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  1. My normal reaction to that remark would be "Don't hold your breath" But in the case of Pepe it is prudent, nay, imperative that you DO hold your breath.
  2. She has several times previously. Perhaps if she stays the night you may get your wish tomorrow. Leora has returned without Emi, maybe next time cupcup
  3. Leora's best friend Emi is visiting, and as much as we would like something to happen, in reality it won't. PS; They have just gone out together 2020,
  4. At the end of the day it's all academic anyway....He knows which side his bread is buttered and is too idle to move from the comfort zone he has created and she perpetuates for him....And she on the other hand is stuck to him like shit to a blanket....Why is anyone's guess. Perhaps he has attributes that she enjoys and we don't see, if he has, then he is doing a magnificent job at hiding them.
  5. When he used to go away for sometimes up to a month on his military manoeuvers, she would be weepy and downcast for a couple of days, and then she was fine.I think she is far more resilient than we give her credit for, and has been used to dealing with difficult and sometimes unhappy times since childhood. Naturally ! It would all depend on what caused the situation,they have been together many years. Having said that, I believe you are right regarding her potentially leaving should this happen....Being an introvert there would be no possibility of her " demoting " herself to share an apartment with other girls, and its debatable whether she would be brave enough to occupy a place on her own, or indeed whether RLC would sanction it.....No doubt they would, they wouldn't want to lose the "golden goose"
  6. Could that possibly be because your hands are too busy, and its impossible to open the door with your mouth.
  7. This is the sort of red hot tease I was hoping for yesterday.....Superb!!
  8. From what I have been informed the answer is no....But, in this day and age anything and everything is possible.
  9. I will keep my answer simple, so you read it as it's meant to be read, and not open to your usual efforts at distortions and embellishments of what I write. Firstly! The "COULD" is self explanatory, inasmuch as in my opinion, if people are honest with themselves, as I believe the majority of CC members are, then it was not unreasonable for them to think that with Paul away and Leora not having "performed" for the previous two days, we "COULD" be fortunate to witness the return of the Leora of old. Secondly! The " WOULD " is patently evident, She started the buildup with the briefest of what were very erotic body movements in the LR, which " WOULD" in the day have been a lengthy "dance" session, before swiftly moving to the Bathroom,upon which she carried on with her movements, but with much of it off camera or partial views on camera 7 and head and shoulders and down to waist on camera 6..... Had she considered the camera angles of the bathroom, of which she is no doubt acutely aware, then with a little thought and adjustment this " WOULD" have been a perfectly reasonable show. Thirdly! Leora is a very intelligent woman,she would have been well aware of the criticism directed toward her recently, and with Paul absent this was her opportunity to turn things round and shut the critics up with a performance "par excellence", which would have been good for Newbies also....This in my opinion is what she "SHOULD" have done With regard to "Self appointed Judge and Jury" Scutus...To quote yourself " look in the mirror ".... Unlike some on this forum I tell it as I see it, if something is in my opinion good I will be the first to praise it, equally if it is bad in my opinion I will criticise it....without fear or favour. I do not subscribe to the Leora sycophant society like some on here....If I believe she has not performed well then I say so....Is there a problem with that Master? Leora has set the standards on RLC, and I along with some others I would imagine, subscribe to solely watch her, not the other apartments... She over the years has set the standard high, but unfortunately has for the past few months dropped below those high standards, I have every entitlement to comment on this slippage, and will continue doing so whether you approve or not...Along with praise if earned. I sometimes look at the sycophantic comments and hypocrisy on here from some folks after a moderate to poor "performance", and wish I could sell them a used car every week ....I would be a billionaire in no time at all. This answer to your inquisition I know will not be sufficient for you Scutus, but it's all you are getting, but knowing you from old, and your desire to always have the last word.......Have at it!! FINISHED!!
  10. It might have been business if we could see the teasing she was doing in the bathroom off camera ,and half body only.....We have seen much more when Paul is home, the buildup was abysmal. From my perspective it has been a disappointing two days.... But different strokes for different folks.
  11. Having just watched the replay, three words describe what transpired today COULD !! WOULD !! SHOULD !! After wasting yesterday and a great deal of today on the phone we were not unreasonable to think that something special COULD!! happen once she stopped talking The prelims started of reasonably in the LR with some body movements to the music, and WOULD!! have developed into a special situation...until all too rapidly she went to the bathroom and out of sight for a great deal of time on camera 7,and above waist only on camera 6 ,She was from what little could be seen,enjoying herself, giggling and laughing, not sure if she was just happy or laughing at us. She is aware of the angles of every camera in that apartment and knows exactly what can or cannot be seen, and sadly she forgot about her audience...although it got better but not great afterward. With Paul away it was a fantastic opportunity for her to excel and show us and the Newbies what at times she is capable of, and in my opinion she SHOULD!! have done so....An excellent opportunity wasted in my opinion....Obviously some people will disagree with my assessment, but I expect that.. He is not yet returned, so there is still a possibility of her creating something memorable....but up till now I think his absence has developed into a disappointment for voyeurs.
  12. Hottest Easter in over 70 years here in London, we don't often have great weather, so can't be bothered to wait for Leora to cast her favors upon us or not...bored with it yesterday and today so far. Out to enjoy the sunshine....😎....leave her to do whatever she chooses.
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