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  1. Not much they can do about it if they can't identify them as your's is there.
  2. Anytime is perfect mate. Don't put off 'till tomorrow what can be done today.
  3. She used to go to twerking lessons Aussie, and sometimes would include it in her dance sessions at the other apartment.Although any type of dancing from her is more than welcome.
  4. There are two additional apt quotes, “ And when I grew up I put away childish things “ and the other is “ ‘Tis better to keep your mouth shut and look stupid, than open it and confirm the fact “
  5. It’s clearly obvious it’s a waste of time trying to reason with a delusional person such as yourself, You are never going to meet her or talk to her, and the only way you are ever going to have sex with her is in your fantasies. You're living in your own little world, good luck to you. I am not disrespecting her by advising you what she would probably think , I’m stating fact, but if it is beyond your comprehension then I can offer no more advice, so continue to make a fool of yourself at your leisure. I will revert and continue blocking you... it’s easier.
  6. Johnny5.....Look mate, with the utmost respect, and I really do mean that. You are missing the point completely. Many, but not all of your remarks are considered disrespectful and distasteful on the thread you entered them on..You may well believe that they are exciting and pleasing Leora, but I assure you they are in all probability having the opposite effect. Because she does what she does is not an opportunity for people to treat her with any less respect than they would if she were related to them. Contrary to what some people think and argue, she does read CC, and sometimes has in the past acted upon certain request to move something out of the way that was blocking a certain view....but I don't believe she has ever done sexual request's through the forum. It doesn't further your argument or cause to insult those who object to your postings, you know nothing about them and because someone disagrees with you is no reason to classify them all as "old, ugly, sexually dysfunctional,lacking in testosterone or even snowflakes " Some of us may indeed be some or all of those things, but both you and I have no way of knowing do we? You get your kicks from expressing yourself the way you do on the forum, and there is no problem with that if it were confined to a " specific thread " within the parameters of Leora's pages, but not perhaps under " General Chat " . You could name it whatever you wished I would imagine, and it would then be available for anyone who was like minded and perhaps Leora to peruse to their hearts content. Like you, we are all voyeurs on this site and respect each others likes and dislikes, that is why there are different threads for people to express particular subjects on without forcing them on others....Its nothing to do with "snowflakes or people throwing rocks and hiding ". I certainly don't hide, if you wish to have a serious factual discussion with me I have no problem with that at all, you can either do it on here or via PM..No subject is out of bounds. Finally, this post is not meant to goad you, its a genuine and sincere message, please accept it as such.
  7. It's been ruined by infantile morons. who like naughty schoolchildren think it very clever to make crude sexual remarks to a woman. How would they feel I wonder if those remarks were aimed at their girlfriends/wives/mothers....? I would like to see how you would perform if Leora ever confronted you, she would reduce you to a quivering gibbering fool in seconds, then we would all see what "erectile dysfunction" is really about. You talk a good shag, but talk is cheap my friend,as you will discover when you grow up and enter the real world. So it's goodnight from this old man with low testosterone. Play nice with the other kids. Don't bother to answer, I have blocked you, so you will be addressing yourself.
  8. Raul399....I have no problem whatsoever with naming you as one of the people I have blocked, although not for the same reasons, most of your comments are not of a sexually demeaning nature, more an endearing type which even though funny at times become rather repetitious especially when they repeatedly take up two or three pages...Nothing personal just my choice. It was suggested that another stream be started to accommodate those who do not like the unsavory innuendo, my objection to that was clearly that if people wish to post page after page of suggestive remarks it should not be in the General Topic section, but in a specially created thread where like minded people can express themselves to their hearts content without criticism from others. I think you will find it's more than 20 euros for a standard membership of RLC as you have stated.
  9. Iwis is probably right, it is trash talk. Your suggestion that it is only comments is true also, along with your suggestion to open another thread. But this thread is for General Chat so I think that it should be for those who want to trash talk her continuously to open the alternative thread, and leave this one to those who don't want to do so.Its not slowing her down any but it seems to have turned this part of the forum into a three man show of poor taste. This thread used to be quite entertaining with different opinions on different subjects, but has now been hijacked and has sunk to new depths,and if she did ever read what is written she would not be flattered or amused by the infantile and disrespectful comments that some people are trying to justify as words of endearment. I personally just block the individuals comments, but there are others I'm sure who will be driven away from the forum and not renew membership in the future. Just my opinion folks.
  10. Would you get on a plane and go through customs at your destination with two huge dildo's in your luggage? I think not.
  11. If I had a wish, It would be to see her dance more often, but as the saying goes “ Beggars can’t be choosers “ She used to do some marathon dance sessions in Russia, which I thought were extremely erotic and she also seemed to enjoy letting herself go as she became immersed in the music of her favourite groups..
  12. Been catching up on a few sessions a kind friend had sent me. Certainly seems as though she has been busy, and managing to occupy her time in a thoughtful and considerate manner, trying to feed the insatiable appetite of us followers. I have read some complaints about the positioning of cameras and where she chooses to work....I’m not sure what the number of the cameras is, but I think from what I have seen that she utilises what is available very well, although the two in the living room and bathroom need a clean I believe....she as always is very aware of the positioning of the cameras, and ever the professional she places herself in the most advantageous position for maximum viewing. Some folks are wanting her to meet a guy or girl, Personally I don’t think that is going to happen, it’s not what she would do, I honestly believe she is a one man woman, and although she may fantasise the situation I don’t see it materialising in reality. Its good to see her back, although as I mentioned before, I don’t see it continuing for much longer.....I sincerely hope I’m wrong, we shall see. Looking at the time lines on the videos I have received, I notice she still stays awake very late and sleeps in in the morning....She is beginning to look tired.....probably still letting social media control her life....strange how today’s generation can’t be away from a phone,it’s their life’s blood.
  13. I am not a follower but I do like her, she has done the UK no harm, in fact she has probably done a lot of good, brings a great deal of revenue into the country, so to an extent she earns her keep and leeches of no one......But as I mentioned ....The other snot gobblers are not worth a toss.
  14. Our most gracious majesty Queen Elizabeth has in fact reigned for 67 years so far, she has been a good monarch as monarchs go, can't be said about her offspring's though.....Bunch of twats, and now we have imported an American twat to boost the breeding stakes......Now she is someone you really should take the piss out off....Either that or put her in RLC.....She says she's an actress...then let her join all the other actresses.
  15. I suppose I must concede to your superior knowledge regarding this person, you obviously know her capabilities intimately......Who am I to dispute such evidence. I have no blind love for this woman whatsoever, I call it as I see it....If in my opinion she is not worth the membership money then I say so, and when she again in my opinion pleases me I also say so......I have no " blind " love or dislike for anyone, why would I......Which it seems you are more than capable of expressing, especially your dislike of her. It seems to me my friend that your blind dislike and lack of respect toward her are " clouding your judgement " or perhaps I touched a nerve? which seems the likely reason.
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