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    That's a possibility. I haven't seen a girl visiting her. Maybe she has no gal.
  3. pahman


    It seems to me that you are making the same mistake by comparing her to other girls after one action in her apt by saying this: " I'm really appreciating Ruby because unlike other girls, she isn't walking around naked for no reason, isn't flashing her damn pussy for to the camera every 3 seconds, isn't fucking guys or doing masturbating shows strictly for views or the audience. She's in that rare breed on this site that does things naturally. She didn't fuck this guy to fill some damn quota, she fucked him because she wanted to fuck him, at least I'd like to think so." Let's wait and see. We will see more or less from her the coming days (weeks) and then we will be in position to make a better judgment.
  4. pahman


    It is a 180 degree turnaround, which makes me think of some pressure (conversations?) from the managers behind the scenes.
  5. pahman


    Maybe people should wait a few weeks before writing things like these.
  6. pahman

    Foxy, Kira - Part #3

    Sad thing is that most of the girls (Misty, Lisa, Ana, Nyu) who are "in love" have Anna & Alex as managers. So we know that nothing we'll happen.
  7. I would like to see France or Brazil win the world cup. But i will support Russia against Spain (Spain has already won the WC) because as organizers i want them to go as far as possible. And who knows maybe they can win it this time.
  8. Yes, this is the Buddhist way of thinking. Each of our actions or decisions in life are causes that will at some point produce positive or negative effects in our lives. Which means that each of us is responsible for what happens in his life. We are what we decided to be and we meet people we decided to meet. This is called karma
  9. pahman


    They have an open loggia. That's why there's no cam there.
  10. What you see is not always what you get.
  11. You are right and her behavior seems sometimes to suggest that but I think that Lisa would not have gone so far (sex with Suzy and this) if VH wasn' t more important for her than her 'love' for Grant.