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  1. I don't doubt it at all, but since @omedohas confirmed numerous times in the past that he understands them well and has a pretty good track record when it comes to translating and making comments that eventually prove themselves to be accurate based on what's happening on cam, then it's good enough for me to take his word over anyone else's for this apartment. CC has had a few legit translators (mainly Russian ones) who just ended up quitting because some folks were unbearable towards them and would keep on challenging them for no reason.
  2. Well, you are writing in German and the word "maybe" appeared nowhere in your text after translation. Not saying I don't believe you there, but it didn't translate.
  3. Writing down thoughts and ideas is a thing. Pushing a fake narrative based on absolutely nothing is another especially when said fake narrative is countered with factual info. And by factual info I mean what's actually seen or said on cam. Just look at @omedo's comments who's constantly reporting accurate statements because he understands what Alberto & Martina are saying and yet people who have no clue what they're talking about keep on doubting his comments because they're so caught into their own tale of things. I wrote down an example in which some users were convincing themselves
  4. It's the narrative now. Every time she steps out she either goes to B4 or whores herself to the entirety of Spain because of what happened at the villa. Even when she and Alberto brought Taco to the vet, some lunatics and their bs theories were speculating that she would show up to B4.
  5. Derailing topics, and asking for proof each time someone counters his "info" (that he never backs up with proof) with factual stuff is his game and everyone always bites. Anyway, putting the lunatics who bring jack shit to the conversation on the ignore list makes this place more tolerable. I don't mind the difference of opinion but I just don't have the time nor the crayons to deal with grown ups who act like toddlers.
  6. Her stuff is still in the guest room, so she most likely will show up again.
  7. Any shared recording that is made from paid cams gets you banned.
  8. His "source" is something he made up to make himself feel somewhat important. Why do you think the "info" he's getting is always inaccurate?
  9. Don't get your hopes up there, mate. You most likely just created an alternate narrative for the conspirationists in which Luna is in fact a lesbian. 😂
  10. When one of my dog was a puppy, he had an episode similar to what seemed to happen to Taco. He kept on shivering like crazy that one day and it turned out to be caused by distemper. The vet kept him overnight, made sure he was fully vaccinated and properly hydrated, and after we brought him home we had to mix some liquid filled with electrolytes with his water. He then went back to being a goofball within 3 days or so. Hopefully it was something similar and nothing major for the little boy.
  11. Yeah, there's a minority of dumbasses that don't care but thankfully most people here are fine with the curfew and respect the sanitary measures. It's not like there's anything to do outside after 8pm anyway since everything's closed and we can't visit anyone. The only exceptions being pharmacy stores for essential needs, or gas stations for those who work pm/graveyard shifts. People are only allowed to leave their home under very specific circumstances (health reasons, or walk the dog but within a limited distance from home).
  12. That's what's going on over here since this past Saturday. It's too early to tell if it's going to lead to a positive outcome but people are hoping it'll bring good results because a lot of hospitals here are in deep trouble as they approach capacity. One of my good friends is a head nurse and she told me they did start training simulations involving the triage protocol for intensive care beds, which means they'll likely have to stop treating some patients. Nurses, GPs and surgeons are freaking out because of that.
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