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  1. jimbo4

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    lol, 😂 I liked her very much from 5 years ago, and my opinion of her has not altered significantly in that time, she is still beautiful, and although she has gained a few kilo's I personally think it looks good on her, she now has the full blown body of a woman as opposed to a child, and in my opinion stands comparison with all of the other girls on RLC,....One thing's for sure, she knows how to use that body of hers and she knows what the viewers like....which is more than can be said about most of the other plastic poseurs in the other apartments. Yes she could look after her body better by exercising as she used to, and by eating differently. but she is young and lives for today, and long may she continue to give me and many other people pleasure.....If not yourself. 😁
  2. jimbo4

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    I think you are absolutely right Ash, As much as I like and admire Leora, my personal preference would be for her to have pubic hair. She hasn't to my knowledge had any serious cosmetic surgery to enhance what mother nature so graciously bestowed on her, apart maybe to the lips ( not 100% sure ) she has perfect natural breasts. arse and stomach, good legs and a better than pretty face. Personally, I think a covering of well groomed dark hair contrasting her skin would be more than acceptable.....but that's just my opinion......Different strokes for different folks. 🙄...........Did you really look like her when you were 11 ? 😂 Only joking Ash. I appreciate what you mean.
  3. Hi Ash, Apart from smelling worse than a three week old corpse, and refusing advice on personal hygiene, I quite like the odious one.
  4. You have also done a lot of things in the forest that no one should ever see.
  5. She is without doubt a very special lady, She at her worse ( If there is such a thing ) is still infinitely more watchable than any of the other apartments at their best. In my opinion, not only will it affect the membership numbers of RLC for a while, but unfortunately also the membership of CC when she eventually departs.
  6. jimbo4

    The Leora and Paul Mystery

    Occasional ? Any objections to regular...😂
  7. jimbo4

    The Leora and Paul Mystery

    She is an enigma, whilst there is no doubt she is an exhibitionist ( at least she is indoors ) she is also an introvert. They are both highly educated,and from what I have observed of him he is basically a shy man.They both don't drink alcohol except on rare occasions and it seems they are comfortable in each others company. The possible problems could materialise when they get older and she no longer does RLC, and sex becomes less important to her, do they have enough to keep them together.....we shall never know, I hope so, perhaps their relationship will be even stronger.She by the way was 28 on Monday. 🙂 She does have of course other things to occupy her in between masturbation's 😁 Art, needle-craft, reading and her music, and dancing, surprisingly for such an introvert she is very much into heavy metal groups. 🙂
  8. Its quite possible he is on his annual holiday entitlement, but I would imagine the situation will be much clearer next Monday- Tuesday.
  9. As predicted earlier, flowers have just been put in the kitchen. 💐
  10. Cruel !! 🤣🤣
  11. Strangely enough Howard, in past years she has had flowers....but the day is not yet over, perhaps he will surprise her, us and himself with a small gesture.
  12. Out for a birthday dinner ?? 🎂🍹
  13. I guessed.....😀🙄