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  1. Well it's one of those things where I can only really answer to what is posted publicly and can't say what happens behind closed doors. So when I say personal information is not allowed I am of course referring to where I am now and it hopefully stops anyone displaying it openly.
  2. They never were long for the majority of them.
  3. She left to go to university, she is one very smart woman.
  4. @StnCld316these have left the project too, can you please archive them.
  5. Maybe she's just adding another string to her bow.🤣
  6. @StnCld316 Oliver is no longer part of the project and can be archived.
  7. Oliver was shooting a porn video with simulated death and VHTV thought it was to much and it violated one of their core rules, this is what VHTV said "It was put offline for violating one of our core rules: no violence or it’s depiction". I think they are going to have a review tomorrow and see if Oliver will get to return.
  8. They are relocating because of some issues, Amelie said they will return as soon as they can but think it wouldn't take long.
  9. Yeah but it is typically harder to carry your computer in your pocket. 😁😁😁
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