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  1. I think it could be coconut oil...🙂 In room and warm temperature it is free flowing, but in the cold it solidifies similar in appearance to candle wax. But then again I could be totally wrong..🙄
  2. Never accept that when Auntie is visiting that all is lost, The Little One has come good tonight with a superb surprise session......Top marks to her. ⭐⭐⭐ 😊
  3. I notice that she has over-trimmed IMO her pubic Brazilian, personally I thought it was perfect as it was, just enough dark hair to contrast that magnificent body. At least she has 5-6 days now to allow them to mature again...🙂
  4. She is looking stunning, naked and relaxed...😊
  5. Perhaps it wasn’t Tampons she was searching for, as it seems she is up for some fun 😊
  6. Get ready SC, at 0047 this morning she was desperately searching in the bathroom drawers, the wardrobe and every other conceivable place, for what I suspect was Tampons, but could not discover any.....Hence the reason I guess why she didn’t complete anything tonight......
  7. It was worth staying up until 0330, so it’s goodnight from me...😴
  8. Are you sure you know that Aussie mate ? By the way, how’s things with you now?
  9. And I am equally sure that I know you don’t know what you think you know 😹
  10. Are you sure you're sure, or are you just hedging your bets in case you're unsure off how sure you really are...😹😹
  11. You constantly refer to peoples " mental problems " and over exaggerating amounts of posts by particular people, and at the same time telling them that you only deal with logic......As I mentioned to you last week, perhaps you and I plus Raul can all meet up and jog along to your therapist......On second thoughts, perhaps not...he hasn't done much for you has he....Work in progress methinks.....And I should know, I don't know about logic and I am a genuine lunatic...always have been.
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