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  1. Perhaps VHTV might be something for you to review. I personally only like two of the apartments on VHTV but that might be more suited to your likes.
  2. I'm not a fan of this apartment but I don't understand the criticism of this guy. He has gotten Kristy to do more than all the other guys combined. When have you seen her let someone finger bang her as he did, lick her pussy and maybe even her asshole as he has, gotten her to suck on his cock, suck on his fingers during sex, take his cum shots in the face, mouth, tits and finally played with her tits aggressively while fucking her. Let's give him a break...
  3. piedpiper1968

    Eva & Sam General Chat Topic 2019 #1

    Yes, thank you. I was aware of that as I spend 60% of my time on here watching Eva when she is up and about and have since they arrived on the scene.
  4. Can you maybe sit for a while, put your thoughts together and then compose your comments rather than make a comment about every thought you had over a 5 minute period. Thank you. Or as I just did... Edit you comment.
  5. piedpiper1968

    Eva & Sam General Chat Topic 2019 #1

    All evidence to the contrary given Sam just got through fucking Eva, but I think Sam caught Eva giving Baldy a very nice goodbye make out session at the door. You could not see them actually kiss but you could see her approach him out of sight of Sam sitting in his chair in the kitchen and then see Baldy's head dip IMHO giving Eva a kiss. Sam came into the hall and I think caught them as he then showed Eva and Baldy how to say goodbye properly as he shook Eva's hand. Too funny.
  6. Did anyone decide how tall Leia is? She must be over 6 feet.
  7. piedpiper1968

    Eva & Sam General Chat Topic 2019 #1

    Eva baby you look so hot in your new panties with no top on. Love the new panties!!
  8. Ya, if you looked Kristy spit his cum out of her mouth in the bathroom. And used her mouthwash and was doing something with a q-tip and liquid and he attempted to enter the bathroom and she sent him away and shut the door on him. Obviously her cleaning her mouth was something she did not want him to see. Although it looked like she was using the q-tip (cotton swab) and liquid on her teeth... not sure as the camera angel was just a bit off when she leaned into the mirror. Thank you Kristy for some wonderful sex scenes.
  9. Leo fucked Stella again and came inside her. I love that he does that. We don't see that much with these girls. I see Martina must have gone on birth control as well as he has been cuming inside her too.
  10. piedpiper1968

    Jane & Dick General Chat Topic 2019 #1

    Yes, she was gyrating her hips she was so horny for his cock and this was after he had fucked her earlier. Loved every minute. She is a jewel for sure. Her moans were so loud it gave me a boner... or is that TMI?
  11. piedpiper1968

    Jane & Dick General Chat Topic 2019 #1

    After the first time he fucked Jewel he did not cum but proceeded to fuck Jane and he then came on both Jane and Jewel. Jewel took her finger and took some of the cum off the tip of his cock and sucked it off the finger with her mouth tasting his cum. Jane then did the same thing. Later Jewel was so horny she started to suck his cock again wanting more and this time he really pounded her in multiple positions. It was fabulous to watch and listen to her loud moans.
  12. Stella and Leo mostly undercover fuck and he came inside her. She seemed a little shocked but not overwhelmed that he did.
  13. piedpiper1968

    Ulyana & Marat - General Chat Topic 2019 #1

    She is now in the apartment. Man she is beautiful, especially when she smiles.
  14. It was and Masha loved the dirty sex as well. The bathroom fuck and suck was so hot. I am trying to remember if he fucked her in the ass... but I think he did. Do you recall if he did?
  15. I think Masha is enjoying her lover too much and she is not enjoying Sasha nearly as much because of him. I look for her to leave and just Dasha and Sasha stay.