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  1. piedpiper1968

    Martina & Alberto

    Wonder what the hell happened to Alberto. He is wearing a cast on his right arm. Too much video game playing?
  2. piedpiper1968

    Eva & Sam

    Regardless of audience this guy can get his dick as hard as a rock, unlike Sam. Eva may get really excited. Even the guy she did fuck couldn't get and keep it hard. I still think she is getting some outside the apartment. I don't think she has had an orgasm unless she masturbates in the apartment.
  3. piedpiper1968

    Eva & Sam

    As I suspected there was no way Eva was going to stay in bed. She almost never sleeps until around 0600. And now she is in the kitchen where she interrupted those guests as they were preparing to fuck. She has to study. Again, she will likely not go to bed until around 0600. Or maybe she will join in, which would be nice to see her get pounded hard.
  4. piedpiper1968

    Eva & Sam

    Eva returned home around 2000 today. She immediately took a bicarbonate so wherever she was must have involved some drinking. Maybe her boyfriend fucked her good. I did see her and Sam had some fun.
  5. piedpiper1968

    Elisa and Fima general topic

    So he wipes the cum up with the cover/ sheet. Do they ever wash it?
  6. piedpiper1968

    Eva & Sam

    Eva gone almost an entire day. Sam and a couple of guys stayed in the apartment. Did not recognize these guys. I see their backpacks are still in the bedroom near the dresser.
  7. piedpiper1968

    Eva & Sam

    Eva and Sam arrived home around 0640. She stood right next to the kitchen camera while Sam made a cheese sandwich and she played some videos on her mobile phone of her on her skateboard doing some elementary acrobatics. She showed one so clearly of her lifting her top to expose her breasts to whomever was taking the video, which I assume was Sam. Best view ever of her phone and short videos of her on her skateboard!!
  8. piedpiper1968

    Eva & Sam

    Where are Eva and Sam? Doesn't appear as though they are in the apartment. I have been gone all day.
  9. Have Mali and Anastasia done anything sexual besides rubbing each other? Any masturbation?
  10. lol Well, do I still have time? She would have to turn into a very submissive woman and I'm not sure she is capable of that role. She is a beautiful woman and it would be fun but I would have to have too many rules for her. By the way, I love her pussy and it's beautiful long pussy lips.
  11. piedpiper1968

    Eva & Sam

    Eva, I love your new style of panties like these yellow ones. I know you bought like 6 new pair of this style and you look fabulous in them. Now, go get a guy that can fuck the shit out of you and bring him home to fuck so we can see him drill you for 3 or 4 hours as you want and need. Maybe even spend some time licking that pussy and asshole.
  12. Thank you, I almost never watch tent girl. If I had my way Kami would have been gone 6 months ago. She makes almost no contribution to this site. Not only that she is a lousy fuck.
  13. piedpiper1968

    Eva & Sam

    It's only 0230...There is no way Eva is going to sleep this early. I look for her to be playing with her phone until at least 0430. lol
  14. What the hell...... Kaley did not masturbate. I look forward to this every night. Did she take care of herself in the tub tonight. I like Kaley as she is so open.
  15. piedpiper1968

    Eva & Sam

    Eva has been in bed since I got home an hour or so ago. What's up? She seemed to fall asleep ok last night (their time) and was still asleep when I went to bed at 0730 their time. Is she sick or maybe still upset a Sam?????? Got my answer. They are headed out at midnight.