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  1. Must have been her camera as it was on the table after he left. Fiora picked it up.
  2. While I don't watch Masha often I think she, more than any other participant, followed the isolation rules the best!! And I don't watch her but I think she is beautiful and I would watch her more except her sexual acts are just that... acts.
  3. 1830 I've seen more action at a morgue. How old are these people? They had like 6 hours of sleep except Bonnie who had like 8 or 9 hours and now back to sleep again.
  4. Looked at replay. She left the apartment at 1105 in good shape. Returned at 1131 with the injury to her right knee it would appear. Whatever happened was outside the apartment. Below is her returning hobbling. RLC Replay REPLAY.REALLIFECAM.COM Watch your favorite cams in 24-hour recording
  5. Wow, can't believe no one posted the sex with Alex and Lucian. First it was him in her pussy while she masturbated to orgasm then she put the butt plug in and he fucked her pussy and completed the trifecta by her pulling out the butt plug and Lucian fucking her in the ass and cumming in her ass. Alex took a nice shower and came back to bed to fuck him cowgirl finishing in doggy position. A great session where she came at least twice and maybe three times. God I love this woman. I needed to edit this as they went again until he came on her stomach. Below is the start. It goes on for 45 minutes. RLC Replay REPLAY.REALLIFECAM.COM Watch your favorite cams in 24-hour recording
  6. There was a short period of time when RLC sent a monthly newsletter, but it didn't last long.
  7. OMG Maya was my favorite in the early days. I loved her personality. Not one to smile a lot or appear happy all the time she still danced to her own music and I enjoyed her for it. It bothered me more after her split with her husband and I never took to the new guy but my memories of her were special.
  8. Never a huge Elvis fan even though I went to a few concerts in his later years with my sister (who drooled the entire concert) I will say he had the most beautiful NATURAL voice I have ever heard. This is my favorite Elvis song. If you promise not to spread the word... I saw him on Fremont St last December. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-pP_dCenJA
  9. Exactly right until 12 June. Just took me a while to figure out I was a fool.
  10. Now Squirrel I have been on both CC and RLC longer than Pepe. I date back to Nov 2013 on RLC and I am fully aware of all that is going on. But RLC today is not RLC from earlier days. They have HUGE issues and are totally non responsive to their customers. I was willing to put up with it until we have essentially frozen the total RLC environment. Not even a hint at a new apartment due to not being able to rotate the current stale group of tenants. I have even emailed them making both technical suggestions and trying to convince them to open more apartments given the current situation. But they pretty much ignore my comments... other than to say thanks for my opinion. So I am out of here effective 12 June.
  11. And back at you. Fools like you come and go. It's just what RLC is looking for. Just sit back, collect revenue, make little or no upgrades to service, allow tenants to game the system more and more, never communicate with their real customers. Have fun!! It's your dime.
  12. I have complained a lot more lately and come 12 June I cancelled. That is the ultimate expression.
  13. As a former large business owner (more than 5300 employees) this is a simple equation for me. I had to go get millions in loans and credit for equipment for the customers and the bank will ask you where your revenue comes from. Wherever that is they are your customers. The last I knew the girls don't bring RLC any money. Pretty simple then who the real customers are.
  14. Well I expect her to fuck on camera if she is fucking off camera. Otherwise send her back to her home. I don't pay for her to come to Prague and have a life outside the apartment. So while you may speak for some obviously you don't speak for me!!
  15. Love it that Leora has a coffee mug that says "Proud to be a knitter". Although I have not seen her knit for a few years and I don't recall it lasting all that long. Hope you get happy Leora. Based on history if CC had pissed her off we would have heard from her. She has taken a lot of shit over the years so what we say to her these days she has heard before many times.
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