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  1. zzakary

    RealMyCam.com voyeur news announcements

    Wrong dosage for Miranda, it seems...
  2. The girls get on well, all too well, that's the problem, they get into a routine and that kills B4, they agree, they take the money and do things as less as possible Oksi was essential to the smooth running of B4, when B4 was purring, oksi put the messy, and presto,it started again, even better than the time before Oksi break the routine,similar girl to Gigi or Selma Plus and for me the most important,there are also the cameras with only one point of view, the rear,when do you see every time the same thing, day after day, impossible to see in front, what the girls do, it's as if you were eating everything the days the same thing, the habituation settles down and you do not take any more pleasure to look, whereas with the diversity, impossible to be bored, because you can play with the angles of cameras, the girl blocks you a right, you change camera, with the camera system of the bedrooms of B4, it's impossible to do that, you're blocking by the one way vision and you suffer the events Why do you think RLC is changing angles and putting extra cameras in couples' homes,in part to get old subscribers back who had stopped their subscriptions because they had the same feelings as you, right now with B4 The placement of the cameras in the bedrooms is preponderant, I take the example of myself, I looked a lot Gina with the B2 bird cam, while I did not look Gina, or few at B1(cam at ex gina's bedroom are fine,but i know gina's body,but not like B2 bird cam show me gina) Have the choice in the views(ahead and rear is the minimum) and the angles change all the vision and pleasure that procure to watch RLC But hey Mc,the girls of B4 have become so lazy, coupled with the bad bedrooms cameras at B4, makes at this particular moment,B4 practically hard to watch for me too And Ginger don t help me,to returning in that giant place...
  3. tx 4 the tip spicy boy... 😏 Enjoy that skinny beauty...
  4. RLC's A-holes had 2 choices, Gigi type, Serafima type,guess what choice they made... What else can i say... Poor Ginger... Angelina type... Dean of the Barcelona girls Easygoing Excellent hygiene of life Solo behavior girl Its an outside girl Aside Warning sexual advertising... Always the same long boring & robotic masturbation routine with 1 finger with always the same kind of bizarre position in a sort of levitation,with also "poker face" emotion and tiny climax,almost non existant
  5. Enjoy Spicy boy,its fiesta 4 U Serafima and now Angelina lucky boy...
  6. Angelina is back,sad news for B1 and Ginger... Damn it that apt is cursed...
  7. Dont forget,she has the water too,S-moos...
  8. Oh yeah,sticky leather couch now,Ginger ur a dream.. W We Wet...
  9. G you really deserve some other 3 extra pizza sauce... Go Go Go G...Big O Big O Big O
  10. Unstoppable... Wild... Ginger ur soooooooo Fresh...
  11. Big O 4 hotty G... ENJOY Coca-Cola ...
  12. The clitoris set up of Ginger is perfect...
  13. Je suis en France,a Paris,ca fonctionne bien en ce qui me concerne
  14. The virus Serafima,the sniffing queen of misery and desolation all dressed in black on her throne,reign over B1 the cursed,observe her through the looking glass... Sick,pale,depressed,dejected,sold out Life is an infinite nightmare,even in her dreams... https://replay.reallifecam.com/view/11_5?ts=1550466949&from=share scared of her own image Aside @ed2 Avoid my fantasy comments and dark pics and enjoy these powerful and effective jets,she could easily equip any type of Jacuzzi...
  15. zzakary

    Olivia & Nick Chat Topic 2019 #1

    Taya is an awesome and funny girl and her crazy BFF too,nice 2 see u... Давай,Давай,Давай,Давай,Давай,хватит кричать!......