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  1. On a serious note, it was cool to see Sandra hang with Dalia on her birthday while the girls went shopping for this party.
  2. Sandra trying her best to make Oksi look less manish by curling her hair...yes...I said it. 😁
  3. Hence the name of this unit "Girl/Girls on a Sofa". What a difference a day makes..I wish someone who cares about her would gift her a bigger phone...soon.😃
  4. Frank and Jenn..the undercover sex couple. She is really into this..not.
  5. charliefoxx69

    Jane & Dick General Chat

    Its seems our sexy but quirky guest is staying for a while with Jane. She has visited several times the last few weeks. She is beautiful but very strange chick, that's why she is friends with Jane. A delightful creature that's for sure. Loves the mirror and to wear sexy gear. A little holiday gift for us all. 😁
  6. Daisy moved into B4 3 days ago and has yet to unpack her suitcase. Strange.
  7. Que the music...but just the bridge from Peter Frampton's " Do You feel Like We Do"......yes... Who's wine? what wine? Where the hell did I.....you know the rest...
  8. So, Amira and Karina have a freaky side that they will obviously allow to be seen. Quite the "show". Who knew? Jenn allowing the girls to grind on and later fondle Frank was interesting because he could not respond. Over indulgence of whatever they were consuming. If you had told me that this swaray would turn like this after Sera left I wouldn't have believed it. It would be a little much to think this would be a pattern for B1/B3 if so Merry Christmas to all. If not, well it was nice for one night. Brew some coffee and let the clean up begin.
  9. Naga you missed your girl...
  10. Very funny...Karina the hot elf girl.
  11. Damn, I stopped to watch a movie and come back to Amira and Karina grinding on Frank WTH?