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  1. T&E arrived sometime around 0410. Wasn't charting the time but I am thinking 0410.
  2. And it would appear in their horsing around she may have accidentally caused his dick to bleed. In giving her BJ to him she spit out something on his stomach to find blood in it.
  3. I love Monica. Always have. Love her pussy and she is one of the more sophisticated women on this site. She does what she wants to do. And many of us who have been around for some time know she reads this site. And man when she cums with a guys cock in her it is lovely. Must surprise the guy as she is all in.
  4. Gotta love the way Tereza rides that cock. Then jumps off and let's him cum in her mouth. This time she swallowed it and went to the bathroom to rinse her mouth. Love this woman!!
  5. These two couples are amazing together. They really enjoy each others company. Another late night/ early morning I feel is coming.
  6. Actually she sucked his dick last night / early morning around 0600. Then he stroked his cock until he was about to cum and she took him in her mouth and he came into her mouth. She did not swallow, however, she went into the bathroom to spit it out.
  7. When Ellan was in the shower with the guy, before Tesla joined them, she gave him a blowjob. It looked like he came in her mouth and she swallowed it but I am suspicious because right after that they kissed. It is rare to see a guy kiss a woman after she swallows his load. I do it but few others do. Did he cum in her mouth?
  8. If it it true they took a bus to Barcelona then the trip to Marbella will be nothing for them. And it will be worth the time. But then again much of the coast of Spain is beautiful.
  9. A great question. At 71, I no longer need the property. We travelled there the last time in 2015. My wife of 49 years (she's 5 years older than me) has Alzheimer's and has had now for 6 years. I bought the property years ago when she loved to travel to Spain. Edited: But you are correct... it is paradise.
  10. Marbella is where I owned my villa until I sold it 2 years ago. This is quite some distance from Barcelona. In the Costa del Sol area of Spain. Beautiful area.
  11. Few people on here are more camera aware than Kitty. In the previous days when she liked us on RLC she would pick the best camera angles and masturbate for us to completion. She has a gorgeous pussy with maybe the longest pussy lips of anyone on RLC.
  12. She had to take time to look in the mirror to make sure her bun was ok.. this is like the old days before they got tossed out.
  13. This is my last comment to you. If you did not have a membership to RLC back in 2013, 2014, 2015 then you have no perspective on their relationship. They were a married couple who unfortunately had their relationship just peter out They were always doing things together. There were into camping, fishing, canoeing, had friends over almost every weekend, one time they fixed the front quarter panel of their car IN THE APARTMENT. They had a side business and would receive a shipment once a month or so and would have to sort and deliver to customers. They built a variety of things and either kept t
  14. Looks good Monica. Love the heart shape. Now make sure to wear white panties with lots of lace in front so you show off that beautiful pussy hair. As a very sexual man I love that look. Could never understand the appeal of black panties. Always hid the beautiful pussy hair.
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