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  1. The craziness alone would make it better than the pile of shit that was the final season 👍
  2. Wow get out of here, you and your rationalization that sounds totally logical 😏 But you're 100% right. You'll read a bunch of malarkey here just because some simps can't fucking stand that Alberto punched above his weight, and they won't accept their couple dynamics...
  3. It's no surprise since Bruno is a scumbag himself
  4. Yes, that's the only plausible reason why they happen to be right about things related to them... Thanks for reminding me why I, and many others, have stopped posting here. Enjoy your fantasy world...
  5. Over time, you learn who is actually reliable and who's not here. @emnv & @omedo are pretty much right about everything Spanish/Valencian/Catalan, or if they're not they will make sure to correct themselves (which is pretty rare anyway). But some people just won't learn or don't have the capacity to, apparently... (I'm not talking about you here...)
  6. The translators here have proved themselves to be reliable as they brought accurate info in regards the tenants only because of what they heard. And when they are wrong, they are the first to admit it and correct themselves. But, every now and then, you can't help yourself but to put on your little tin foil hat and try to find a reason to bitch against them because you find it hard to believe that they understand them whilst you can't, or that whatever is brought up doesn't fit into your own narrative of things. Over time, you've managed to annoy every single translator that brought info
  7. Yeah, how about the translators just stop sharing what they hear? Maybe you'll finally be happy once every single one of them is gone from the forum, so that way you'll be free to bring up all your theories as fact without being challenged.
  8. True. There sure as shit is a lot of jealousy roaming around here. Just look at all the comments trashing Alberto for anything he does or says, and any other guy that comes remotely close to Martina...
  9. Nelly has been obsessed with Martina ever since she (M) entered the project a few years ago. If anything, I feel like she's the one dictating how the relationship goes.
  10. Many Russian and Spanish translators have brought up the info and the participants themselves have had numerous discussions over time about top cams and bonus money...
  11. Or perhaps it's the other way around and the bs doesn't come from the people who seem really nice. Just food for thought...
  12. That reminds me of that one time when M&A brought the dogs to the villa for a party only to let them by themselves in the fitness room without checking on them (well, Bogdan did quite a lot). Taco took a shit on the floor the moment they let him into the living room. Taco knows what's up. 😃
  13. Because the current meta of the RLC forums now is all about trolls and members questioning every single post that provides accurate -and proven- information for the sole reason that they can't/didn't gather the info themselves...
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