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  1. a gentleman who slept on the sofa dressed with the nike brand last night .... a few minutes ago he came in and took off his jacket ... (all nike) now i don't know where he is
  2. try searching in the archives apartment mr.art and arianda
  3. in this party missing the intervention of alex and anna😉.....if alex enters through that door, sabrina will get up from her chair in a few seconds!!!!
  4. tutti hanno lasciato la casa ,,, Sabrina con zaino e cambio di vestiti ... Spero che vadano in un'altra casa vhtv .. no communication twetter 😒
  5. Sabrina: Run away from this house and find a man like Alex...go! go! go!
  6. hopefully soon .... did you get information from the managers?
  7. cleaning the house and new location of the balloons ... maybe tonight there is a party or maybe not ..... we hope vhtv will solve the connection problems anyway😉
  8. Sabrina go to the bedroom with your friends that maybe you will find better than looking at the phone😉
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