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  1. Oh that's a relief now I can stop going to my therapist!!
  2. Ok point taken but there are different levels of farce and this lot take it to the limit and trust me I am a lot of things but deluded isn't one of them.Now you have a nice rest of your day.👍
  3. It's a bit like a stage play where players wander on stage at any given time do there thing and wander off again,you just never know what's coming next.The intervals are a bit long though!!☺
  4. Yeah tell them to get a bigger lamp!!.What a farce😣😣
  5. Maybe something to do with people's long memory's,maybe.!!!
  6. Yeah I just popped over for a look around!!😀😀😀
  7. I think this guy just wanted somewhere quiet without anybody around for a few days.!!😀😀
  8. Well done to the both of you for having minds of your own and living your lives the way YOU want to.As far as I'm concerned you will not be forgotten but you have moved on now and obviously don't want or need this.Good luck to the both of you in your future lives.
  9. Ehmm? It gets changed to Red Falls?😀
  10. Yeah your absolutely right but what's more significant is the long periods of inactivity in between.They are either blowing us away with Edda or Alan and Serena are sleeping.The cat is more entertaining at times.
  11. I think they should have had a better Apt.but they must have been ok with it and for personal reason just decided to move on.
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