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  1. BB. A better question might be " why isn't Leora a lesbian " Think about it.
  2. She goes for a Pony and Trap and Jimmy Riddle wherever she likes, And as for taking her out for a Ball of Chalk, it's probably uncomfortable for her as she has a low Derby Kelly, and we wouldn't want her Grumble and Grunt to get damaged would we.
  3. You've just got to laugh at her sense of humour, she couldn't stop herself laughing when she saw herself with the black face mask on in the bathroom, it really amused her.😂
  4. Bad news day folks, she has just welcomed her monthly visitor......out of action for a few days, time for some house maintenance.😤
  5. She was in a rush to get out this morning, and she has left the carpet down in the living room. It's only a matter of time before Eva christens it I suppose.
  6. I don't think the food is gifted, in fact we have probably all seen her pay for it when it's delivered.With regard to the fitness situation, she is extremely fit , and weren't we all at 27, she can dance for hours on end without a rest, her exercise routine ( when she can be bothered to do it ) would be suitable to keep her in shape if she did them more often, and for longer periods with more sets. She has been blessed with a magnificent body that many women would love to have ( so would many men ) but she does little to keep the effects of ageing at bay, and the process creeps up on us gradually and without us noticing, until it's too late. She bought gym membership for Paul and herself last year but seldom makes use of it, and as for rubbing creams and coffee solutions on her body and masks on her face, what does it achieve? Does polishing a car make it work better, or make the engine more reliable, and putting the wrong food in it ( gas or fuel ) does not do the engine any good at all. She is a terrific girl who is at the top of the league in her chosen lifestyle, but mother nature and old father time will treat her no differently to anyone else in life, but she could with a little effort keep it at bay for longer. This is in no way a criticism of the lovely lady, it's an observation and honest opinion.
  7. I think the only thing she has not put on her face or body today is furniture polish.
  8. I think it has got to the stage with her now that she has more money than sense, she wastes money on so called beauty products that are in all probability useless, Coffee Scrub, Creams, a face mask that can't possibly do any good in the five minutes she has it on for, sachets of " wonder " treatments to keep her looking youthful. It's no good rubbing potions on the skin to prevent or reduce cellulite, the only way is a regime of proper diet and excercise, which unfortunately she does not stick to for longer than a week or so.....sad really, because she is a natural beauty with a good metabolism, and is extremely flexible and fit at the moment, but if she keeps throwing the same old crap down her throat and takes her body for granted for much longer, then she will certainly pay the price later in life..... " Prevention is better than cure." Just an honest observation.
  9. I don't dispute that at all BB, I was was merely asking Howard if he was sure, or indeed is anyone else sure? would be nice to know, and plan the week accordingly.
  10. Yes I agree, but it still made me smile, as I think it did you.
  11. I am only asking, as its only around 23 days since the start of her last one.
  12. Are you sure she has a " tummy ache " H,