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  1. Toute l'Europe ne dirait pas non.
  2. Ana would like to be fucked.
  3. Well he had no problem with Juliet. I think he needs some time to accept seeing Ruby fucking another guy.
  4. I saw Ruby slapping Calvin.
  5. Calvin doesn't seem to be 100% into it.
  6. I think this has more to do with the age gap between them and A/L/P
  7. They started in russia for a reason. It's more easier and cheaper and laws in other countries for these sort of activities are different.
  8. pahman

    Monica & Dan

    Well, they had already fucked twice the same day before sharing the sofa.
  9. pahman

    Monica & Dan

    I don't find this situation strange. The guy fucked Selma. 24 hrs later, Selma fucked another guy in the same house. Maybe he thought Selma was only for him.
  10. pahman

    Ruby Part #2

    That's alright. Yes, people should do that directly instead of threatening the person who made offensive comments.
  11. pahman

    Ruby Part #2

    One of the ways (i believe the best way) to report someone's comment is to send a PM @moos54 who is the moderator. No need of threatening people.
  12. pahman

    Juliet & Pablo

    I get the feeling that this place is on life support.
  13. pahman

    Monica & Dan

    I understood what you meant. The reality is that not all women like that. Some find it degrading, other have no problem with it.
  14. pahman

    Monica & Dan

    Cum and water are not used the same way, Jabbath.