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  1. I wonder why they took Paige's name off the apartment when she is still there.
  2. 1 pussy out of countless bald pussies, I don't think it is necessary for all to be bald. It's good to have different one's.
  3. Why? It looks good the way it is.
  4. Maybe someone should explain that when you have two beautiful women in your presence then you pay attention to try and get some action.
  5. They should have made that a main tweet and not buried it in another as I don't usually further than the main tweet that was twitted.
  6. Why? So Sofi can put them to sleep!🤣
  7. Piss and moan about it or try to talk you into getting a sub.
  8. Is that cause you're a stingy bugger that didn't get the rounds in.🤣
  9. I'm not aiming at confusing you, Rob is the one with the dodgy heed.😉
  10. Surely Stifler can't believe that three guy's dossing about a house all day on their phones can attract views.
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