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  1. Maria & Mari

    finally the boundaries between us are destroyed, we are no longer shy of each other. our relations have reached a new level. Thanks guys for believing in us. and those who doubted and thought that all this prlosto show, well, you are very wrong guys!
  2. Maria & Mari

    Let's leave it in the past then. I can not understand the meaning of the action.
  3. Maria & Mari

    My apologies. I can not go to the site and see this moment, therefore I ask him to show it. Kapcha is not displayed, spent half a day trying to fix it, but never solved the problem. I have to see to understand how it happened. Can you help with this? I just do not remember this.
  4. Maria & Mari

    I'm a guest of the project and I write mostly about emerging problems with cameras, lighting, control and other things. News and a small fraction of the general information I can give. I like those supporting short-range action. Recently Maria has written from my account, but I was against it. I hope the negative will come to naught and you will reconcile.
  5. Maria & Mari

    When did I show my middle finger to the audience? Can I attach a screenshot? I just can not remember to offend users, I can show the finger of an idle thing or the situation that got me, but so that in the camera ... I was so drunk or did you catch the broadcast from the parallel universe?
  6. Maria & Mari

    when I showed my middle finger in the face? I was furious, because I cooked dinner, sliced vegetables for salad, and the pepper that I bought disappeared! had to go to 4 nights in the store for pepper ... this is not the most pleasant moment. About Mary just do not know what to say.
  7. Maria & Mari

    I recently bought pepper for a salad, and when I prepared everything it was not there !!!!!!
  8. Maria & Mari

    не понятно((( нужно изложить по иному
  9. Maria & Mari

    went for a walk, we'll be in an hour =)
  10. Maria & Mari

    =* =* =*
  11. Maria & Mari

    She takes a responsible position and if everyone finds out that she works on the project, she will be fired.
  12. Maria & Mari

    Ты давно со мной, как ты видела наши отношения с Гришей, мне правда нужен совет со стороны, во мне горит огонь и пламя обжигает меня, я запуталась.(
  13. Maria & Mari

    Mmm ... how nice, I'm very warm with this thought, it's really important for me to feel your love. I will soon promise you to learn English to speak with you. )))
  14. Maria & Mari

    огней не будет больше! мы не скрываемся, мы курим в туалете, у нас температура на улице бывает -25, на балконе очень холодно, мы часто болеем.
  15. Maria & Mari

    Детка, я в восторге от твоего творчества, мне лестно, что творческий человек так близок ко мне, спасибо)