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  1. Ok, good luck for the future. ❤️
  2. @Ruby I wish you, Calvin and Jerry all the happiness of the world in your new lives. Strong people always use the circumstances of life to become even stronger, whether it was successful or not. ❤️ I was happy to see how you and Calvin were playing last night. About Jerry. Where is he going to live? With you or with Calvin? 😘
  3. Guys, there are 189984 people who follow Stella on Chaturbate. Maybe it was money for a taxi.
  4. Trixie and Leah apt offline for "personal issues". They were cleaning the apt. Trixie removed one cam in her bedroom and was trying to remove a second one. Looks like they are leaving that place or a landlord visit.
  5. You understand their language @groomy so maybe you're right. I don't know if it's right to say she fell into that trap because she tried twice in this same apt with Chloe and James but Grant wasn't okay. She tried twice with Lexy and Pete, it didn't work either. She tried again here twice and it worked. My guess is that although there are signs that Lisa is a highly emotional person, she knows exactly what she's doing and what she wants. She seems to be a thoughtful woman. She knows that without doing something different, they are not going to survive in an environment of nearly 40 apartments. Lisa, Misty, Juliet and Trixie in the same party would be epic.
  6. @Mrs.Kitty Maybe it's time for you to ask yourself if Grant is the right guy for your life.