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  1. And chris is rocking and a rolling with his dick a boiling splish splash im having a wank
  2. Aussie would you fancy a 3 some with me and leora or malia and me but im keeping a lead on my dick in case she bites it off
  3. Just a thought as leora ever used any fruit or veg to bate with, just having one of my thoughts feeling a bit randy
  4. Yes it as its bit somebody's dick off I've seen it
  5. Something pulled it in i keep saying there's something in there
  6. If I can stop wanking for a minute mind you all depends whose in front of me and whose behind me I know someone who won't be there. alladino
  7. Fucking hell thank fuck for that I haven't been able to sleep at night thinking it might have been an ex boyfriend
  8. Anyway going back to leoras dog it cannot leave Russia it on the sex offences list for shagging cushions
  9. Sorry guys but when harley gets you an hard on i soon go of track
  10. How did you know i put my tonque out you been watching on you tube
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