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  1. There was a couple on VH from Siberia +7 GMT.As usual can't remember their names.?
  2. Yeh I saw that programme,the prisoners in one were marched totally chained and bent over double, absolutely brutal.
  3. You mentioned trains Sparkles and that was one of the ways the guy in my story got away,by following railway lines.He came across his first railway line in the pitch dark and had to wait till dawn to find out his East from West..
  4. I once read a book titled "The long walk"which was about a prisoner who escaped from a labour camp in Siberia and managed eventually to get himself to India and the safety of a British/Indian military base.The very first thing that the troops did to him was strip him naked,burn what loosely could be called clothing,shaved every hair off his body and sprayed him down with delousing liquid.His journey took him months but the first few months were surviving the type of weather that you can see outside Kira and Emily's loggia.What a feat of endurance eh!!!!.Just thought I would share.👍
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but i think this is Siberia.!!!!
  6. Hi Jabs,do you really think a them and us atmosphere is healthy for what is supposed to be an open forum.The members paid their 20 bucks and now some will receive a less complete service than others due to as far as I can see your vendetta with Amy.This "new" situation is going to cause acrimony among the membership and you will have to accept responsibility.In my short career on here I've crossed swords with a few people but you just have to move on.The only other thing I can think of to justify this "club" is a hidden agenda.However it is what it is.
  7. Hi Jabs, why have you started this club and what is it's aims and objectives?. I personally need more transparency. As I understand it this club simply allows members to read your posts. Why do you feel you need to keep your posts exclusive?. This is splitting the membership into teams and personally I don't agree with it. Have you ever thought that if we all join then the forum would be back to square one.Just saying.
  8. That's actually a selfie I took last week,how the fuck did you get your mucky paws on it?😀 When are you joining Lodge Jabs😀😀
  9. Need another clue Harley mate😒
  10. Thanks for all that Naga,fair enjoyed the chat👍Gonna hit the hay now. Cheers the noo.
  11. Our playgrounds were segregated then,but the bike sheds!!well you never know.😀
  12. It was strange how I found out he was at the same Primary School as me.He was 3 classes above me and he was one of the "big" boys in school but he was just Ian Anderson to me then.It was many years later he was interviewed in our local Edinburgh Evening News as Jethro Full but mentioned what his real name was and that he would like to meet up with anyone around his age that had attended Roseburn Primary School .But I was too shy and didn't meet him .Wish now I had.
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