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  1. Sergio, in America "dickhead" is not a nice term. It is an insult. Has many meanings. But you would not generally call a friend this unless you were joking with him. We also use the term "dick" to describe our penis thus a "dickhead" could also be the head of our dick aka penis.
  2. Monica is one of the women who has very sensitive nipples that make her pussy very wet. If you're going to have sex with her you better spend some time licking those babies. Such gorgeous tits.
  3. 60,000 Russians in the Barcelona area. That is the size of a small city so these girls knowing someone around Barcelona is a very likely event.
  4. She's just letting the 40,000 Russian men in and around Barcelona know she has arrived.
  5. Loraine, love if you get that pussy any closer to the camera I am going to take a lick of that sweet thing.
  6. Yes, this was very difficult for her. Would have been nice to see Smith last more than 5 minutes. They were such a handsome couple but so very young.
  7. Loved Kitty. Great labia. Bet she has fucked 50 guys since we last saw her.
  8. I admit I have barely been on RLC for the past week and am wondering where the beautiful Loraine has been. Did she pack a bag and go someplace. I miss that ass and pussy. Please someone put me out of my misery and tell me..... Edited: How long has that vacation notice been there for Loraine? AM I now getting blind as well as old? Too funny. I never saw it.
  9. Well it is open source and as an IT person for a million years I appreciate that. It is why my mobile devices are all Android as I am an open source advocate.
  10. Wow, you updated rather quickly. It has only been out in Beta for a couple of weeks. I suspect we will all move to it. I generally use Chrome anyway but I use EdgeHTML for RLC only.
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