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  1. I only wish I had kept my big gob shut and not asked the question in the first place.😩I think I need a break from here.
  2. Now I'm confused?Why goodbye?Surely the mature way would be to at least give me a reason. I thought better of you Squish not that what I think matters.
  3. Hi Squish,is there something wrong with this question?.Why the confused reaction?If you think it's silly,stupid and irrelevant it's in excellent company on here.
  4. I'm having a rare few hours to myself as Margaret is out shopping with our daughter and as for the weather it's pissing down.I'm supposed to be going to watch my 16 yr old grandson playing football tonight but not in this weather.We're having a family barbecue on Saturday night at my oldest son's so fingers crossed this shit weather passes.
  5. Your missing the point pal,nobody pays a blind bit of notice to anything you say anyway😁👍
  6. Personally I find it so sad that an anonymous chat forum can have such a profound effect on people whether it be obsession,hatred,intolerance or whatever.Surely a chat forum should figure way down your list of life priorities and therefore shouldn't affect the way you live.I'm sure we all have to deal with difficult people from time to time but that's real life,this here is not.I cannot for the life of me get truly upset with trolls on here because I cannot see them or have it out face to face with them so consequently they don't matter.I understand how some things said have to be called ,I've done it myself but so far no one has blanked me for it(as far as I know anyway😁).I chatted to Amy to see if I could make him see sense and let go but to no avail obviously but it won't stop me talking to him about other stuff. If anyone decides to seriously insult or disrespect me directly then that's a totally different ball game. Peace and love brothers and sisters😁👍
  7. Next thing you'll be telling me is that Uranus is your fave planet👍
  8. Was "have a crack" meant to be a joke JB!!😁👍
  9. Hypothetically speaking if Jabs left CC and formed his own forum I wonder how many current CC members would leave here to sign up with him?.Hmm.
  10. Thanks JB,I'll sleep a lot more peacefully tonight now.😁👍
  11. Hi Amy,as you know I am 100% against this club but I have to be honest I've never felt bullied by any club members.It(the club)irritates the fuck out of me for various reasons but none of them have ever hassled me.If club members want to have their private little tittle tattle's then that's up to them,if they are talking about me then they are leaving someone else alone😀.
  12. What's"you bum" in German then Mr bilingual man😀👍 I pity poor Jabs!!!👍
  13. Dave 27

    Who is more pathetic?

    A fool and his money!! pal!!?😀👍
  14. Welly dun,your good.but it's definitely apartment😀👍 Balloon!!!👍
  15. I assume Jabs is teaching you German then? 👍
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