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  1. Yep pal,a face only a mother could love😀 But sparkling wit,charm and high intelligence,now that's much more valuable.😀😀😀 I could lend you some if you want.😀😀😀😀😀
  2. Off for some much needed beauty sleep pal😀 Rip Van Winkle slept for 20 yrs.and he was an ugly bastard.😀😀
  3. Hey Lets buddy,gonna leave the fuckups and misquotes to me eh!! Pal,I'm the expert😀😀 I was under the affluence of incahol when I made my spelling error.😀 We were at a funeral and things got heavy afterwards,people you hadn't seen in years etc,etc.
  4. Especially if she has been eating garlic,Oh wait a minute which lips are you referring too Ash!!!😀😀😀
  5. They were some trio,Misty,Ny,and Anastasia. They could party for Scotland(or even Russia)😀😀
  6. Good sensible stuff Rob mate but tennants,!!nah,it's tenants.One day you never know!!!!😀
  7. It's just as well you put that line at the top of your post or we would have been off again pal!!!!👍
  8. Once you have hit the apex of anything in life there is actually nowhere else to go. I would like to think that VH was just a way of entertaining us perverts and that she has other lifesklls. We all can have sex whenever and wherever we want (if physically possible)but it's not exactly mentally challenging. There could be participants on here who are highly intelligent and don't actually care if you see their vagina's or penise's. I would love to think that Misty and any other participants who have moved on are capable of achieving much more in their personal lives
  9. Tossed Pussy????Now that's interesting pal.😀😀😀😀😀
  10. How do you prepare it buddy?,grilled,boiled,roasted.?😀Do you have Tiger bread with it😀😀 Enlighten us pal please.😀 It sounds Purrfect😀
  11. Is this the Margarita's talking Ash?😀 Hope you had a good day.
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