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  1. The girl left with her packed things, came back to cry a bunch and left again. Then Maya suddenly just casually reappears after being gone for nearly two months, though it doesn't seem like she's moving back in (at least for now, who knows what's happening there lol).
  2. I don't know if it's funny or sad but it's definitely something lol My ex-gf introduced me to these voyeur sites, and as a romanian she could understand some of the conversations. From what she told me, Victor is a borderline sociopath who only cares about his dick. Apparently whenever there was a conflict with Maya he loved to play the victim and kept manipulating her into coming back and once he won her over he then proceeded to antagonize her to make her feel like shit as she was the root of the issue. It seems as if he did the same with the new girl since she was packing her stuff and was ready to leave but he -literally- held onto her and now she's still there and looks miserable. Pitiful is what I'd call it. However it's a good source of drama if anything lol
  3. lol dumbass Victor got caught touching whoever the guess girl is by his new girl (was there any name established?), and she was about to fuck her up. By the looks of it Maya got tired of his manipulative cuntiness behaviour and now perhaps his new girl will leave quicker than Maya did.
  4. I haven't been watching for long.. but I'm not sure what is happening there. Maya straight up disappeared, dudes' obsessed with new girl who seems either very uncomfortable or completely into it. And some young looking guy who visits often, had a pistol which new girl was happily waving around. Is Camarads even following their own stuff? Because it sure looks like Maya has not been part of this for a good week or two.
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