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  1. This place is having it's moments recently with the two girls Ulyiana at least, Nessia not so much,even Katia has cut back on her Rip Van Winkle impressions, maybe the company she has now has helped and some visits from guys,room for improvement though.
  2. Looks like this place has settled down now with just the three of them and only an occasional visit from the gay camming guy and the girl with the dyed hair(Zelda I think).
  3. I Wonder if Kira has changed cities and is now too far away for George to visit?.Could be he isn't her manager anymore.
  4. Yeh, could well be and I guess Waverley is maybe history.One thing for sure is Eliot can't complain about her using his place as he had his fair share of L&W's place.
  5. Do you think that short haired girl is Lexas new girlfriend.? They have visited together a couple of times.
  6. Sex workers they may be but at least there is something to see.Sunny is lovely👍
  7. I don't think we are going to get much from the two new residents especially if they have punters like last night,a right couple of creeps or maybe they were there for Katia.,not sure
  8. Yep totally agree, but I wish cam 8 was working👍
  9. Thanks jj that's exactly what I said, she did everything possible to avoid showing anything and then bam!!! Well we all know what went down after that.
  10. She's getting through the guys in double quick time.I hope she isn't on the game and knows what she's doing.It's just a pity she doesn't appear to have a boyfriend to show some real passion and affection.
  11. Yeh he's probably had his moments but I think the popular concensus is that he doesn't normally last very long and I don't suppose he gives a fuck anyway.He can supply a bed, food, drink,shower which obviously gains him "favours".He seems an OK guy.
  12. I think Darcie would eat him alive and then say"is that it"? 😂
  13. The first time I saw her she was flatsitting for Mira and Henry and she absolutely would not let us see anything but she loosened up a bit when M&H returned.Obviously all that changed when she teamed up with Stifler.Is that flat they are in just now one they have been in before do you know?. It seems familiar.
  14. Ok,what I'm saying is and putting it politely is she must be desparate for sex if she views Scott as the only person she can find to do it with. Hard up just means desparate, you don't have much so you will accept anything.Phew!!!hope that makes a little more sense now. 😂👍
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