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  1. I chatted to Amy many times and I considered myself to be shall we say one of the more understanding members on here of her /his obsessions.As far as gender reference is concerned Amy never complained to me about it.
  2. Damn it Happy I thought you said Google Transitioner!!!
  3. I've been to both Shields many times,I'm going to bore you now pal When my kids were young(a hell of a long time ago)we holidayed at a camp at Whitley Bay(Whole lotta Rosie was in the bars juke box👍👍) so one day we decided to head out as the boys wanted to go through the Tyne Tunnel so there we were in a Morris Minor Reg.XLC 93 emerging from the south end and we somehow ended up on the beach there and we had a great day.I've been down your way many times,Cresswell,Blyth,WB,we were at a wedding in Shotley Bridge,Beamish Museum park(brilliant place)and about two years ago my grandson's foot
  4. Hi Naga,"gave away your location"pal,even if I knew I would never say,but the stalkers are the price of fame buddy.😁Margaret and I often walk my daughter's Cocker Spaniel on Portobello Beach in Edinburgh but I don't live anywhere near there and as for stalkers they run in the opposite direction.👍
  5. Hi L,I suppose we mustn't forget the anonymity part of the forum which some members take more seriously than others.As far as I'm concerned as long as no one knows my bank details,my surname,e-mail,or exact home address then I'm pretty much an open book.As for the silly nonsense you mentioned,well !!!!. CC is split when you think about it: (1)Some members only post on VH or RLC topics(their choice of course) (2)Some are the opposite and can crossover and actually give the "watching" a break. It's an open forum though.JMO.
  6. It's nice to know that some of us on here are just ordinary people going about our everyday lives and the Forum is merely a "fill in" for a bit of crack,well for me it is anyway.Of course at my age the "inclination" shall we say is not as strong as it used to be.😁
  7. That will be a deer with no eyes then Naga?😁 Sorry couldn't resist!!
  8. Hi Jonno,don't mention orgasms at the butcher's or you'll get Ash started up about kielbasa's again😁👍👍
  9. Like taking wee doggies for walkies on the beach at North/South Shields maybe ??.👍
  10. https://camcaps.net/?app=core&module=system&controller=content&do=find&content_class=forums_Topic&content_id=17048&content_commentid=1636002962
  11. I have just found out how to see who's currently posting while this stupid "no replys here" message is on the Apt's page.None of you techy cleverclogs told me to click on "All activity".I was wondering how you were all still talking to each other and I thought I had been dumped.😩😩 As per usual Rob mate,fill yer boots👍
  12. As far as attempts at humour are concerned you should know by now that there is no low I won't stoop too.😄👍Oh and BTW it's a shit crap day up here right now pal. 👎👎
  13. "What rate she charges" Milly,Mill,Million😥 It wasn't very funny to start with pal but now you've really spoiled it.😟
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