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  1. Her, the cats and even Laima offered more than Mel & Frida did, stop parroting the troll narrative...
  2. That's where we'll disagree my friend. The epitome of "overstaying their welcome" and "unable to get anything going" hasn't carried anything. Don't get me wrong, I liked Holly and would like to see her return, but the praise and gushing over her on here is more a result of horrible recruitment than anything else. Laima, Cherry, Mel, Frida and Evelyn should never have been on RLC's radar, let alone been in B4 for as long as they were. I get it, the CamCaps wolves were starved for entertainment since the golden summer crew, so the nibbles we've been served would resemble a feast.
  3. Luckily, Val and Holly are alone now so we can see some of that real action that they are known for. Right?
  4. Holly has been in the final stages of her stay for quite a while now. She'll only be focused on the final cash grab before she walks out the door, and only Valerie is a viable "business partner" after all the soap opera bullshit that has gone on in that house. I'm okay with that, and wish Holly welcome back without the drama next time. Valerie definitely understands "it's just a show" better than the others.
  5. Some of the best views we've had of Alla's body there, thank you Valerie! Next time wine first, then massage. 😉
  6. Spain has universal healthcare (among the best in the world), so no worries. If the injury should require any surgery or lengthy prescriptions, she should be able to prove she is in the country on a contract and RLC would have to cover the expenses (work related injury). Alla's injury should be healed in a few days with rest, cold compression and elevation of the knee. An orgasm or five will speed up the healing. I may have made that last part up.
  7. Alla injuring her knee could be a great opportunity for someone to play nurse tonight, just putting that out there... 😁
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