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  1. Should be the least of her worries..hows the cats..fine..the plants fine..now about your artwork...you can paint it again yes?
  2. dunno, one boring plant looking after another...funniest thing that happened out there was him setting fire to himself and the floor the muppet
  3. Does a fine job of blocking the cam as well Must be peace offering for Meg when she gets back..oh goody prickly crap on my balcony..surprised they didnt leave them in the bathtub just for fun.
  4. First thing in the morning she either had a bad call or text, set her off crying...then after being outside came back and either read the same message or a follow up and she had a weep. Girl needs to get drunk and laid, that will sort her out.
  5. not that i was stalking but...after being outside back up, had another cry on the bed, Masha came in and they did the enlightenment bit, lay on the bed together for bit, then chucked some legging on and a top and the black coat and out the door. Still not spoken to Meg that i have seen, kids today 😁
  6. Gone out, didnt dress up but after the the bit on the bed they left. Holly in with her all in black Ninja look.
  7. Masha back, not see Holly. Nelly down to get in the way, be mom to the brood Edit Holly as well
  8. I think with his "job" he works nights so yeah he rocks up early and to bed. I think they went at it in the bathroom, might be wrong. The day before the two guest couples both went at it. Again it the shower and no its mostly the guys ass you see and her in front of him after on her knees but he is facing away. Gina was awake about 24 hours the night before, Meg and Ari had her room, she crashed mid morning i think. Bruno rocked up and the girls left, the layout is not guest friendly with toilet access through the bedroom. One girl kept guard whilst the other got chan
  9. Shes going off on one down the phone at the moment, meltdown in progress. If its not him on the phone fair bet hes the point of her anger. He must of gone out or hiding under the bed , dont see the mutt either, maybe they have done a runner...
  10. The cards must of been after, so no idea if they interacted. She had a look of shock at the room on her return from Ginas, maybe the mess on the table to the left of the balcony door? It was covered in those onesy things they wear.. Actually stopped and looked at it and shook her head. Maybe a little size 3 foot stomp ( Last bit may or not of happened )
  11. Viv actually at B4, wasnt sure she had any plans to return, and alone no minder. Pam must need some "happy" time with the BF.
  12. No idea, didnt watch. Bit strange, Nelly seem to have"adopted" Meg these last few days. They have just left together. Shared tubs and all that. Not sure whats the crack, not seen anyone give any translations Wont last but something has happened. Only thing i did notice was when Meg returned yesterday the tub has become a community place and Holly and Mash left it in a mess. Meg tidied it up but a lot of tutting and talking under her breath...Maybe that pissed her off.
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