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  1. Hey there Stn! You always do such a great job here and I was wanting to post a gif/pic and didn't want to get it wrong in the forum chat. I looked or a help section but couldn't see anything on maybe HTML code or something I would need to post a simple gif/pic. Any suggestions you have would really be appreciated! Thanks so much in advance.



    1. StnCld316


      The easiest would be is  https://lightpics.net/    or   http://keep4u.ru/ .

      When you get to the Copy the Link select from the BBCode Menu and Select Full Image.  ON the keep4u.ru there is a checkmark to go in the Box that will separate the image from being seen in the Family Section.  If it does go there the Server will Remove the Image.


    2. Franklyn


      Hey there StnCld316! Thanks so much for responding. For some odd reason, I never saw that you had responded back to me in

      March, sorry for this delayed response. Great information you gave me it's super helpful. I will try sometime soon to do a first

      picture post. Thanks again!!  - Cheers and have a great weekend. 🙂🍻


      P.S. Are we allowed to know the band name of Nina and Kira? I have been so curious. Although I do agree that their private information should not be public knowledge, I just wasn't sure if their band was something we could know or not. I saw that Kira writes books as well? Very cool! it's so nice to see Kira getting some celebrity spotlight for a change- she's so sweet and deserves it. Thanks in advance for any info. 🙂

    3. StnCld316


      Only if someone wishes to share it through Private Messaging (PM) that's fine but it can't be posted publicly in the open.

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