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  1. I follow Nina and Kira. I just saw Nina and Kira tonight. It was really very hot. Really beautiful to see. @nagachilli2: What do you mean by "B4 tonight" ? Laurent
  2. Hello. Little worries in the living room with the light. She does not stop flashing? It may sna by dint of turning on and off. Where does it come from the camera? In the apartment of Nina and Kira Can someone do something?
  3. Yes, they are reconciled now and sleep together.😍 Do-eyses is here too. They ate and had fun. There was a friend too, who left. I hope the cat is fine, the one who had eaten the rose petal.
  4. Kira had to go for a walk outside where she is at do eyse 🙄
  5. I just woke up late and I just saw that Nina and Kira are still not there at 11:30 local time at my home. Nice name for cats; Butch and Sundance. They surely have something to eat and especially to drink.
  6. Hello sturmchaser ; There is nothing for the update 😉 Yes, they are in St. Petersburg. So they should not be long in coming back; 2-3 in the morning. They left plugged the guitar on the amp but I think it's Nina who turned off the amp. She pressed the On / Off button.
  7. Hello. Today, they shouted and cried too; Not speaking Russian, I did not understand why but Nina came out of the apartment several times and also in tears, Kira also cried. 😥😥😥 They have been out for a few hours, and have not come back since. They have a lot to say, I think, themselves, and that going out will do them a lot of good, I hope. They should tell each other things face to face, one after the other.
  8. Hello to all.

    1. Amy3


      I see you there! Hello!

    2. Laurent1535echo


      Hello Amy3.

      How are you?

    3. Amy3


      I’m well! Just relaxing today! Was in San Francisco’s all last week for work and now I’m home again. The glass on my iPhone X got cracked and so I tried to get that fixed today, but the guy was sick and didn’t show up. Bummed about that. Oh well! Just stopped in here to see what was happening around for a bit. Guess I’ll go back to relaxing again. Have a great day!! 😊❤️

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