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  1. The same reason I gave up my sub.You have your favourites but then they suddenly disappear for a while or sit around doing fuck all most of the time.I Ended up only looking at about six Apts.Each to their own but I dunno how members can retain an interest in so many places.Now if I could speak Russian!!!!
  2. Don't pay any attention to him bud😀He's just jealous of your omniscience 😀 Keep up the good work👍
  3. Morning Rob,I don't suppose you have ever smelled that glue Let's was talking about.It was absolutely rank rotten but by fuck it worked😷😷.Every morning when I arrived at the Joiners workshop(16 yrs.Old a long time ago)the old grizzled Foreman,who started earlier than us always had a pot of glue bubbling away and that was our morning "welcome".I think the old bastard did it just to annoy us!!.He was a good old bloke really though just set in his ways and I was a spotty rebellious teenager who knew everything.Gawd some things never change😀😀
  4. Clever horses back then😀and here's me thinking it was humans that made it😀😀
  5. I'm off to grab a few zz's.now. Race you to the toilet in the morning pal.😀
  6. I've just watched 7 bridals for 7 brothers!!😀Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!
  7. Tack is horsey equipment I think!!.?Jockey Justy should be able to tell you😀 Anyway don't saddle me with those questions😀
  8. When does your Sub run out pal?Having second thoughts?
  9. I'm just wondering where you wear your watch?😀 Hate to stop you in the street and ask the time😀👍
  10. 58 YRS:15 HRS:57 MINS: 23 SEC: Not long to go now guys😀😀
  11. Got it in one bud!!.It's a pain in the bladder😖However the auld yin gets tea and toast in bed out of it.That's the extent of the action nowadays😥
  12. The Holocaust revisited?C'mon TBG your suggestion is a step too far.IF that happened would you still be a proud American citizen watching that on your news channels,I would like to think not. And if you were"joking"then IMO it was a pretty sick one.👎
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