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  1. So to cut to the chase:any individual who wishes to become a participant in VH has to (1)Have cameras installed in their own home or (2)Own a second flat. That is the basic facts and I don't think that there are too many people in that fortunate position.Did we ever see George in his own home,or Alex and Anna(I know they have a child)of course we don't,they sit back and let the flunkeys do all the dirty work on the frontline in their Apt's. Whilst I take on board your info.on +7 seediness do you not think that the "expectations" from all managers is for the participants and guests(whom I know are under no obligation to perform)to "produce sexual activity" is only slightly less seedy?. In summing up managers are unfortunately a necessary evil as they are the ones's with the properties and financial clout and therefore can pretty much set their own rules for their tenants. In a recent post post from Groomy he said he overheard Stifler telling Goldie "you'll do as I say or your bags will be packed and out in the corridor".To me that sums up +7 and the rest of them simply different levels of seediness.jmo.
  2. For the life of me I don't see one thing different in the everyday day life and demeanour of the +7 tenants to any of the other tenants.All the managers are doing the exact same thing,using the participants to line their own pockets so to pick on one is ludicrous.Of course you more "informed" guys may know more than me but I'm just saying it as I see it.I'll watch the Montana Apt.before most of the others because quite simply they do stuff and don't sleep all day,but each to their own.As for prospective participants approaching VH minus a manager surely you have to own or have access to property other than your own home.I assume these managers have boltholes they can hide away in for some privacy.?
  3. Has anybody seen the girl who is at Teresa and Sergio's right now before?.Her face is familiar.
  4. What's worse than raining cats and dogs? Hailing taxis😁👍
  5. Jabs is as happy as a pig in shit😁👍😋
  6. It's a figure of speech Jabs,it just means receiving verbal or controlling abuse not an actual physical kick👍
  7. Narcissi fell in love with his own image didn't he😊👍
  8. How do you know what "she is doing" she is maybe just giving the guy a hand to clear all his stuff out. We don't even know her living arrangements and possibly prefers to live alone, who knows.The only way we'll find out any answers is if they rejoin the project but until that happens you can only guess what's going on.They could be living with their parents for all we know. 😏👍
  9. Right now he's having a long chat with Goldie in the loggia,obviously haven't a clue what they are saying but it sounds serious.Not exactly make up sex but knowing Stifler that could still happen😀😀.Oh I wish I could speak Russian😁
  10. He just left a little while ago as Goldie was putting cream on in the living room.They were even in the bathroom and didn't speak.Sooooo mature😀😀
  11. For a balloon he has excellent taste in his subject matter👍😀
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