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  1. whoos idea was it to shave that loverly white main coon... they need a good slap this breed of cat is a main coon . not a show poodle it looks so uncomfortable .poor thing .this in my apinion is crulty .thay should have them took of them. and where is the big tabby cat disapeard to .have not seen him in a wile . i ust hate to see animals treated .like this hope you both feel ashamed of your selves. idiots
  2. its weed heads . com thats all they do.oh .sorry forgot to add.talks to her self .and pulls funny faces for no reason.
  3. i would eat her s\\t .best looking female on this site/ just my apinion .sorry about speling .i never went to school🤣
  4. they are a different joan and ben the original joanne was gorgus this one is far from it.😭
  5. trying to be like eskimos .ready for the bad snow..
  6. is sasha trying to look like one of the cats..or is his head on upside down..
  7. i was joking . chill out it never leaves the app .what a life
  8. that little brown shit . with 4 legs pisses me off .yap yap yap .they need to take it out for a very long walk lol
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