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  1. It looks more like a little fun on the scooters rather than walking.
  2. It was Stifler that opened the place with them.
  3. Obviously we have quite a few Adonis on here that they have to keep mentioning about the guy's weight. Keep going guy's since you are much higher on the moral grounds here.
  4. Only I think you are like the guy I work with and be selectively half blind.😁 Although the guy I work with is selectively half deaf too.🤣
  5. They may not notice and this bottle of red wine say's it's speellllt richty awwwwwwwwwwrrritttteeeeee. Plus I thought he was on about the s instead of the z.
  6. From the Cambridge dictionary Meaning of fertilize in English fertilize verb [ T ] (UK usually fertilise)
  7. I was aiming more to the latter as you do manage to outshine all of us, hence the doubling up all for you.😁😁
  8. His Lordship was soaking in the bath the last I checked and it must be JuJu's night to stay out.
  9. Although Clarice & Sean were starting to play with Isa & Bart before they left.
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