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  1. I'm only speaking from personal experience. My wife is latina. All of her family and latin friends dance like god damn world champions. And here I am stumbling everywhere like an idiot when I don't stick to my very basic 3 dance moves 😅
  2. I don't disagree with you. I was just specifying that it was a common trend. 👍
  3. You? You literally started the whole discussion about it. All I'm saying is that none of the tenants across the site who live in the area followed the confinement rules.
  4. You're right but they had friends over even back when Spain, and mostly Barcelona/Catalonia, was in full lockdown. Not sure why it's suddenly a topic though as none of the Barça tenants have ever followed the lockdown rules anyway, except for Martina & Alberto.
  5. A lot of people will be reasonably pissed though since RLC will send a generic ass reply with no answer whatsoever, because they've shown numerous times how much they care about the viewers...
  6. Especially since the whole god damn neighbourhood must've overheard them anyway.
  7. As I posted earlier there is no doubt these are friends and look like legit couples, parties like tonight's, whilst having a touch of realness, are also sort of a pretext for them to end up providing content for the cams (sex, that is). Edit: Well, unless cams are covered lol
  8. I'm with ya 100% 👍. It's too bad these occurrences are exceptional nowadays on this site lol
  9. For me what makes this place great about this place is also a bit bugging. Sometimes they'll throw a party or invite friends over only to have a good time, and other times the same will occur however with this painfully obvious setup to have guests (which are relatively new or freshly new faces) reach a culminating point that results in them fucking or at the very least offer some sexual content to the viewers. They sometimes out of nowhere leave the couples alone in a room for a decent amount of time whilst remaining in the apartment, have them shower together, fuck next room with no subtlety so that they can overhear, etc... Don't get me wrong, I find it hot. And whilst I like what they're doing, I also can't help but find the whole process rather disingenuous. At least they bring legit good content.
  10. At this point "Cesar at B1", "warming up", "BJ" & "and fucking" should be included in a single post 😋
  11. This and this. I feel like context is important in regards to the addition of this couple.
  12. No, I believe you are correct. However putting "smart" and "RLC" in the same sentence is quite bold I must say, if they are to be judge by the way they've been running things lately. 😉 All kidding aside, I don't think they can truly win at this game anymore. They denied any sort of free publicity by messing up with CC and attempting to restrain the access to HotScopes and RLC.to as of late, and now that their numbers are tanking, it just looks to me like they're trying to be opportunistic. If the viewership ever raises again, I wouldn't be surprised to see them try to repeat the same dumb steps again. But most importantly, I believe that RLC is just totally missing the point as opening up more free cams is just ignoring the real problem. They are losing a lot of paid subscriptions because people are tired to see the product that is offered, and I don't think the casual free viewer will be more inclined to subscribe now when there are now free cams in some hot spots. Putting all the emphasis on the Barça houses and not adding new places/tenants is really what kills them and while I understand that it can be quite difficult in the current times due the covid-19 situation, they haven't done much since the Russian purge.
  13. You may be right, however it kinda looks like a panic move since their numbers are tanking hard.
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