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  1. What the fuck are you on about I think mike hunt and Chris hunt and james hunt are xxxxx
  2. I'm a freebie on ROC can't afford to join BUT she older than me and she isn't well so leora won't be long I just hope you are still there when ever it happens then again where do you get poison from only joking honest
  3. May have lost the plot in translation it means she worked for my cunt whistles
  4. Off topic but did leora work as a receptionist for mike hunt whistles but didn't like answering the phone
  5. Are telling me I've just stuffed a stuffed toy no more shagging easter bunnies and koalas Aussie will be upset
  6. My self and Marco my best friend have had to spend a few days with stn cld for been abusive to each other so l would like to apologise to anyone offended and if you don't like it xxxx off
  7. Fucking hell just had my first wank over a. koala I imagined it look like leora or Aussie or jimbo. Unbelievable
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