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  1. So either they don't have it, or they do and are incredibly stupid.
  2. I'd assume so, unless there was once a girl (or another dude) named Riley who lived with her but for the longest time it's always been these 2 together (with occasional guests around). I only glance at Camarads for drama nowadays, since folks on there are crazy, so it's possible that I missed something though.
  3. It's Amelia's name, at least on camsites. Also, it's Camarads we're talking about. I don't think there's a single individual who's featured on there that has all their marbles (if only based on history) 😅
  4. That new girl is actually Maya. She broke up with Victor a about a year ago (at least it's what it seems like), and the girl who's currently living there with him replaced her. Camarads never updated the names, because they don't care about anything. Or they gave both girls the same placeholder name.
  5. As I said in the past, to me this place is about the most authentic one out of all voyeur sites and it should be what RLC tries to pursue as a business model. I get that tastes are subjective but it shouldn't come off as a surprise that Martina is a favourite to many on RLC. It's always a treat to watch her having fun, and now to have guests joining in and enjoying themselves as well. Their current reaction is funny 😂
  6. Unless you are talking about the times Alex and Bonnie went to town on each other in the bed for an extended period of time, they got into it more than twice. The following week or so after their first time they couldn't let go of each other and took every opportunity they got to get intimate. The last time I recall was in Bonnie's bed. Rama was in the living room and Lucian wasn't there. Then Lucian showed up, stormed into the room and got mad.
  7. Yeah that was the first time if I'm not mistaken. I think the guys got mad because they thought it was a one-time occurrence and they could watch, but the girls then got into it any chance they had lol.
  8. I was talking about the last time all the girls from B4 got in a show along with Alex and Bonnie in B4's tub and Olya's bed. Alex and Bonnie haven't spoke much, if not at all, since. I believe you're talking about the times where Alex and Bonnie got intimate. You're right about this, it was the best thing to happen in any Barça house but the dudes became frustrated.
  9. There was drama almost every week between Bonnie & Rama before shows were a thing. Also Rama seems to interact with people while Bonnie is the one ignoring everyone. I don't know who's responsible but remember that Bonnie is a real head case.
  10. Yeah their relationship turned sour around the time bs shows started. Bonnie took part in a girls only show and they've barely spoke to each other ever since. Then the A&L+K garbage began soon after, like the next day I believe, in B4 with Diane & Olya back then.
  11. I agree with most of your arguments it does however seem pretty clear based on the majority of your comments that while you keep advocating for having more real life situations, you are more interested in seeing guests than the regular tenants themselves, since most of them revolve around that element. Therefore some of your posts can be viewed as clashing with your own narrative. By the way I don't mean that as a disrespect of some sort, on the contrary, because I think we do share a lot of similar point of views and you are by all accounts a genuine, good person. But sometimes I can see
  12. With RLC is taking a dive and Nelly & Bogdan having a fan base, it surely would not be surprising to see them back as tenants at all. At this point it's expected, if anything.
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