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  1. Foxy, Kira

    hahaha Alan you got me (i guess he showing my pics to Foxy)
  2. Foxy, Kira

    interesting... she touch her hairs when speak with Alan
  3. Foxy, Kira

    now they are alone, Kira and Nina left the apartment this morning.... but they are sleeping ...
  4. Bree & Drew

    Dan is visiting the apt
  5. Foxy, Kira

    i see Foxy reluctant to kiss and touch Alan... this is why ... or if Alan try to touch her, she try to avoid him Edit: the time will give us all answers.. just wait
  6. Foxy, Kira

    good night Ash, i'm just woke up.. my day start from here Edit: damn is Amy who's going do sleep ... i need a coffee
  7. Foxy, Kira

    guys, maybe i'm wrong but we'll never see Foxy doing sex with Alan...
  8. Foxy, Kira

    ...and after this beautiful smiles i go to sleep... night at all
  9. Foxy, Kira

    they have fun for sure
  10. Ray & Polly

    Misty is not a prostitute it's a different kind of girl who have multiple relationships
  11. Ray & Polly

    i know what you mean, but try to avoid this accusations, we haven't proofs about it, so prostitute or not she have fun with guys
  12. Foxy, Kira

    for who love her feets
  13. Foxy, Kira

    i'm confused now, i guess Foxy is Lesbian because she don't kiss Alan ... just a shy forced kiss don't mean nothing, and she haven't full sex (not simulated sex) with a man Edit: she use strapons
  14. Foxy, Kira

    i guess VH will delete the tag Lesbian from apt title