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  1. Leora at one time or another would post on this forum under another name, and certain members of the forum were in touch with her through other social media channels. I wasn't actually complaining that someone had " fucked it up " I was putting certain "fact's " right that had been misquoted and attributed to the wrong person. It will take a long time for " Clementine's sister " to come along I suspect.
  2. The date shown 7-7-19 is in actual fact the date of uploading the video to that site as Moos54 implies.......The actual date of that masturbation 15-June -19 was in fact three days before they took the apartment off the air.
  3. See the post before this from ipiratemedia, but substitute "most of the girls" with Leora.
  4. Happy Independence Day to our American cousins. Have a good one
  5. Happy Independence Day to our American cousins. Have a good one
  6. Happy Independence Day to our American cousins. Have a good one
  7. Sorry, yes I realise that now..Early mornings!!
  8. On her birthday, 18 June PS; Sorry for this answer, I misunderstood the question.
  9. In actual fact Johnny the Date was 22-3-18
  10. Of course you do. Who would expect anything less.
  11. Want some lasagna Pepe...It's quite informative..
  12. Puffin Web Browser on iOS, Adieu In December 2010, we at CloudMosa started Puffin Web Browser, which was an instant hit. Later, Puffin Academy was launched to help K12 students access education-related content on iOS devices. On May 4, we announced that Puffin Web Browser and Puffin Academy on iOS will be discontinued. The reason is very simple. Development has long ceased since Apple saw Puffin as a rival and unfairly stopped us from releasing updates through App Store policies. It has become increasingly difficult to keep up with new Web technologies without being able to update the iOS apps. We recognized that the time has come to turn off the service. For free Puffin Web Browser users, the service will shut down on July 1, 2019. For paid users of Puffin Web Browser, the service will be extended for a while for you to transition to another solution. To everyone who used the Puffin Web Browser on iOS: thank you so much. We will keep the project running on Android. If you have enjoyed the experience of using Puffin Web Browser and Puffin Academy, please leave us a comment in the App Store.
  13. Puffin sent messages to those that use it.
  14. Puffin will be shutting down imminently, there is an alternative called Photon.
  15. HaHa !! As always slug, Very brave behind the shield of anonymity..Your venom never surprises me.....And for those on the forum who have no idea why he is being such an arsehole let me explain....Over two years ago he accused me of being responsible for Leora deleting her account on various social media sites including this forum, I wasn't, and myself and certain others on this forum know who was and why. But Scutus being the supercilious holier than I prick that he is, decided that without a shred of proof or evidence ( which I openly invited him to supply via this forum ) that the outrageous figments of his warped imagination were fact.....Despite several times being asked to supply said evidence. His trouble is that I don't subscribe to his idea of a true Leora sycophant like himself....Unlike him I could see faults with her, the same as we all have faults...apparently nobody is perfect apart from Leora and him in his strange lonely world....Either that or as I once mentioned to him, perhaps its because I am English and he has strong Irish genes....Either way I don't give a damn. My very existence seems to bother him, and periodically he rares up and decides it's time to open old wounds, today being such a time, strangely enough I have been expecting it, as he is so predictable. His existence has no bearing on my life whatsoever, and his rantings are nothing more than the rantings of an imbecile, who has been deeply wounded by the sudden loss of the one thing that gave him a reason to live his miserable self obsessed life. Leora!! Knowing how his demented mentality works, I will as always allow him the privilege of the final word ( His mum always allowed him to have it, so I indulge him also ). So slug, do your worse, vent your spleen with your fantasies and lies, but do not expect another reply. Toodles!! I wish you nothing but good health, and hope that one day your troubled mind finds peace.
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