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  1. Not sure of spanish, must had some understanding living there, English to her fella so guess no Italian
  2. Bit silly leaving at 10pm with a curfew in place, maybe someone outside to pick her up..good luck to him/her otherwise another night sitting around bored.
  3. 😁😁 Def a booty call but i doubt it him...if it is he just made hero status
  4. Perhaps popping over to see Alberto and the dogs..they bonded well last time 😛
  5. Will be over by the time she gets there. Did eat earlier so maybe not bothered, just ready for the after party...new sound system so karaoke to come perhaps.
  6. Fills the glasses of others up, take them a drink, cheers, swigs hers, moves onto the next one. Must be a bottle ahead of the others...Needs her party early before Curly rocks up and summons her to HIS room
  7. That would be funny. Nelly in the left bed and Martina and Boggy in the other.
  8. Pam risking trouble..in the kitchen cooking...Megs to the kitchen Stat!!!
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