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  1. Did anyone catch the vibe between Amina and Karol before they left earlier? Seemed a little strained, now a party at B2 without Karol. Hmm..
  2. Alice has been MIA all afternoon. It's ladies night in B2.
  3. The next time he goes out to the balcony to smoke they should toss him a pillow and lock his ass out. He does realize how big an ass he is making of himself.
  4. Alice seems mesmerized as though she has never seen this before and is asking many questions...her face was glued to the screen when Dalia went to the bathroom. She likes wine and porn, she has secrets..love the red panties..
  5. Throwing dollar bills at my big screen for Irma!!!
  6. Irma, you may put someone's eye out if you keep dancing like that.. LOVE It!!
  7. Alice speaks and drinks wine. Hmm. She speaks as much as Amina when she gets going she does not stop. Dalia is used to that. Ha! Nice to see her loosen up a little.
  8. Glad to see Amina back with her girl Karol. The way Karol looks at her.. She have her the space she needed to handle her business. They like one another a lot. Kim likes her too and Danaya.
  9. He's a human toad..not a frog. A big A$$ Ugly Toad. The girls tolerate him because of Kim. I can't stand him. I know that's sounds mean but I understand exactly what you mean Rock.
  10. So have we noticed that all the ladies here names all end in the letter A. DEBRA, ANITA, SANDRA, MIRANDA, TINA AND KARLA. Plus, LILY is usually short for LILIANA or it's just Lily like the flower.
  11. You have heard Anita listen to her daily affirmations, either before sleep or in the morning. She is maximizing her pleasure. Life is about living today. She is in control, one heart, mind, body and spirit. She has not forgotten anything.
  12. Sweet... It's the little things... She'll be back.
  13. One of these things is does not go with the Tequila. Somebody has to have some Vodka too.
  14. I think we have a new world record for candle lit in one bedroom.. Sandra y Lily...
  15. Tequila parties are usually much louder...just sayin..