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  1. Threesome at Mulan & Lukas apartment on 08-13-2020. Living room starting with some games at around 21:00. Thanks!
  2. A request for the three-some at Mia & Ragnar's on 08-09-2020. Bedroom starting at around 23:45. Thanks!
  3. A request for Mira & Henery's apartment, 08-08-2020. Guest couple sex in the living room starting at around 09:35. Thanks!
  4. Another request for Jasper & Maddie's place. Jasper in the living room starting around 10:00 on 08-02-2020.
  5. A request for the threesome at Jasper & Maddie's on 08-03-2020. Starts in the living room at around 02:00 and continues into the bedroom until about 09:45. Thanks.
  6. A request for Nikki and Poppy's apartment. Living room, 07-20-2020, starting around 05:14. Thanks again.
  7. Lots of action at the new CDA apartment on both 07-19-2020 and 07-20-2020, most of it in the bedroom. On the 19th at around 15:55, and on the 20th at 03:00 and again at 06:00. Thanks!
  8. Request for Mulan & Charly's place, 07-05-2020. Living room starting at around 22:05. Mulan entertains his buddy. Thaks.
  9. Most shaggable: current – Bradley, Kirill; former – Chris, Blondie, Felix. Top five asses I’d love to tap. LTR material: current – Jasper; former – Andrew. Both seem easy-going and adventurous. Avoid: Zack
  10. I think it is very difficult to actually know if a VH-TV participant or guest identifies as transgender or if they have a cross-dressing fetish. There have been a number of cross dressers on VH-TV, but without any other facts or knowledge of the language, knowing if it goes beyond that would be speculation. Add to that the cultural climate against the LGBTQ+ community in present-day Russia, and one would probably be hard-pressed to find many people who are comfortable living as openly trans in their daily lives and willing to show this on the internet. Personal safety would be a big concern. Perhaps the recent guest at Ariel and Charly’s place identifies as trans? (I believe they also spend time at Niki and Poppy’s place.) They seem to identify as female, but, again, this is just speculation based on observation and nothing else.
  11. Maddie & Jasper's place on 05-31-2020. Living room starting at around 23:36. Jasper has a long edging session with a little bit of oral help from Maddie. Thanks!
  12. A request for Bradley & Jennifer's place. 05-30-2020, bathroom, Bradley bath and then joined by Jennifer at around 22:48. Thanks.
  13. Several good scenes at Maddie & Jasper's place over that past two days (30.May & 31.May) Mostly in the bedroom, but also the living room. Thanks!
  14. A request from Bradley & Jennifer's apartment. 05-26-2020, bedroom, starting at around 18:50ish. Bradley enjoying some private time. Thanks!
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