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  1. I have seen it before. I think Rus knows his place by now.
  2. From what I've observed, Kylie will not allow it. She apparently can have all the fun she wants with her female buddies, but not Rus.
  3. I would say....successful test. Thanks.
  4. (what they are doing in the bedroom and Viola not getting Cock is mind bending turn on of unfulfilled Tease … That's because Kylie has demonstrated in the past that she wants to be able to get freaky with whatever woman she chooses, but will not tolerate any such behavior from Rus. Back when they were in B3, they would go over to B2 to party with Gina, the twins & Jaya. A friendly game of "spin the bottle" pretty much ended when Rus "won" a kiss from one of the twins & Kylie stepped in to shut it down.
  5. Is the thin, blond girl Kim? She doesn't spend a lot of time close to the camera, her hair covers her nipples (which would be a dead giveaway) and you can't see if she has a lot of moles on her back. I recognize everyone else.
  6. No file extension (.mp4, .avi, .jpg, etc) is associated with this file. Therefore, it will not open. I tried tacking on random extensions to see if any of them worked....no good.
  7. Please tell me those are temporary tattoos on Masha's arm...
  8. Well, two new things I didn't know about Linda....she likes KFC and Futurama.
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