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  1. Dammit Sir !! Bloody outrageous let me tell you......Are you ignorant to the fact that wars have been started for less?...Unforgivable !!! Moderate yourself at your earliest convenience and do not commit such a heinous crime as speaking honestly again.....This could be your final warning. Repent Sinner !! 🤣🤪
  2. No ! I agree, membership of RLC is not a prerequisite of posting on the forum, but I would imagine that it would be difficult to present an accurate assessment of the state of play without it....perhaps I’m wrong, but I would personally not feel I was in the position to do so unless my termination of membership was very recently, otherwise my assessment would be outdated wouldn’t it. Some of the responses to certain posts could be more conciliatory without doubt, as antagonism breeds antagonism and ultimately does nothing to ensure a harmonious site where all opinions can be aired and dis
  3. Some of your point's may be on the fringes of factual, but as for " kicking" them out of the apartment I think you are being extreme in your views, not only that but you keep playing the same record on permanrnt loop. For whatever reasons some people adore Leora and or Malia just as much as some people dislike them, whilst some are like myself who like Leora but don't particularly enjoy some of the " shows " for various reasons....Our options are simple at that moment....either watch, switch apartments or find something else to do for that particular time and try again later. We do v
  4. I don’t in any shape or form endorse his constant rants, but I respectfully would appreciate some clarity from yourself in regard of your definition of “childish “ behaviour. Again with respect, you are the individual who repeatedly comes up with “ thank you Leora, love you, big kiss to your wonderful tits “ and also one of the three perpetrators of the infantile emojis that are placed on peoples posts you are in dispute with, immaterial of what they have written... A touch of hypocrisy perhaps, perhaps you disagree?
  5. I wonder when people slag others off on the forum if they would have the balls to do it face to face.....I very much doubt it !
  6. With respect Virginie, you don't happen to be laying in the same bed as Aussie do you ? The reason I ask is that he has fantasy's sometimes...Actually thinks he's a blonde Adonis. The day either of the girls does what you would like is the day Aussie wins the Mr Universe contest, and Carlton have a woman playing in their team.🤪
  7. YOU WISH !! Dreaming is for when you're in bed Aussie 🤣
  8. The “ peasants “ you mean ?😊
  9. More to the point Aussie, are you the same person that you were 16 months ago, apart from being older that is?
  10. Don’t throw the ball if you can’t catch it coming back at you mate....Simple fact of life and survival.😉
  11. My loss perhaps SG...but my choice. Why would you have to be so scared?....Strange remark! 😉
  12. I don't often agree with the skunk nowadays, but on this occasion he's right regarding shift working. One clocked off and within minutes the other one clocked on...Like most of what they do nowadays, planned, synchronised and calculated. No sooner was the lift door shut,she was undressed, meat on display like a butchers shop, absolutely no finesse. Some of the time they have spent indoors this past two weeks was because of sickness, Malia was on the rags for a few days, Leora started hers and gave a token gesture yesterday for our benefit, although lenthy, certainly nothing that
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