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  1. Whilst I agree with your sentiments, Paul bullying her is nothing to do with his employment status, its to do with his mentality and his controlling personality in my opinion. Although as I have stated before, he should for his own self esteem find employment before he becomes unemployable.
  2. Yes, she is extremely intelligent, so no I'm not kidding you....A persons choice of soulmate, companion, lover or whatever, does not in any way define their intelligence. Ask your partner. 🙄 Get real yourself dude. 😺
  3. Yep !! Like all bullies he sees women as fair game, Fortunately he stopped himself in time, It was all born out of his frustration because he couldn't find the hat he wanted, he firstly kicked the wardrobe door in the bedroom, and became more irate when he got to the end of the hall and found it....probably blaming "The Little One " for not knowing where it was. I am not a lover of Paul but he is her choice, and in all fairness they have been getting along good for a while now, and he seems to accept that she sometimes needs time alone to express herself and keep us viewing . "The Little One" is his meal ticket and he should be very careful of his attitude toward her, because she might wake up one day and decide she can do better without a quick tempered liability weighing her down...I doubt it, but stranger things have happened. For both their sake he really needs to find employment again, when working they are a better couple in my opinion. His attempt at self employment ( If that's what it is ) does not seem to be the great success he might have hoped for, perhaps he should be honest with himself and admit to an admirable and honourable defeat, before he gets into a rut and ends up turning the clock back to their situation of two years ago. " The Little One" is strong willed and intelligent enough to realise who is the one who puts bread on the table, she holds all the bargaining chips.....she should use them to her full advantage. 🐱 And he should keep his hands to himself, nobody admires an abusive man. 🙂
  4. She has just given me my " fix " Thanks luv 😊
  5. I am not very experienced with technology and tend to steer clear of things I don't understand, but I will certainly look into it for the future. Many thanks for your advice.
  6. I know the situation with Paul being home 24/7 brings negativity to the apartment, and will no doubt become worse when the winter months set in. The way in which he leaves the apartment to allow her to satisfy us is commendable, but, can make the whole situation too choreographed and a race against the clock for her to complete before he returns. The days of long dance sessions and teasing build ups, followed by a superb masturbation or two are I fear gone, until he becomes employed again ( if ever ) But it is worth remembering that " The Little One " on a bad day is still infinitely better than all the other apartments combined on their best days.IMHO 🙂
  7. I have been away in Turkey for the past two weeks, where CC is banned as pornographic, and the WiFi is so weak its impossible to attempt to watch RLC, At the moment I am suffering from severe Leora withdrawal symptoms, and am in urgent need of a fix....So " Little One, " as a benevolent person with medical experience and a good heart, I would seek your help in getting back to some form of normality. Thanks Luv. 😘 PS; Turkey is a very popular tourist area for Russians, I have been to this resort several times, and often see and talk with Russian people I have met there before, who return on a regular basis like myself.
  8. Remember this my big nutted friend....." The little one " would not be at all pleased if you and that foul smelling skunk harmed me at all....She thinks I am cute, and who am I, or indeed you, to dare disagree with her. 🙄
  9. She may have to consider letting the fur on her perfect pussy ( no not me ) thicken up a little to prevent winter chills. 😀
  10. Because I have blocked the cretin I don't get to see what he posts, unless it's by a third party, like yourself. I don't think he is intelligent enough to grasp that hate is self destructive.....does he really think that Paul or " The Little One " really give a shit what he thinks of them? ...I think not. He is a very bitter and twisted person who must wake up in the morning and go to bed in the evening living, breathing , eating and drinking venom, to spew out in his hate filled and envy motivated posts on this forum. I personally have no feelings for him but pity......A sad sad person.
  11. I wouldn't be able to, I'd be dumbstruck and paralyzed with disbelief and excitement......I wish she would though, just for the experience. And the bonus in it for her is the fact I'm really cute......😂
  12. Strewth Aussie mate, I'm bloody serious. 😂
  13. What's not to admire about this creature......If God made anything better than her, he's keeping it to himself. 😂