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  1. Interpret whichever way fits your opinion....I know what I wrote and why I wrote it, and it really doesn’t matter to me what you think...You distort it whichever way suits..
  2. Naturally I cannot produce figures to support my claim, but conversely neither can you to nullify my claim But I believe there are more than a handful of like minded people that possibly agree. And I also am well aware that you know I am far from a sycophant...but do give credit where it’s due and express my opinion as honestly as possible.. Please or offend.
  3. I fail to understand why some people occasionally come on the forum and demand the removal of Leora......Whatever is going through their demented brains is beyond my comprehension. Yes of course people are welcome and entitled to their views on tenants within certain constructive and respectful parameters, but asking for the removal of probably the most loved and cherished girl ever to appear on RLC...is bordering on complete insanity. If RLC took any notice they would no doubt loose a minimum of 50% membership overnight. and replace her with what? a skank who would be so plastic that Greta Thunberg would complain about her polluting the planet. I have over the years aired my views about Leora, and not always in a positive way, as have others who perhaps would for whatever reason deny it, but she is by far the best at what she does and to quote Carly Simon “ Nobody Does It Better “ So! Save your breath, she ain’t going nowhere, and rightly so.
  4. I won’t play your games Pepe, you are fully aware of what I am suggestions...Keep your BS for others who believe it..... Im of to dinner...Goodnight.
  5. Pepe I think you will never admit to seeing what others may see....You have a vested interest not to.
  6. Yes it is a troll, but we must learn to distinguish the difference between them and a temporarily dissatisfied member...and respond accordingly instead of grouping them all together and responding in a like manner. It has been happening, and we can’t accuse everyone who disagrees a troll
  7. I would like to point out that my previous post in no way supports the views in any way of the “ Leora Haters “ but does support their right to air their views on an General Discussion thread , personally I don’t see what they hope to achieve by their remarks, they are certainly not influencing RLC or any body else with an ounce of intelligence..Nevertheless they have the right..... The people who I feel sorry for is those who may have a different opinion to many of the members on the way the dynamics of the apartment are possibly changing, but are pilloried by a section of the community for having the temerity to oppose the “ Party Line “ of loving Leora no matter what.....Yet they do love Leora in their own way, but they may believe the Status Quo is changing which possibly is not agreeable to them... We all must learn to be more tolerant toward people with different opinions.....
  8. Catching up on resent posts here I notice that there has been a great deal of bickering and petty disputes and arguments.....A pity in my opinion. It is IMHO worth considering that this is the Leora & Malia “ General Chat “ section, and not the Leora & Malia “ Fan Club” section....Which means that any posts whether positive or negative within reason should be given the same consideration...and not set about by a pack of hounds baying for blood because it’s not an opinion shared by everyone....Opinions are what makes a forum work, not everyone voicing the same platitudes of love and devotion to a couple of girls none of us really know...They are a fantasy, and supply us with whatever they see fit to supply.....which is wonderful for some but not so wonderful for others..Different strokes for different folks. It seems that if a person has an opinion that goes against the grain of some members, then he/ she is automatically classified as a troll and abused .....Live and let live folks....Stop trying to do the moderators jobs for them...If it is classed as wrong by them then they will step in... Some people like Jugghead are more tolerant and willing to genuinely listen to both sides before forming a rational opinion, but sadly many people are not.....And yes I’ve been guilty of it myself in the past. Learn to be more tolerant and understanding of people’s differences....It’s what distinguishes adults from children.. Have a nice day folks..
  9. I think you are wrong in your assessment as to whether RLC has any influence on what she does...IMHO they have a major influence...
  10. I am certainly not the right gender to dispute what you are saying, but what determines those times of masturbation according to you is governed by her waking time and sleeping time....which have by all accounts changed dramatically since Russia.
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