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  1. ImJustThatBored

    Leora & Paul - Pictures (2019)

    She WAS laying with her ass facing the camera dicking around on the computer, but after Paul came in she decided to get under the covers.
  2. Millennials and their fucking phones man 🙄🙄
  3. ImJustThatBored

    Nina & Kira General Chat Topic 2019 #1

    They're bickering at each other again. Maybe they're arguing in the closet, because I can hear them on the bedroom cams, but not see them.
  4. That happens a lot on RLC in the roommate houses though. Maybe a glass of wine, some shitty music, dancing, halfassed massages and some boob/butt grabs, then everybody goes to bed. At least that's what I've noticed in the year or so I've watched, and the 6mos I've been subbed. Occasionally, there's some more in depth playing, but it's infrequent.
  5. ImJustThatBored

    Chloe & Tyler General Topic June - December 2018

    A nice little blowjob, and the sounds of the cat completely wrecking the house in the background 🤣
  6. That brings up a question I've got for these B apartments. I know VH has managers that get tenants, but what's RLCs deal? Do they run ads? "WANTED: Mid-20s russian girls to live rent free in brazil. Must walk around in little to no clothing. Occasionally grind and rarely finger each other, blueballing audience as much as possible. Must occasionally have parties that end with all participants immediately going to bed. Need 2 girls for one house to spend as much time as possible in bed and not interact with other tenants." From my POV anyway. I couldn't find a thinking emoji.
  7. I had a pair of those. They got stolen off my truck : /
  8. ImJustThatBored

    Nina & Alan and Serena - Part #3

    There's like paramedics or something at the house. Giving Nina an injection.