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  1. I have never disguised my admiration for this magnificent woman.BTW Hunter did the artwork on her back.
  2. Dreadlocks girl back and giving Red a real seeing too in the living room.
  3. Vincent Van Gogh is sitting in his local bar having a pint one day when his pal walked and said Hey Vince would you like a drink and Vince said no thanks I've got one ere.😀
  4. Come to think of it jjkopite is your man for Info.on Scouse.I will let him explain.
  5. Scousers are people born and bred in Liverpool.Mancs are people born and bred in Manchester.Hope that helps Let's mate.
  6. Who do you think watches this place?as Sparkles remarked in an earlier post it is just a carbon copy of Chaturbate.Never watch and never will!!.Raul gives me the creeps anyway.
  7. Good morning Rob old buddy,what a beautiful start to the day for me.The sun shining,birdies chirping their dawn chorus,a few words from a cynical Devonian hard who just mistook 10% for 100%.lool.Have a good day mate,speak later.😀
  8. Regarding A&G's new site I think all depending on which country it is going to be based in(assume USA) and possibly English speaking tenants could attract people to join especially anyone who has no knowledge of A&G.This is not a criticism of non English speaking tenants but just a fact that it can be frustrating not understanding what's being said.Obviously cost will be a relevant factor.Personally I would test and try before even considering it but CC and it's members are more important to me.
  9. Has this girl been on VH before as a guest maybe? I'm sure ihave seen her before somewhere.
  10. Oh well then,whatever floats your boat.Personally not for me though.,but thanks for enlightening me.
  11. A parrot?really!!I'm worried Jabs!!!! If you need someone to talk too.🐤🐤🐤🐤😀😀😀
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