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  1. @jabbath1987 did you tweet to Felecia & Felix about the teacher being named? Because Felix read out the teachers name around 21:18.
  2. English lesson time, where can I get a teacher like her.😍
  3. New song from Nghtwish with a message that relates to VHTV.
  4. I was just referencing other place where they have been if someone wants to go looking.😉
  5. Don't forget they visited Ary & George too.
  6. @budda it looks like the word is out and Ilka is trying out for a sponsorship too.😁
  7. Possible fake lesbian show tonight?😁
  8. Yep cam 5 is one of the shit cams (and the only shit one in the apartment) as far as I can see. I think they can remove cam 5 as it serves no purpose as the livingroom is already covered.
  9. I think she may pass Budda's test, but she still has a long way to go before sponsorship. 😉
  10. Why not he's good at blowing and getting people wet.🤣
  11. What if she got scared off when Ary & George were threatened.
  12. @StnCld316 a new apartment, please can you do your thing.
  13. You know they have to give something for us to moan about.🤣
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