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  1. Another riddle? Thanks for remindind me why I ceased visiting this forum, it wasnt because of the 90% of reasonable and articulate articles you wrote, It was because of the 10% of pathetic unsubstansiated inuendo you chose to fire in my direction,which made sence to only you and no-one else. I had no intention of hanging around beyond today anyway, and certainly not to massage your already over inflated ego any longer than was neccessary. You can now continue to preach your self righteous sermons to your desciples without further ado. Any response will be for your own gratification, as I am now gone again.......Toodles!!
  2. Immagine Scutus, me agreeing with your remarks twice in twenty four hours, Dare I immagine it could be habbit forming.......
  3. Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    You're not a voyeur, you're a masochist.
  4. Its not very often that I agree with my old sparring partner Scutus, but on this occasion his view is well founded and correct in all aspects.. Kudos to you Scutus.
  5. I have not been looking at or posting for a while, but on seeing the sad news about his death and knowing what he meant to Leora, I would respectfully add my condolences. A very astute and great role model, who despite his physical incapacity, overcame and was a giant in his field. R I P. Remember Little One, people only die physically, but not in your mind and heart.
  6. I stated a few days ago that I was finished with RLC and CC, and have not changed my mind, only to add that after seeing the remarks left by curious and ipiratemedia Joey, i thought I would add my parting contribution. Like you Joey and possibly you Curious, I too have had disputes and differences of opinions with " Leora " in the past, for which I am truly sorry they happened and apologetic that they had the effect they did, but overall I think the lady does a wonderful job of entertaining and stirring the imaginations of the majority of the viewers of RLC, and she should be commended on her overall good nature and tolerance towards sometimes vicious remarks made towards her. No one forces any of us to watch her, so why should we abuse her? if we have had disputes with her in the past we must learn to accept it and move on, not show our ignorance and bad breeding by insulting someone who is incapable of defending herself. She is a good woman who is hurting nobody, by bringing happiness to many people including myself. Show some class people, she will appreciate it......I will now return to hibernation and again bid you all farewell.....including " The Little One " who over the years has brought a great deal of happiness to my life.
  7. And likewise to you BB, along with the others, including my old sparring partner Scutus.......I don't watch RLC much now, personally there isn't much of any interest to me anymore, same goes for this CC forum......had some good times on both of them, but time to move on methinks....no doubt I will occasionally look in ......Enjoy, and all the best to one and all.👋
  8. Sounds feasible BB, but only if you are right that he knew.....what if he didn't ? I concede that the time he nearly caught her was probably known to him, but this one.........???
  9. I agree with you in regard to the final paragraph Joey, Personally I don't think she is overweight at all, it's as I have remarked before, when she first appeared in our lives she was no more than a child with the body of a child, but now she has developed into a fully fledged beautiful woman with the body to match. Like most women she is no doubt concerned about certain aspects of her body that she might not like as much as others, but I don't see that she has a problem at all, I think she used to have a friend from England who used to advise her on how her body was looking and developing, but I don't know if she is still in touch with that person, but in all honesty I don't see anything for her to be concerned about, and she should ignore anything from people who think otherwise.
  10. Aren't we all when we are watching her perform??
  11. The guy is highly intelligent, but stupidity can take different forms, as far as I am concerned if a beautiful girl is pleasuring herself less than ten feet from you, and you don't respond or realise it, then you're stupid. It's not a matter of whether he is a master of sex or not, that's irrelevant.
  12. Look at the silly bastard, he hasn't got a clue she has just satisfied herself in front of him......
  13. She is so daring, now gone into the bathroom to finish herself off on the edge of the bath....tremendous. And that thick prick didn't even turn round from his computer. ....waste of space... still she is a better show on her own, he spoils it because he adds nothing and takes away from the beauty.
  14. I cannot believe what I am seeing, she is bating on the couch while he is on the PC....wonderful and unbelievable