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  1. flodurba

    Nina and Kira - Videos (2016)

    I have used the "FREE DOWNLOAD" option.
  2. flodurba

    Nina and Kira - Videos (2016)

    I have just downloaded it it with Liriks above openload link. It still works!!! Hurry up!
  3. I'm very happy to see that the house-sitters at 'Vanessa and Thomas' are still there. In contrast to the boring tenant couple V&T, they act spontaneously natural, tenderly and sensual between them. They have a regular sexual activity which often starts under covers but soon (often already during foreplay) the sheets use to get removed. Both don't comply with the common beauty standards but in my eyes she is absolutely sexy. It would be great if they still stay in that apartment or if very soon RLC offers them a new well equipped apartment.
  4. flodurba

    Moving out!

    Perhaps Nelly and Bogdan just accompanied their guests to the Airport or railway station? The Passports could have been from the girls.
  5. flodurba

    a cheating guest

    Mas bien parece que woodworker quiera tomarnos el pelo.
  6. flodurba

    Off to the Archives

    Got this information from RLC (copy-paste): quote Latest updates: 1. Alina and Anton had been with us for over 3 years, but, unfortunately, left the project. 2. Veronica and Lucas are leaving the project. We will provide substitutes as soon as possible. 3. Milana is being visited by a friend - meet Coco! 4. Paul will be traveling on business for about a month, so Leora will stay home alone for a while. 5. Dasha and Demid will be absent for some time. Their friends will be staying at their apartment during this time. unquote Have a great weekend!
  7. flodurba

    Alina Moving?

    What about the cat??? Laying alone on the bed. At least in the kitchen seem to be food and water dishes - hopefully plenty?.
  8. flodurba

    Paid memberships.

    Me too I would highly appreciate to get my paid membersip back. Here are the details: Date: March 21, 2015 7:29:49 PM Amount Paid: $12.00 USD Name on StatementPayza * Reference Number: B9848-69B3F-B2BB5 Seller Name: Depraved Media Seller Email: [email protected] Item Description: 1 Year membership to CamCaps.Net: 1 Year nonrecurring membership to CamCaps.Net Thanks!
  9. flodurba

    Alina Moving?

    If their leave should be definite, I'll miss Alina so much and Anton too - what the hell -as her necessary sparring partner. Alina's sex sessions were of the most excitant within RLC, specially her attempts to arouse Anton with her hornyness when he was sleeping or not willing. I deeply hope to find them back in another better appartment. If not, RLC will have lost an important piece in its structure.
  10. flodurba

    Payed Membership

    Thanks for your kind hint. It hopefully helps. I'll let you know.
  11. flodurba

    Paid Memberships

    On March 21 I paid through Payza. My reference is B9848-69B3F-B2BB5
  12. flodurba

    Payed Membership

    I don't find the Read Me section. I am in the thread "Paid Membership" and in my message is all information about the payment. So I hope that the Administrator reads it and duly assists.
  13. flodurba

    Payed Membership

    As already a Premium Member of Reallifecam, on March 21, 2015 I paid through Payza USD 12,- to “Depraved Media” (is it you?) to get the 1 year subscription to CamCaps. Below the payment details as per Payza’s receipt. I was expecting to get access to a large number of videos and pics from reallifecam in the “Attachment Center”. However nothing has changed, as I’m still only a ‘registered member’ of CamCaps but nowhere is an access to “Attachment Center” nor have I ever been asked to Login when I open CamCaps. On April 2 and 17 I wrote to [email protected] but have never got any reply. What’s wrong??? ======================= ""If you have any issues related to this purchase, please contact the seller, Depraved Media ([email protected]) and allow them up to five business days to respond to your query. Please note: the charge on your credit card statement for this payment will show as:Payza * Payment Details • Date: March 21, 2015 7:29:49 PM • Amount Paid: $12.00 USD • Name on StatementPayza * Reference Number: B9848-69B3F-B2BB5 • Seller Name: Depraved Media • Seller Email: [email protected] • Item Description: 1 Year membership to CamCaps.Net: 1 Year nonrecurring membership to CamCaps.Net""
  14. flodurba

    Alina anal

    Te olvidas de Diana, uno evidente en la cama hace ya algún tiempo (agosto?) y otro reciente en el sofá, aunque no tan visible.
  15. Thanks once more Boss13 for your valuable uploadings. Let all these envious grumblers grumble. They surely are pure altruists who give themselves and their work for nothing? But what is wrong with earning some money? RLC does and most of us- even the grumblers - pay. I would volunteer pay even a premium subscription for a web-page where I could download all those videos recorded and uploaded by other members, for I seldomly have time to watch them 'live'. So thanks to generous people like Boss13 and others I can recover memorable moments at RLC, even of past tenants. Please keep uploading these treasures.