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  1. piedpiper1968

    Maya - General Chat Topic (2018)

    I saw him today.
  2. No, but I live in Las Vegas, belong to three swinger groups, and had more lovers than many men. I believe I know women and can detect whether a woman is good in bed after talking to her for 15 minutes. Not into long term relationships as I love to have fun. And I love Spain, especially around the Andalusia area.
  3. Yes, but she is multi-orgasmic (at least three today). I think she has great sexual desire and is likely quite active in bed with her partner. She removes the shower head to stimulate her clit so she knows what she needs to cum. Love this girl.
  4. piedpiper1968

    Maya - General Chat Topic (2018)

    Now guys I go back a long time on RLC. Back to Nov 2013 and I loved Alina. Anton was a bit of a dick but when he and Alina decided to have sex they could go for a couple of hours. She was amazing and had a beautiful pussy. (and yes on the computer a lot, but he also did some development I think. I would see a command window open at times)
  5. piedpiper1968

    Maya - General Chat Topic (2018)

    0940 Maya just had an orgasm while masturbating with a vibrator/ dildo while laying on the couch. She came from slamming the vibrator in her beautiful pussy. Her BT cannot make her cum from intercourse. Her husband could make her cum from intercourse because he could keep his monster cock hard until she came. I did not like him but he could please her.
  6. Kim swallows cum like it is her favorite milkshake.
  7. piedpiper1968

    Masha & Sasha, Dasha - General Topic 2018 #2

    For me complete disappointment. I was initially very excited as I wanted there to be lots of sex between the parties. One take away for me was the fact BG and Eva are not fucking each other. I also think (IMHO) this demonstrated how controlling Sam is of Eva's sex life. Sasha was all over Eva many times but she resisted and I think it was because she can't do anything without Sam's ok.
  8. piedpiper1968

    Masha & Sasha, Dasha - General Topic 2018 #2

    0635 all the visitors left with their suitcases and backpacks. Bon Voyage!! Next stop is?????
  9. piedpiper1968

    Masha & Sasha, Dasha - General Topic 2018 #2

    0530 and all the "visitors" are awake and up eating. Looks like they are leaving. On to the next stop. Or maybe back home.
  10. Numerous times when people leave the apartment they go up the stairs to what I assume to be a deck where they can smoke and maybe do more things.
  11. piedpiper1968

    Kim & Kenney

    It was Jim and Jasmin. I saw it and it was most interesting. She was not on the ironing board too long and he lifted her up and was slamming her while holding her in his arms. She loved it. It was a few days ago.
  12. piedpiper1968

    Masha & Sasha, Dasha - General Topic 2018 #2

    When I saw Sam and Eva show up with Baldy I thought we would be amazingly entertained. Thought we would see Eva have an actual orgasm from getting fucked.. only the partner would have to be Sasha. And Sam would have a perpetual smile on his face after fucking Masha. Thus far its been pretty boring. I still wonder what all the conversations were about. Seems like Masha has spent quite a bit of time alone with Baldy today. Off to look at another apartment. More to come.
  13. piedpiper1968

    Masha & Sasha, Dasha - General Topic 2018 #2

    Or maybe they are talking about what to do with baldy. That could be plausible.....can I get am amen?
  14. piedpiper1968

    Masha & Sasha, Dasha - General Topic 2018 #2

    Because after she had sex with baldy Sam was not happy. He made her feel so bad she stayed up crying that morning until after I went to bed which was 10am their time, She has not had sex with another man since that time and only the one time did she have sex with another woman and he was out of town. Furthermore, they have not had a threesome in a long time.
  15. piedpiper1968

    Masha & Sasha, Dasha - General Topic 2018 #2

    I'm pretty sure Eva wants to have sex with Masha. They were whispering and kissing a little earlier in the evening. And, of course, Sam being the controlling asshole he is she has to get his approval.