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  1. Man why do you still need cable when you have this level of entertainment? This is off the charts!
  2. Thank you for the explanation! That puts a lot of things in perspective. I am fairly new to the voyeur sites/cc community so there is a bunch of things I'm unaware of.
  3. I agree 100%. I personally don't get why they are so adamant on the no-sharing policy as it greatly reduces the reach for the targeted audience and some more. It's unfortunate because I believe the potential is definitely there but whoever is running the site doesn't seem to really care about anything; - Preview cams of apartments that are no longer listed. - Participants' names being left on the list despite them leaving. - Untrustworthy news (i.e. the Rita & Tom couple being offline because there's an underage person living with them which is bs since they are now on vh as Ema and Dean lol) Without real any news and updates viewers are left with assumptions. At least, there's some sort of an everyday narrative that can be followed upon other voyeur sites which also helps becoming a fan of certain couples/guests.
  4. I agree with them, but it could also be us not being able to read the room well. Personally I find the Camarads participants difficult to follow, moreso than the ones from the other sites. I haven't been around for long but based on many of your posts, I find you are very good at understanding the vibe of realm/apartment despite the language barrier.
  5. Her bf is one huge cockblocker and a half. A lot of times, whenever the guests are about to engage, he shows up and he just bothers them by standing or sitting around with a shit eating grin on his face without even saying much. It's like he's so aware of what he's doing. The guest dude is so annoyed every time that happens, you can tell by his sullen face and the way he acts lol
  6. He's been away for a bit. There have been a bunch of guests in the past weeks, and they also used to fight a lot. It's difficult to know what's happening in camarads' realms as nobody from there ever provides any sort of update. Maya (from Maya & Victor) once left for 2 or 3 months and came back out of the blue.
  7. Not sure but maybe. She's been puking and having belly pains as of late and she doesn't seem to smoke as much. As for the guests, they seem like high maintenance people. When they are not busy fucking 5 or 6 times a day, the girl always seem to be dead drunk or have panic attacks and the dude is just there not doing much except wanting to fuck her all the time. I don't know who the old guy is but the way he's been acting towards her, he could be her dad or some relative.
  8. That had to be one of the least subtle fuck session next to someone sleeping ever. I'm amazed that the girl sleeping beside them didn't wake up.
  9. What's the ruling for drugs on stream? Because they were full on doing lines of coke (or whatever that was) in the kitchen 😐 It sure doesn't make this place and the people more attractive
  10. The girl left with her packed things, came back to cry a bunch and left again. Then Maya suddenly just casually reappears after being gone for nearly two months, though it doesn't seem like she's moving back in (at least for now, who knows what's happening there lol).
  11. I don't know if it's funny or sad but it's definitely something lol My ex-gf introduced me to these voyeur sites, and as a romanian she could understand some of the conversations. From what she told me, Victor is a borderline sociopath who only cares about his dick. Apparently whenever there was a conflict with Maya he loved to play the victim and kept manipulating her into coming back and once he won her over he then proceeded to antagonize her to make her feel like shit as she was the root of the issue. It seems as if he did the same with the new girl since she was packing her stuff and was ready to leave but he -literally- held onto her and now she's still there and looks miserable. Pitiful is what I'd call it. However it's a good source of drama if anything lol
  12. lol dumbass Victor got caught touching whoever the guess girl is by his new girl (was there any name established?), and she was about to fuck her up. By the looks of it Maya got tired of his manipulative cuntiness behaviour and now perhaps his new girl will leave quicker than Maya did.
  13. I haven't been watching for long.. but I'm not sure what is happening there. Maya straight up disappeared, dudes' obsessed with new girl who seems either very uncomfortable or completely into it. And some young looking guy who visits often, had a pistol which new girl was happily waving around. Is Camarads even following their own stuff? Because it sure looks like Maya has not been part of this for a good week or two.
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