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  1. Overall that is my feeling. And few women know more about what it takes to have an orgasm and demand it from their partner better than Nora. That was a turn on for me. But you must admit there were far too many times when they were a very boring couple. A living room the size of a toilet.
  2. I don't know how long you have been on RLC but to your point.. the first 12 - 15 months I was on in late 2013 early 2014 Nora and Kiko were very boring. He is a fucking dud for sure. There were times when she was begging him to have sex and as "the squirrel" said a few posts ago all they did was eat soup for most meals. It was only later when Nora appeared in this apartment where she would let loose a little bit. But she can be very boring. Sorry for the long post.
  3. Katya is so tiny I wonder where she can buy her sexy little panties? And what can she weigh.. 42 or 43?
  4. I'm hoping it is Amina and Danaya. And that Danaya lets Amina lick her which would likely be better than Kenny.
  5. And look.... a Texas cactus light above the TV. Edited to add an lol
  6. Those are unusual panties for the sexy Dalia. Not very sexy.
  7. Is anyone else having issues with the cameras in this apartment? I hope she is not fucking any other male except her BF, but like I said this is an usual pattern for her and unlike the other two times she stayed out she actually planned this one by packing addition clothes and her toothbrush.
  8. And she has packed clothes in her backpack so must be staying out of the apartment tonight. She even packed her toothbrush. Also some tampons.
  9. Amina getting ready to go out on the town. Fixing her self up. She even shaved all the important parts.
  10. The scene I am referring to happened in the same apartment where Kim and Kenny are now. Jasmin surprised me with how much she enjoyed it in the ass. And it was for quite some time too.
  11. Is this the one where he fucks her in the ass too?
  12. piedpiper1968

    Eva & Sam General Topic #3

    As we have said they seem to be more passionate these past few days, especially Eva.
  13. piedpiper1968

    Eva & Sam General Topic #3

    Wow, Sam came inside Eva. They may be practicing what we, in America, call the "Rhythm Method". Lots of babies walking around as a result of practicing this. I recognize her period just ended.
  14. I think it would be an interesting contest to see who is on their mobile device more.. Eva, Amina or Kenny? Even the beautiful Nicole used hers less and I didn't think that was possible.
  15. piedpiper1968

    Eva & Sam General Topic #3

    That woman who left a bit ago had to be Eva's sister. I saw her in the bathroom cam close up and the facial features are almost identical. Anyone know if it was her sister?