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  1. I wasn't watching last night. Is she a girl who spits or swallows?
  2. They've been touchy feely but I haven't seen them even exchange a kiss. He wants Jane but she backed out of his attempt to kiss a couple of times.
  3. It certainly wasn't many times. But she has a meaty pussy that many on here have likely never really seen. And she is more knowledgeable about how to give herself an orgasm than many women on the site. This is why the current BF eats her pussy a lot. This is how she can cum with him.
  4. I can remember a few times when Maya, when she was with Stepan, would openly masturbate in the bedroom. We would get a great view of a beautiful pussy and she knows how to please herself, for sure. Wish we could see more of this as the sex is very boring.
  5. I've been watching since Nov 2013 and, in my opinion, there is absolutely NO chance she is seeking or getting sex anywhere but with Pail and in this apartment. Just not in her DNA.
  6. Ulyana is at Olivia's. Please don't let this woman go. She loves sex and is beautiful. She would entertain us even if she were alone. Drinks every load of cum. Even cleans him up after swallowing it.
  7. Only if she puts a bunch of shit in her mouth. It's the slang you use that kills any chance at understanding you.....at times. I have the pleasure of having numerous Aussie friends I met when I was touring Europe in 2008. Great people and friendly. Wish it wasn't so far to travel from the USA.
  8. Leora, I know you read these posts. Please go get a butt plug for that amazing ass. Use it while you masturbate. Many of us love your asshole too as much as your pussy. Thank you.
  9. What makes Leora so sexy, for me, is the fact when I first joined RLC in November 2013 she wasn't anywhere near the stage of self satisfaction. And Paul was less sexual, by far, than he is today. They have both matured and it is really excited for me to see her perform. It also helps that she enjoys showing us as much as we enjoy watching.
  10. Yes, she had a nice full bottle when I was watching. Not sure of it's condition just before she left the apartment.
  11. She could have been but the music in the apartment was so loud I turned my volume off.
  12. I love this girl. I have said she is the most beautiful on this site AND the most sexual. If I were younger I would love to have tried to date her. Her personality is excellent so my words are more about why she continues to take the abuse from this current asshole. There is a point in time when you must ask yourself "why do I want to be with someone who clearly does not RESPECT me" Marat is and will always be an asshole. Go through the pain, tell him to fuck off and go find someone who actually repects you as you. Quit taking the loser, Marat, back. WAKE UP
  13. I'm not going to be so rude. 0730 Ulyana really pissed. 0740 starting throwing fruit and utensils at the pictures in the living room from the kitchen. And, of course, crying. Can't feel sorry for her these days.
  14. Thank you beautiful Anabel. Love your pussy lips and your multiple orgasms when masturbating.
  15. Eva taking her second bath in 6 hours. Must feel especially dirty after a night out fucking one of her other boyfriends. Just my opinion. Not unhappy about it but dislike the fact she's doing it and has been doing it for some time now outside the apartment.
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