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  1. I didn't even know there was another Nina and Kira!!!!! As usual totally confused at first but got it now.😥😥
  2. Deker reminds me of Herman(not in looks)who had his wicked way with most of the female visitors to H/R/R Apt. This is how it's looking at Kira's. All his Christmas's coming at the one time😀😀
  3. There is a guy been hanging around Kira's for a week or two now who has If I'm not mistaken been fucking Serena.Kira and Emily have been up close and very personal with him on numerous occasions but never had sex with Emily,not sure about Kira though.He has a distinctive tattoo on his left shoulder blade.Alan has just had exactly the same scenario.However you may be right Emily may decide to take it a step further.
  4. Oh yeh the reflection,I missed that!!! Good one Ze!! 😀😀
  5. I think I get that I think!!!😕😕
  6. Amy you said "fucking cats" cats fucking!!!?It was meant as a joke😀😀
  7. Mutual Admiration Society's are soooo cute😋😋
  8. Bugger!!! Wish I had thought of that😀
  9. I can see both your points of view so it's fence sitting for me.What I am surprised at is neither of you mentioned cigarettes which can be an equally addictive killer.The UK at the moment is slowly getting round to legalising marijuana for medical purposes but that is as close as we have got. Rob mentioned eating too much food can kill but I assume he means obesity leading to heart disease.I think there are so many lifestyle choices you can make that can be detrimental to your health it becomes so confusing that you can find fault with most foods. Nuts are healthy but they make you fat.!!!!!!!!!!
  10. This is developing into who can get the last word😀
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