ( likes) him
  14. Linda & Carrie

    oh he's so kind young man
  15. do those girls always fully dressed or nobody have access to bedroom etc?