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  1. I hope they will start to show at least some interest in the near future. this is too much and if you don't understand me again, I sincerely apologize to you, I'm drunk again. since I left wx.tv I get drunk every day.
  2. I knew em long before our appearance on the project, and personally to my regret it became an empty place. Oh how could I forget, em, Hello xD
  3. unfortunately em has deteriorated, and for a long time, for this reason was not with her asset, in her eyes no longer see what I saw on the day of our first meeting, not nice to realize it. I'm drunk now, and I can tell you anything. for example the that I sid . this post will not be anything other than my regret of the rotting of its essence. but at least one thing pleases - you still have hope. perhaps this is the answer why I did not show interest in the project. I hope you understand what I wanted to tell you not about what I sid, or justify it to you. No. I wanted to say I'm sorry. it all sounds really stupid. I'm drunk. the benefit of google helping me all this to tell you<3
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