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  1. Based on the video it was difficult to confirm. I do think she did. Just when he was about to cum she put her mouth on his cock and sucked it till the juice was gone. There could not have been much as he had come a few times already in the past 24 hours. She is also a woman I can tell all of you who takes it in the ass as well. She is very sexual... look at the way she sucks these guys balls into her mouth.
  2. Are they in the Living Room because the guest room is too warm? Who is in the bed with Carla?
  3. You can't measure visits because many of the sites where RLC advertises are popups. You can click on a link and RLC will popup. That is considered a referral visit. You have to look at both visits and number of pages per visit.
  4. I think it is free cam related. The number of pages per visit is not increasing. People are looking at only 7 pages per visit. That is not very many.
  5. Free cams related. US had more visits this past month and the number of pages per visit are the same as previous months at 7.
  6. And Lucian is so quick to cum I think they need to rehearse outside the apartment before they perform as a threesome in front of the cameras. Kim, being Kim, would want it perfect on camera. She is all about the show!
  7. Where could these three people go until after 0200? Aren't all the bars and clubs closed again? They must be visiting someone.
  8. I'm reading Olya's mind right now..... and ……. she's thinking of asking Diane if she can fuck this guy of Diane's that was here recently. She needs a good fucking and he can give it to her for sure.
  9. Martina and Alberto out the door with a backpack at 0512. Left the dog behind.
  10. I agree Ed. The women in Spain are very sexual. And many are open about it. And unemployment among 18 - 25 year old is very high.
  11. Wow, great videos that I just downloaded. Olya got fucked much better with Diane's guy than her man. I don't know what the controversy is about as when he finally stuck it in her pussy when she was laying on her stomach she kept raising her ass willingly to get him deeper in her pussy and there were two times she looked up and him and smiled. And in the end she willingly sucked his cock when her came in her mouth. When she raised up after swallowing it she looked at him and smiled and leaned down to give him a kiss. Once pentation started she loved every minute of it. She likes rough sex. Looked like a lot of fun to me on both women's parts. They both enjoy rough sex. I'm the father of 4 women and I saw nothing on these videos that really disturbed me. I agree with whomever said Olya's no's were related to the fact she was respecting the fact this guy was with Diane. Once she got clearance she enjoyed the rough sex. Good for her. She is an amazing cock sucker. And loves to eat the sperm.
  12. Well and in the kitchen where I could see Olya on numerous occasions had no problem saying no to both guys when they either tried to kiss her or have her suck their cock. It was obvious to me these two girls loved the rough sex. I even wonder if they have had sex with these two outside the house so they knew how they would be treated.
  13. I'm just confused by why she doesn't have sex with Lucian. I think Alex is ok with it. If she's not having sex for fear of getting an STD then she must not know you can get the same STD by swallowing the sperm of an infected person and many times the disease is harder on the throat.
  14. 0255 looks like Kim sucked off Lucian and he came in her mouth and she swallowed it. Timing might be a little off but close if anyone wants to confirm.
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