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  1. A long strange weekend indeed. Ms V's hippie boyfriend shows up without her, spends the night with Jane. Someone will return soon. Jane and V's hippie boyfriend are not at V's place, maybe a hotel? Unlike Dick Jane cleaned up any trace of her tryst before leaving.
  2. This place is the impitomy of Dark and Dank. NO LIFE. Where has Jane been all day? Dick. Whereabouts. Unknown.
  3. Some people want what they can't have or isn't theirs. Some people have what others want and don't know it. Some people can't have what they want. Some people don't want what they already have.
  4. Jane is always chasing those "Seconds of Pleasure" you can see that when she is alone or when engaged with Dick and now for what it's worth V's hippie boyfriend. Has a door opened that wasn't there before because of the change in Dick and Jane's relationship? Their home life pattern has changed quite a bit the last few months but particularly in the last 3 weeks.
  5. He made her cum. He treats V two the same finger treatment. A woman never forgets that. (just sayin)
  6. If I have said it once, I've said maybe more. You don't fuck your friends. You just don't. To me this is not really watchable. Jane not this dude, hell Slick anyone but V's hippie boyfriend. Oops...too late.
  7. If she did give him poontang it would be something. Unless, that's the talk she had with Dick before he left out . Did I just see them use the half bath with no cam? Dick move.. 🙂
  8. What the he'll is she thinking? It's certainly not about her long time friend Ms V.
  9. Jane is playing with fire. Where's Ms. V or Jewel ? Dick is in the streets we know that it's the weekend. Maybe this is who she sent the photos she took today.
  10. Jane has been the one who gets these girls to hang out. But it at times has come back to bite her and left her in tears. He enjoys it but not as much as he did at the start (Jewel) is a perfect example of that. There has been no sex between them at all for quite some time. Jane has not encouraged it either.
  11. I was talking about the wine glasses Dick left out when she originally arrived home. She stood in the kitchen looking at what he had not cleaned up before he and Katia left the other night.
  12. She actually came back to the apt mid week for about and hour. Then left out again.
  13. When Emily, Angie and Sam are not here. They are working, earning money or truly on vacation. Like anyone else when they do they need to work on assignment in another city, RLC lists them as being on vacation. They do as they seem fit when they are here and leave a proxy in their place because they have that as part of their deal with RLC who steam live 24/7. Complaining about that won't change they way they go about their business.
  14. Dick leaves with several bags, looked like clothing, but could be trash? Grabbed Jane's butt and kissed her before leaving.
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